Lawyer defending Theo Bronkhorst …hunter who helped killed Cecil the Lion

The lawyer defending Theo Brokhorst, asshole who helped Walter Palmer, DDS murder #CecilTheLion is named
Givemore Muvhuringi.

Mr Muvhuringi is a lawyer (the word Shyster may apply…who knows)…with the firm of
Dube and Company, “Legal Practitioners”…more on them below:

Here’s old Givemore’s Linkedin =>
(Listed for the inevitable lulz from reading it)

Dube and Company (Its not spelled “Doobie” or “Joint” or “Roach”)
Here’s their pathetic Facebook =>

ADDRESS: Suite 18, Galleria Bldg
Victoria Falls
Matabeleland South
TELEPHONE: +263 (13) 43654
CELL: +263 (13) 712772968
FAX: +263 (13) 43654 (lmao…not even a normal lawyer email..a free yahoo one)
POSTAL: Box CT 227, Victoria Falls


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