The family of James McIntyre, our Anon who was killed, is requesting something…I think we should do what they wish

We lost a Brother in Canada…James Daniel McIntyre, 48, was an Anon who was murdered, or in the RCMP vernacular, “killed”. Some Anons have been using the image of his bloody mask as a rallying image for #OpAnonDown and other Anon efforts to show we support Jay but also, to show we are behind every Anon.
I understand this, and believe me, it is not lost on me the power of the image of a bloodied Guy Fawkes mask when we know that the Anon was murdered. That said, it has come to my attention that the family (flesh and blood family) of James Daniel McIntyre is asking the bloody mask image not be used. Whether it is a powerful symbol or not, I do not wish to in any way, bring more emotional pain to our Brother’s real world family, than his untimely death has already done. So, if it is true that the use of the “Bloody Mask” has become a source of pain for them, I would urge my fellow Anons to abandon use of that picture. I have no control over anyone, and as I said, I understand their use of it, but if it is hurtful to his loved ones, I think we could find another symbol to use.

Thanks for reading this.


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