My view of the late, Sandra Bland

Truth be told, I didn’t know Sandra Bland. I never met her, and thus, what I have to know her by, are her own words in videos, in voice messages, what her friends say, the video of her arrest, and the things I read about her. Do I know the full truth about Ms Bland? No. Is it at all possible she committed suicide? My answer is doubtful, but possible, but I reject the narrative that Waller county wants to play about a trashliner from a huge plastic trashcan as the instrument of her suicide. I’ve never, ever seen a huge plastic / rubber trashcan with plastic trashbag liner in ANY jail cell, anywhere.

She was, from what I hear, a college graduate from Texas A&M…and this trip of 1000 miles from the Chicago area to Texas, was obviously made because she got a good job back at her alma mater.

Now, as to whether she had PTSD, had been depressed, etc…I have no doubt of it. To be a young black woman, with a college degree, and no job, is depressing. I personally talk to people every damn day, black, white, hispanic, asian, who are depressed, some deeply so, for a variety of reasons…to the point that I am believing depression…ie clinical depression, is at pandemic status in the USA.

But, when you’ve met, talked with, as many people as I have…you get a sense of them. I’ve watched the video of Ms. Bland during her arrest. She was a fighter…a person who doesn’t give up easily. She is down in the dumps, depressed a bit when she leaves a voicemail on her friend’s machine, but he also says she was looking forward to posting bail, getting this resolved, and getting on with things.

He obviously new her infinitely better than I did…so I defer to his assessment.

Was Sandra an “angel”…No…but who among us is ?

The Waller County officials say the first autopsy was “botched”…but now they come up with one which they say is absolutely, positively proof she committed suicide.

I have tried to look at the tape of her, at her facebook video, at her demeanor…I just do NOT see her as a person who, at this point, would have chosen suicide. I think she was angry at her treatment…I think she wanted vindication…I think she was upset at being battered by the DPS officer without serious provocation, and treated as if she were getting “uppity” with him. A person with that mindset is NOT the kind who wants to kill themselves. Anger, often, can be the driving force to get you out of a funk, and direct your aggression NOT inward, but outward toward those who have wronged you.

I might ultimately be proven wrong…but at this point in time…I don’t care what “pronouncements” the DA’s office makes…I do not believe Sandra Bland killed herself… Period.

Thanks for reading.


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