More about the Anon murdered by the RCMP

This video shows the aftermath of an encounter with the RCMP which left an Anon dead.
The Anon, per the coroner, was named James Daniel McIntyre, who was a 48-year-old
resident of Dawson Creek, B.C. The CLAIM is that James had a knife, and was told to drop the knife, but when he didn’t do that fast enough to suit them, they shot him to death. The RCMP has a history of killing people who were holding knives, hammers, many things. They seem not to be trained that there are less than lethal or non-lethal ways of dealing with people “holding knives”. There are things called Tasers, PR-24 Batons, ASP whip like metal batons, as well as hand to hand moves using pain compliance. There is a chart of the RCMP killing of citizens on my post at As you can see, the RCMP has a history of killing people who, perhaps, could have been disarmed or taken into custody via a less than lethal method, but apparently the Mounties just find shooting a person in cold blood who does not have a firearm, much easier.

If you watch the video above, you will note an officer going into the trunk of an RCMP vehicle. Since the video is not of great quality, we cannot see if he retrieves a “throw down” knife or not, to place on the body to “justify” the shooting. While we cannot say based on that video that a “throw down” knife was placed on scene by RCMP officers, we cannot say it was not either.

I am speaking only for myself as one Anon, but we do respect our First Nation’s Brothers and Sisters and do not want any of them placed in danger of also being killed. That said, Anonymous has always established that wrongs done to our Brothers and Sisters in Anonymous do not go unanswered, and thus, #OpAnonDown was born.

As members of the #Anonfamily, we believe our Brother was killed for no good reason, in cold blood, and that a better term for it is “murder”.

We believe the truth, whatever it is, must come out. We also believe that the name of the RCMP officer who killed / or as we believe, murdered James Daniel McIntyre , should be made public. If he had saved a child from drowning, certainly his name would be made public. Equally, we believe his name should be made public in this on the job action as well.

We want to take this chance to send our deepest condolences to the family, friends of James Daniel McIntyre, as we also mourn his loss as a member of the #Anonfamily.

We do not forgive, we do not forget, are not just words in the Anon creed, but it is a description of how we roll in Anonymous.

The truth WILL come out eventually, and Anons want to see that not only the truth come out, but the guilty are punished. Isn’t that what the Canadian justice system claims they want as well ?




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