The Speech I almost Gave a Shithead of a Doctor who Said Something Highly Inappropriate

I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I’m not the dullest. The preponderance of doctors who are treating my Mother went to medical school in the Middle East, and they seem not to like me…primarily because I call them out on bullshit, and they are used to people accepting what they say without question. The other night, one butted into a conversation I was having with a nurse about something that happened to my Mother. During this interaction, he said something that was, calculated to “rustle my Jimmies” and smiled. I have figured out that several of these Middle Eastern doctors have decided to intentionally try to irritate me.

I have this speech from Glengarry Glen Ross almost memorized verbatim because it is one of my favorite scenes from the movie. I ALMOST gave him a rendition…but that would show him  that he was rustling my Jimmies…and I was not about to do that.

When I d0xed him that night…I discovered a history here in the USA of being arrested and convicted of a crime.
The Lulz was worth spending time with my old friend Google.

Here’s that scene…edited =>
Never open your mouth til you know what the Shine is…


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