Victim Blaming…the Villification of Sandra Bland begins

Sandra Bland had driven around 1000 miles, excited by the prospects of a great new job at her alma mater. When you are excited, preoccupied, you can occasionally forget to signal a lane change. We’ve probably ALL changed a lane without signalling…and yet, this set into motion a chain of events that at age 28, would end her life. I don’t have to recapitulate all the things that happened…the dash cam footage that appears edited….the passerby who caught what really happened off the dash cam’s view…after three days in jail, this 28 year old young lady, was found dead. The story was she used a thin trash can liner to hang herself. I personally have NEVER seen a jail cell with a big plastic trash barrel and flimsy clear plastic trash liner. No, now that she is dead, now that questions are being asked, now they must go about in turning HER into the monster, the villain, to get attention away from Brian Thomas Encinia, the arrogant 30 nine year old rookie who turned the most simple of traffic violations, the most simple of misdemeanors, into a felonious assault on a public servant, even though, he says off camera but on video , that he is not hurt, but on video she is seen saying more than once he slammed her head into the ground. We see him tell her he will jerk her out of the car,that he will “Light her up”…the rookies pet term for tasering…and for what…smoking a cigarette and not putting it out when the stormtrooper said to ? Yes, they have to “dirty her up” and thus, they talk about her not being a “perfect” person when he stopped her. Another article dug up every interaction she had with police, every thing they could find to make her seem like a depressed criminal just waiting to kill herself and NOW…they are saying she told her jailers she had thought about killing herself =>–20150722-story.html 
The family lawyer, Cannon Lambert, told reporters at a televised news conference Wednesday that there was no evidence that Bland had ever attempted suicide or been treated for depression. Texas officials were trying to shift the focus away from the contentious arrest on July 10 that started the chain of events that led to the discovery of Bland’s body in the cell three days later, he said.”

This is an old trick we see done to every victim of police brutality that ends in the death of a person, be they white or black, male or female. I’ve watched videos of Sandra Bland to get a personal sense of the kind of person she was. She seemed to be a confidant, articulate black woman, a political activist who believed the words #BlackLivesMatter. After being out of work, suddenly she has been given a chance at a great new job, one that she is excited about. She is only 28 years of age. Many of us have been depressed. If you are out of work for a long time, becoming depressed is natural…but now, at last,things were finally turning around for her. She had driven a hell of a long way from Illinois to Texas, excited with a new job, and anyone with an ounce of kindness could forgive her for forgetting a change of lane signal and give her a warning ticket. But no, not rookie Brian Thomas Encinia, age 30. No, he had to drag her from the car, threaten to tase her, take her out of view of the dash cam (but thankfully not out of view of a cellphone) and slam her head into the ground.

This is more than a tragedy. Ms Bland was not the first person to “be found hanged” in Waller County Jail. A 29 year old white man who was picked up for marijuana possession, also was found “hanged” in that very same Waller County jail.
It begs the question of why are these young people mysteriously able to find means of hanging themselves, and using it to end their lives in Waller County jail….young people who seemingly had lots to live for.

I listened to the voice of the jailer talking about it. He was nervous, his voice was quivering so much that you didn’t need a Voice Stress Analysis. He spoke like someone who is lying and KNOWS they are lying.

Whether its a black man in New York selling cigarettes, or a black female in Texas who refused to throw her cigarette away, it’s time to look into the police state we find ourselves in. It’s time to say NO MORE. #AllLivesMatter.
It’s also time to name and shame anyone deciding that dirtying up the memory of a victim, is the way to defend the guilty.

Thanks for reading.



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