Last night reminded me of the scene from the Godfather where Michael finds his father is unprotected in the hospital

Hospitals are dangerous places….statistically, I can prove this, but this page is not to meant a page of presenting a formal argument, but one to give you a sense of how I felt last night. I rushed to the hospital after being told Mom had gone into cardiac arrest, but that they started chest compressions, and her heart started back without using the paddles or any chemicals. My mother has NOT had heart problems til she was brought into that hospital with pneumonia, and during her stay, I have had every doctor (except one) become verbally abusive, aggressive, argumentative and inappropriate with me that I instructed them my mother was “full code”. One physically threatened me in front of my wife because I was steadfast on this (this will be remembered). Every fucking one of them has been giving me hell that she was placed on full code status. If I had yielded to pressure, my mother would be DEAD as of 7pm last night. She is alive ONLY because I was ready to take the abuse and stand fast. The hospital DID NOT call my mother in law when they could not get us, as they had been instructed to…because my Mother in Law had a number there that did have phone service..and thus, we got their call message about 3 hours late.

When I found out my mother had this happen, and people there were so nonchalant, my wife and I drove like bats out of hell, to get to the hospital. I felt, sincerely, like the scene from the Godfather where Michael finds his father, Vito, is alone , unguarded, at the hospital, and Michael has to personally try to arrange protection. When I pointed out to a foreign doctor who took it upon himself to interject himself into the conversation we were having with the nurse who called us, I pointed out to him if I had agreed NOT to have Mom be full code…he said “She would be comfortable”. COMFORTABLE?
I pointed out that she would be fucking DEAD…not “comfortable” and he knows nothing about what lies on the other side of the veil called Death.

I had tried my hardest to be patient, through their threats, constant coercion, to “pull the tubes” , to allow them to do a tracheostomy. You guys know I can be a good friend…many of you know this personally from our interactions. But, there is another side to this coin, and ANYONE who believes it would be better for my Mother to be DEAD…or in their words, “Comfortable”, will see a side of this Anon that few people in my 62 years have ever seen. As Alice Cooper puts it… ” No More Mr Nice Guy”.

I am starting today, to put things into motion, that will address my mother’s lack of safety. Unlike the Godfather, I will not enlist a baker (Enzo) to stand outside to look like a Mafia soldier, but needless to say, I have various kinds of resources, I choose not to go into right now.

I apologize that I cannot say more about this. But I wanted to let you know how I feel today.


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