On the Murder of One of our #Anonfamily by RCMP

Canada is a whole different country…this statement states an obvious geographical truth, but also, something that is true with regard to their socioeconomic profile relative to the United States. In one of Mike Moore’s documentaries, he documents that people in Canada, unlike the USA, tend to leave their residential homes unlocked so that a total stranger can just walk right in. Like England, deaths due to guns is far less in Canada than in their cousin to the South, the USA.

One of our #Anonfamily was recently killed by the RCMP (we prefer the term “murdered”). The reports are a bit sketchy as to why he was shot, or what he was doing to warrant termination with extreme prejudice, but, we must put his death at the hands of the RCMP in context with previous killings by the RCMP.

Wikipedia, thankfully, has a list of RCMP killings :
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_killings_by_law_enforcement_officers_in_Canada This list goes back to 1932.

2015-07-05 Loku, Andrew (45) Ontario (Toronto) Loku made noise in his Gilbert Avenue apartment complex for ten minutes and was wielding a hammer. Loku stepped outside and encountered police for a few seconds before being shot. According to officers, they demanded Loku to drop the hammer and then shot him as he walked towards them with it. The apartment complex Loku lived at was subsidized by theCanadian Mental Health Association.[91]
2015-05-31 unnamed (46) Quebec (Montreal) A man was fatally wounded by police after they came to an apartment in Montreal’s gay village neighborhood to respond to a call of a domestic disturbance between a man and a woman. An altercation occurred which lead up to the shooting.[90]
2015-05-22 unnamed (47) Alberta (Morinville) A man armed with two rifles was tresspassing on a person’s property, resulting in officers responding. An altercation occurred between the gunman and police, and the gunman was shot.[89]
2015-05-18 unnamed (31) Alberta (Edmonton) A man armed with a shotgun was killed by a police officer after he fired the shotgun at the officer, hitting him in the leg, at a traffic stop. The suspect was stopped for allegedly driving while drunk.[88]
2015-05-17 Duncan, Brandon (35) Ontario (Guelph) Duncan was shot by two police officers in Guelph General Hospital’s waiting room. It is unclear what promoted the officers to shoot Duncan.[87]
2015-04-09 Unknown British Columbia (Vancouver) Man shot by police after committing multiple stabbings.[86]
2015-04-05 Donny Dunphy (59) Newfoundland (Mitchell’s Brook) Shot by police in his home, who were investigating a tweet that was perceived as a possible threat against the Premier.[85]
2015-04-04 unknown (66) Nova Scotia (North Sydney) Struck and killed by a police vehicle.[83]
2015-04-04 unknown (23) Ontario (Peterborough) Man shot outside a Tim Horton’s after an “interaction” with police.[84]
2015-04-02 Beau Baker (20) Ontario (Kitchener) Shot by police outside his apartment building after threatening officers with a knife.[82]
2015-03-29 unknown British Columbia (Burnaby) Suspect in fatal stabbing shot by police.[81]
2015-03-21 Morgan Thompson Alberta (Calgary) Shot in a alleyway after confronting police with a metal pipe.[80]
2015-03-20 Unknown (30) Ontario (Missisauga) Shot multiple times by police after they were called to a private residence. Two police and one civilian received non-life-threatening injuries in the incident.[79]
2015-03-16 Anthony Heffernan (27) Alberta (Calgary) Shot by police in a Super 8 motel.[78]
2015-02-14 David Doucette (49) Ontario (Mississauga) Shot by police in a boarding house after he stabbed another man.[77]
2015-01-29 Waylon Jesse Edey (39) British Columbia (Castlegar) Shot during attempted traffic stop.[76]
2015-01-2 Unknown (19) Alberta (Grand Prairie) Police shoot a man while responding to an armed robbery of a convenience store.[74]
2015-01-12 Michel Vienneau (51) New Brunswick (Bathurst) Shot outside a train station.[75]
2014-9-3 Guy Blouin (48) Québec (Québec) Blouin was rolled over by patrol vehicle.[60]
2014-9-24 Carby, Jermaine (33) Ontario (Brampton) Carby was shot and killed during a police traffic stop at Queen Street and Kennedy Road. He allegedly had a knife or cutting instrument in his hand and was demanded by officers to drop it.[61]
2014-12-31 Clause, Daniel (33) Ontario (Toronto) Clause, a robbery suspect, was shot during an altercation with police. Clause allegedly used a handgun in the robbery of a fare collector at Warden subway station in Scarborough.[73]
2014-12-27 Woods, Naverone (23) British Columbia (Surrey) Police were called to a Safeway store in response to reports of a man with a knife outside the store. The man was reportedly stabbing himself and advanced towards officers. A transit police officer fatally shot the man.[72]
2014-11-22 Du, Phuong Na (Tony) British Columbia (Vancouver) Officers were called to an intersection in East Vancouver, where they saw Phuong Na (Tony) Du acting distraught and waving a 2×4 piece of lumber. Police fired a bean bag gun at Du, and then fired shots at Du, killing him.[69][70][71]
2014-11-01 Mutch, Rhett (20) British Columbia (Victoria) Rhett Mutch was shot in an encounter with Victoria police officers, after they arrived at his James Bay home in response to a 911 call.[68]
2014-10-31 Unknown Alberta (Calgary) Man with BB gun shot by police.[67]
2014-10-22 Zehaf-Bibeau Ontario (Ottawa) Shot by parliamentary police inside the Canadian Parliament.[66]
2014-10-20 Martin “Ahmad” Couture Rouleau (25) Quebec (St-Jean-sur-le-Richelieu) A man attacked two Canadian military personnel with his vehicle, killing one, and fled when the police arrived. He later crashed his car after a short pursuit, exited the vehicle, and ran toward the police officers with a knife before he was shot. During the police pursuit, Rouleau is said to have called 911 and to explain that he was doing this “in the name of Allah”. See 2014 shootings at Parliament Hill, Ottawa.[64][65]
2014-10-17 Unknown (41) Ontario (Oakville) Police shoot an unarmed suicidal man in a hotel.[63]
2014-10-13 de Groot, Peter British Columbia (Slocan) De Groot was shot inside a cabin by Royal Mounted Canadian Police.[62]
2014-05-9 Unnamed Alberta (St. Paul) Man killed by police during an exchange of gunfire.[58]
2014-05-11 Unnamed Alberta (Edmonton) Man killed by police in Edmonton, Alberta in May 2014 during an exchange of gunfire.[59]
2014-04-14 John Caleb Ross (21) Ontario (Aurora) 21-year-old shot to death by York Regional Police in Aurora, Ontario in April 2014.[57]
2014-03-28 Bassi, Charnjit Ontario (Brampton) Bassi was fatally shot by police after he opened fire with a handgun at the Brampton Courthouse, wounding police officer Michael Klarenbeek.[56]
2014-03-22 Christopher Arkell (50) Alberta (Medicine Hat) Man shot in armed standoff with police.[55]
2014-02-28 Roy, Jason Alberta (Calgary) [54]
2014-02-13 Thorne-Belance, Nicholas Quebec (Longueuil) While driving to a sting operation in an unmarked car with no emergency lights, Patrick Ouellet, a Sûreté du Québec police officer crashed in a car where Thorne-Belance was a passenger in the backseat.[53]
2014-02-04 Magloire, Alain Quebec (Montreal) Magloire was shot by police while he was wielding a hammer at them.[51][52]
2014-01-22 Lacour, David (17) Quebec (Montreal) David Lacour, 17 year old male shot by Sûreté du Québec on January 22, 2014. The officer responsible was eventually charged with manslaughter and discharging a weapon inappropriately.[50]
2014-01-17 Plante, Gaetan British Columbia (Surrey) Shot by police at his residence.[48] An inquest into his death was eventually called.[49]
2013-12-03 MacIsaac, Michael (47) Ontario (Ajax) MacIsaac had a metal table leg and did not drop it after a police officer demanded him to. As MacIsaac approached the officer, he was shot twice. He died later at a hospital.[47]
2013-11-17 Ontario (Halton) Man shot by police after pointing a pellet gun at them.[46]
2013-11-15 Unknown (31) Ontario (Toronto) Man shot by police after shooting a pellet gun at them.[45]
2013-10-24 Alberta (Edmonton) Man dies after being tasered by police.[44]
2013-10-05 Ontario (Toronto) [43]
2013-09-11 (42) Saskatchewan (Holdfast) Man fatally shot by Craik Royal Mounted Canadian Police officer.[42]
2013-07-27 Yatim, Sammy Ontario (Toronto) Sammy Yatim was shot and killed by the Toronto Police Service on July 27, 2013. Yatim was in an empty streetcar and was brandishing a three-inch knife. Police officers told him to drop his weapon. Officer James Forcillo shot Yatim eight times, with six of the shots hitting Yatim as he allegedly fell to the floor. James Forcillo, was charged with second-degree murder one month after Yatim’s death, and was released on $500,000 bail.[41]
2013-07-13 Levesque, Daniel New Brunswick (Moncton) Levesque was shot four times while he was armed with a knife near the Moncton Coliseum.[40]
2013-06-21 Unknown (41) Ontario (Saugeen Shores) Died of “Sudden death associated with Excited Delirium and Prone Restraint” after being restrained an handcuffed by police.[39]
2013-06-07 Mesic, Steve Ontario (Hamilton) Steve Mesic was shot and killed by Hamilton Police Service, after charging at them with a shovel.[38]
2012-11-08 Bayrami, Mehrdad (47) British Columbia (New Westminster) Mehrdad Bayrami was shot and killed by Delta Police officer Jordan MacWilliams at the parking lot of Starlight Casino, after a 5-hour standoff. Bayrami allegedly fired several gunshots prior to police arriving and then held a woman at gunpoint, and then released her. He had a handgun and was pointing it towards his head while he was at bay with the now-disbanded Municipal Emergency Response Team, which composed of Port Moody, Abbotsford, New Westminster, and Delta police officers. At the end of the stand-off, multiple officers fired less-lethal weapons at Bayrami, and MacWilliams shot Bayrami with a rifle. Bayrami died 10 days later while in a hospital. In October 2014, Crown prosecutors charged MacWilliams with second-degree murder. MacWilliams was booked in jail and released on bail, and his court hearing was in December 2014.[36][37]
2012-09 Matters, Greg British Columbia (Prince George) [35]
2012-05-02 Roke, Matthew Ontario (Ottawa) [34]
2012-02-20 Berry, Frank (48) Ontario (Toronto)
2012-02-13 Chanthachak, Phonesay Ontario (Hamilton) Phonesay Chanthachak was shot by Hamilton Police Service. According to officers, Chanthachak allegedly tried to hit officers with his van.[32][33]
2012-02-03 Eligon, Michael Ontario (Toronto) Eligon was shot after fleeing from Toronto East General Hospital while armed with two pairs of scissors.[31]
2011-09-12 Alberta (Edmonton) [30]
2011-09 Zinser, Justin British Columbia (Nimpo Lake) [29]
2011-06-07 Hamel, Mario; Lemoges, Patrick Quebec (Montreal) [28]
2011-02-14 Kiteley, James Ontario (Hamilton) James Kiteley by Hamilton Police Service, 2011[27]
2011-02-05 Alberta (Edmonton) [26]
2011-02-02 Chinnery, Andreas Ontario (Hamilton) Andreas Chinnery by Hamilton Police Service, 2011[25]
2010-09-29 Osawe, Eric Ontario (Toronto) Eric Osawe was shot once by Toronto Police Service Officer David Cavanagh during an early-morning police raid at his apartment in Etobicoke. The raid was conducted by the Emergency Task Force and Guns and Gangs Squad. Two months later, Cavanagh was charged with manslaughter in Osawe’s death. In February 2012, the charge was upgraded to second-degree murder. In April 2014, Cavanagh was cleared of murder and manslaughter charges, and the shooting was considered accidental by the province’s highest court.
2010-08-29 Jardine-Douglas, Reyal Ontario (Toronto)
2010-08-25 Jones, Evan Ontario (Brantford) Suicidal man wielding knives is shot by police outside his home.[24]
2010-05-09 Muir, Lance Trevor Manitoba (Winnipeg) Lance Trevor Muir by Winnipeg Police Service, 2010[23]
2010-03-06 Daniels, Eric Manitoba (Winnipeg) Eric Daniels by Winnipeg Police Service, 2010[23]
2010-02-23 Lyon, Kenneth Ontario (Hamilton) Kenneth Lyon by Hamilton Police Service, 2010[22]
2010-01-18 Auger, Berndatte Alberta (Edmonton) Auger was shot by two officers while brandishing a replica handgun in front of them.[21]
2009-10-23 Hughes, Jeffrey British Columbia (Nanaimo) Hughes was shot ten times by a Royal Mounted Canadian Police officer at his apartment complex, after he called police after a confrontation between him and his neighbors over loud music. Hughes had a flare gun in one of his hands.[20]
2008-08-09 Fredy Alberto Villanueva Quebec (Montreal) Main Article During an intervention to identify his brother Danny, Fredy Villanueva along with a group of friends attacked two police officers before the officer fired a few rounds, one of which killed Fredy.
2007-11-20 Graham, Trevor Colin Ontario (Kitchener) 26-year-old Trevor Colin Graham was shot and killed in a Shoppers Drug Mart after robbing it for prescription drugs. He was armed with a double-edged utility tool.[19]
2007-10-14 Dziekański, Robert British Columbia (Vancouver) Robert Dziekański, killed by the RCMP at the Vancouver International Airport in October 2007.
2007-08-13 Boyd, Paul British Columbia (Vancouver) Paul Boyd was shot and killed by Vancouver Police Service officer Lee Chipperfield. Boyd was acting erratically in Granville Street in downtown Vancouver, and 911 callers reported a mentally ill man acting bizarrely. As police officers encountered Boyd near a bus stop bench, he was allegedly armed with a bicycle chain with a lock attached to it and hit two plain-clothes officers with them, although this was disputed by sworn testimony of a civilian witness. Boyd was shot eight times, and fell to the ground. One of the officers testified that Boyd had dropped the chain he was holding after being shot 4 or 5 times. As Boyd was crawling on the ground towards the officers, Chipperfield fired a gunshot to Boyd’s head, killing him. The incident was recorded on video and was released to the public in 2012. On October 28, 2013, the Criminal Justice Branch announced that no criminal charges would be filed against Chipperfield.
2007-06-20 Christian, Duane Toronto (Ontario)
2005-10-29 Ian Bush British Columbia (Houston) Ian Bush was shot by a police officer after punching and attempting to choke him.
2005-05-27 Lauzon, Ucal Ontario (Toronto) Murder suspect Ucal Lauzon was shot by police after brandishing a knife towards them.[18]
2005-01-31 Matthew Dumas (18) — Manitoba (Winnipeg) Matthew Dumas was shot by a policeman while carrying a screwdriver, in which the police misinterpreted for being a lethal weapon.[17]
2004-12-31 (17) Ontario (Toronto) 17-year-old shot by police. SIU investigations deemed action justified.[16]
2004-05-24 Reodica, Jeffrey Ontario (Toronto) Reodica was shot three times by a plain-clothes Toronto Police officer.[14]
2004 Ontario (Toronto) Person shot by police. SIU investigations deemed action justified.
2004 Ontario (Toronto) Person shot by police. SIU investigations deemed action justified.
2004 Ontario (Toronto) Person shot by police. SIU investigations deemed action justified.
2004 Christropher-Reid, O’brien Ontario (Toronto) Reid shot by police. SIU investigations deemed action justified.[15]
2004 St. Arnaud, Kevin British Columbia (Vanderhoof) [11]
2001-05-20 McMillan, Keldon Saskatchewan (Saskatoon) [13]
2000-10-16 Power, Daryl (23) Newfoundland (Corner Brook) Power was shot while armed and acting aggressively, outside his mother’s home.[12]
2000-08-26 Reid, Norman (44) Newfoundland (Little Catalina) Reid was shot in his yard when he threatened an officer with an axe.[12]
2000 Vass, Otto Ontario (Toronto) Otto Vass died after an altercation with police outside a downtown Toronto convenience store. The medical cause of death was cardiac arrest due to acute mania and excited delirium. Four Toronto police constables, Robert Lemaitre, Phillip Duncan, Nam Le and Filippo Bevilacqua, were charged with manslaughter, and were all found not guilty of the charge.[7]
1999-12-31 Musaka, Henry (26) Ontario (Toronto)
1998-09-10 Engdahl, Josh (16) Saskatchewan (Regina) Engdahl had a knife and in his hands and was shot by Regina police.
1998-09-07 (23) Yukon (Whitehorse) A carjacking suspect put an officer in a chokehold, and the officer shot the suspect. The man died two days later in a Vancouver hospital.[11]
1998 Tony Romagnuolo Ontario (Toronto) [7]
1997-02-20 Edmond Yu Ontario (Toronto) Yu was shot by a police officer after wielding a small hammer on a bus.
1997 Hugh Dawson Ontario (Toronto) [7]
1996-06-11 Williams, Wayne (24) Ontario
1996-03-14 Bramwell, Andrew Ontario (Toronto)
1996-03-02 Benteau, Nicholas Newfoundland (Point May) Benteau was shot by a member of the RCMP during a domestic disturbance.[10]
1996-01-28 Cyr, Denise (20) Saskatchewan (Regina)
1996-01-10 Barnett, Tommy Anthony Ontario (Toronto)
1996 Faraz Suleman (16) Ontario (Toronto) Suleman was shot after a car chase as police tried to arrest him on robbery charges relating to a carjacking. Detective Robert Wiche was charged with manslaughter but the charge was later dismissed at a preliminary court hearing.[7]
1995-09-07 Anthony Dudley George Ontario (Strathroy)
1995-06-26 Ferraro, Philippe Quebec (Rivières des Prairies) Shot in the stomach with three rubber bullets, after barricading himself in his Rivières des Prairies house during a family dispute. He dies after being arrested. The result: After an SQ probe, SWAT team officer Michael Wilson is exonerated.[9]
1995-05-31 Suazo, Martin Omar Quebec (Montreal) Shot in the head while kneeling to be handcuffed on St. Laurent Blvd. Suazo had been picked up on suspicion of shoplifting a pair of jeans. The officer said his gun went off by accident. The result: A police ethics commission investigation finds Station 33 officer Michel Garneau guilty of improper use of a firearm and suspends him for 45 days. A coroner concludes the death was accidental. Suazo’s mother gets an out-of-court settlement of $3,000. Lt. Pablo Palacios (also involved in the Marcellus François affair in 1991) is accused of covering up evidence, but is exonerated in 2004.[9]
1995-03-6 Romanelli, Paolo Quebec (Montreal) Romanelli, an emotionally disturbed 23-year-old man, is shot twice, in the back and chest, after stabbing an officer who’d come to his door on Viau St., answering a 911 call. The shooting followed a standoff in which Romanelli barricaded himself in his home. The result: After two SQ investigations and an inquest, Mario Boucher, Robert Gagnon and three other Station 54 officers are exonerated.[9]
1995-03 Piche, Floyd Saskatchewan (Prince Albert) Piche brandished a knife near an officer.
1994 Moses, Albert (41) Ontario (Toronto)
1993-12-14 Barnabé, Richard Quebec (Montreal) Beaten into a coma in his cell at Station 44 while supposedly resisting a search. Barnabé, a taxi driver, was distraught that evening and wanted to speak to someone. He arrived at a church on Rue Sauriol and when no one answered, he broke a window of the church, apparently in frustration at being denied visiting rights to see his son during the Christmas holidays. He led police on a wild car chase through the suburbs until he was finally arrested outside the home of his brother, himself a Montreal policeman. He had been arrested for breaking the church window. He died in hospital May 2, 1996, never having regained consciousness. The result: After an SQ investigation, criminal charges are brought against several officers; in 1995, one is acquitted and four others – Pierre Bergeron, André Lapointe and Michel Vadeboncoeur, all of Station 44, as well as Louis Samson, of Station 1, are convicted and are sentenced to jail terms to be served on weekends or community service.[9]
1993-04-20 Coley, Ian Clifford (21) Ontario
1993-01-21 McDonald, Alexander (26) Saskatchewan (Regina)
1993-01-01 Kelly, Trevor Quebec (Montreal) Shot in the back near his apartment on Mountain Sights Ave. after police tried to arrest him for threatening them; police said he brandished a potato knife. The result: After an SQ investigation, Station 31 officers Richard Massé and Sylvain Benoît are exonerated.[9]
1993 Rioux, John Ontario (Chatham) Rioux died after being wrestled with three officers. Constable Ron Trick was charged with manslaughter and was found guilty. He was later acquitted on appeal.[7]
1992-05-02 Lawrence, Raymond (22) Ontario
1991-07-03 Francois, Marcellus (24) Quebec (Montreal) Francois was shot by a SWAT team sergeant, while driving a Pontiac.[8]
1991 Vincent Gardner Ontario (Nepean) Gardner was shot by Nepean Police Constable John Monette during a botched drug raid. Monette was charged with manslaughter but found not guilty of the charge. Nepean said he mistook Gardner’s guitar for a gun.[7]
1991 British Columbia (West Vancouver) Person armed with “perceived rifle” shot by police.[4]
1990-04-09 Presley, Leslie (25) Quebec (Montreal) Presley, a Haitian immigrant was shot by an officer after police came to the Thunderdome disco in downtown Montreal to respond to a brawl that took place there. Witnesses said Presley had a gun in his hand.[6]
1988-12-08 Lawson, Michael Wade (17) Ontario (Mississauga) Lawson was shot by two police officers while he was riding a stolen car. Two police officers were charged with manslaughter and aggravated assault, and were found not guilty in April 1992.[5]
1988-07 British Columbia (Vancouver) Man armed with knife shot by police.[4]
1988-03-09 J. J. Harper Manitoba (Winnipeg) During the an altercation between Police and Mr. Harper Constable Robert Cross’s weapon discharged resulting in Mr. Harper’s death. It was initially ruled an accident; however, a strong public outcry lead to an inquiry (the Aboriginal Justice Inquiry). The inquiry eventually concluded that Constable Robert Cross had used excessive force in the fatal confrontation.[2]
1987-11-11 Anthony Griffin Quebec (Montreal) Shot by Constable Allan Gosset while fleeing.[3] In February 1988 Gosset was found not guilty of manslaughter.
1975-01-24 Richard Blass Quebec (Montreal)
1975 British Columbia (Vancouver) An officer shot a person during a struggle. The officer was charged with second-degree murder but was found not guilty at trial.[1]
1972 British Columbia (Vancouver) An officer’s gun went off while he was struggling to arrest a suspect. The officer was charged with manslaughter, but the charge was dismissed against him in a preliminary inquiry.[1]
1967-09-16 Monica Proietti Quebec (Montreal)
1932-02-17 Albert Johnson Yukon (Eagle River)

The conditions under which these various people were shot include several who were shot “during a struggle” and many others which, on reflection, could have been handled in other, non-lethal ways.

On several occasions, just the person carrying a knife was “reason” enough to shoot them dead. Some of the cases include NO context….no explanation as to why they were murdered / killed.

Some of these were not actually killed by a firearm, but killed by an RCMP vehicle either striking them or rolling over on them. The last killing by RCMP listed occurred on July 5, 2015 (I presume the one right before our member of Anonymous) was murdered (killed). This guy was carrying a hammer.

In looking at the overall reasons that the RCMP killed (or murdered) people…from the cases in which they list what happened…it appears that the person killed, was carrying some instrument that could not generally kill from a distance unless thrown with great skill. The last one was carrying a hammer….others have been carrying knives.

Overall, it appears that if you are carrying an implement…not a firearm, but a knife or hammer, and the RCMP is called, the chances you will be shot to death are very high. One guy was carrying a piece of wood (2X4) and was reportedly shot by bean bags…which killed him. There was one in which a guy was carrying a shotgun, and perhaps, the shooting was justified. There were a couple (perhaps 3) in which there apparently were handguns involved, and the person died in an exchange of gunfire. Without knowing the specifics, I will, out of good faith, give them these as perhaps justified.

But, if you exclude those in which the person killed had a firearm, you are stilled faced with the majority of killings which, on their face, appear to have been cases in which a “less than lethal” method of resolution could conceivably have been effected. The majority seem to be cases in which the person was either carrying a piece of wood, a metal table leg, a hammer, or knife, if a weapon or implement of any kind was involved.

For many, there is no notation of the person killed having been in possession of any sort of weapon, tool, or object. Some just say a person was shot in a motel….or there are a few where they note the person was “suicidal” (as if that is reason enough to do the job for them).

It appears to me that the training of the RCMP is woefully lacking in means of resolving conflicts or situations with a person who is acting abnormally, without using lethal force. It appears that the RCMP as a force, could benefit from focused training which stresses non-lethal methods of neutralizing any sort of threat. Use of hand to hand compliance holds, batons, TASERs , etc., do not seem to be stressed. Certainly, if these methods had been used effectively in most of these cases (ie those cases in which the perpetrator was not in possession of a firearm) perhaps these people would be alive today.

Like their brothers in the Southern part of the continent, it appears they too are all too quick to resort to using the deadliest weapon in their peacekeeping toolkit, before trying those which may save a life instead of taking it.

If they had the training, the devices to use, and actually used them, perhaps one of our #Anonfamily would be alive today, instead of dead.



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