The Length of Hair on Your Head ….

Back in the 1960s, those of us with long hair, especially us men, were looked at with disdain and made fun of in the South. I can remember more than once being stopped by the DPS (State Troopers) , who searched my car, ostensibly for drugs, just because I had long hair. In England, later, you had the working class kids with Doc Marten shoes / boots, who cut their hair short, the “Skinheads”, who sent out a political message by wearing suspenders, Doc Marten shoes, and having short hair.

And today, I was just thinking about something….how do you think Aliens would look at us if they knew many humans judged the values of another human because of the length of filaments growing out of our heads ?

Is there intelligent life on Earth ? The jury remains out on that one.


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