The Evolution of Anonymous … and the thankfulness that I am one of the Anonfamily

I myself have been around the interwebz since the 1980s, before L0pht Heavy Industries and Cult of the Dead Cow…and most of that time, was a loner…back when names like CORE and X-Force were well known in warez circles. But then, a phenomenon started on 4Chan/b where people who posted pics were listed as Anonymous, and the joke was, what if there was only one guy named “Anonymous” who posted everything on 4Chan/b. Well…the story of how early Anons blocked off the pool (POOL CLOSED) at Habbo Hotel, which raised Anon awareness that through their numbers, they could actually accomplish things, and how via Chanology, we evolved to a more socially aware organization, the way we took down Hal Turner, the way we got involved in PayPal / Wikipedia, has been told by folks better than me….but the fact that we evolved from trolls on 4Chan, to a group whom people look to when the “ordinary channels” of assistance have failed, is one that always amazes me.

To the casual observer, it would seem to have been a movement that was short lived, but instead, it grew. We took on not just Scientology, but lots of other groups. We went from mere trolls, to incorporating people who could hax, DD0S, and actually put feet on the street worldwide, people in Fawkes mask who didnt mind getting arrested to protest injustice.

Our dedication to fairness, to speaking for victims, to protecting the weak, has brought us into literally a worldwide force for good. Now, we aren’t goody two shoes, but we have slowly developed a cred in the world as the people who folks look to, once they have been denied justice, the people who fight for animal rights, the people who helped citizens in countries where the internet was blocked by totalitarian governments, to restore internet access to the people.

I myself daily get pleas for help from people who have seen animal abuse, people being stalked, women who have been raped in foreign countries, people who discovered someone is a paedophile or is spreading kiddie porn.

But, the thing I have been the most proud of, is the fact that so many Anons are truly caring, loving people, with a strong sense of right and wrong, who often put their lives on the line to help people. I have so many stories now of women being helped to get out of terribly abusive, violent relationships by work of Anon sisters and brothers.

So, what I am saying, is, although I am often impressed by the technical expertise, the haxing skillz of Anons, what impresses me the most is their courage, their caring, and genuine love and concern.

I’ve never been a “joiner”….but when I encountered Anonymous, AND Occupy, they impressed me for being willing to put in the work to make things better/

I know personally that I consider some of my best friends in this world, folks Ive never actually shaken hands with, nor seen face to face…but I know if I needed help, I would ask them before folks I know in the “real world”.

I have been so blessed to have become Brother to folks of all ages, sexes, religions, nationalities, folks whose one commonality was they they were Anons. I have so many emails, DMs, posts from people thanking me for what Anonymous has done, is doing, to make things better.

So, this is me saying thank you from my heart to my ever growing Anonfamily…to my OccupyFamily, and to the many men and women around this world who, though they may not officially call themselves Anons nor Occupiers, they nonetheless
carry forward our ideals, our goals, trying to make thee world better.

Sometimes, the smallest words are the strongest.

So, from me, to you….Thank You, I love You, I Appreciate You.
HugZ ❤



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