Allegations of hurting horses at ThorSport Farm

Heres what started my investigation off : ” Detailed Undercover Investigation Reveals Tennessee Walking Horse Abuse at Top Training Barn, with Big-Name, Previously Cited Trainers Continuing Their Illegal Conduct”
“Horses Slated to Compete in the Upcoming Celebration Subjected to Barbaric Soring Practices”
And, quoting more from the article :
” For the second time in four years, an undercover investigator with The Humane Society of the United States has documented trainers and grooms cruelly “soring” Tennessee walking horses to create an exaggerated and unnatural gait known as the “big lick.” This time, the investigation focused on ThorSport Farm in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, which is well-known and highly regarded within the big lick show world. Our investigation documented that several horses slated to compete in this year’s Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration have been illegally sored, which could give them an advantage at the industry’s high-profile showcase event starting Wednesday in Shelbyville, Tennessee.

During the investigation, more than 60 wrapping samples were taken directly from horses whose legs had been slathered with caustic chemicals and wrapped tightly to cook the chemicals into their flesh and cause extreme pain. All samples tested positive for substances that have been banned from use in the show ring by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as part of its enforcement of the Horse Protection Act.

Keith Dane, vice president of equine protection for The HSUS, said: “This investigation proves that the practice of soring is alive and well in the heart of Tennessee walking horse country, and that some top trainers and owners in the industry are complicit in the abuse. The pain and suffering our investigator documented inside ThorSport Farm is nauseating, and unfortunately continues unabated despite the industry’s persistent, false claims that it has cleaned up its act. Congress must recognize the need to pass legislation that will finally protect these majestic, gentle animals and give them a fighting chance.”

ThorSport Farm is well-known and highly regarded within the Big Lick show world, but its trainers Chad Williams, Aaron Self and Robert Cortner, have histories of being cited for violating the law by presenting sored horses at shows. Allison Thorson, daughter of ThorSport Farm owners Duke and Rhonda Thorson, also has past Horse Protection Act citations, and during the investigation, wrapping samples from her horses tested positive for several prohibited substances.

Wrapping samples taken from two former Grand Champions trained at ThorSport and expected to be exhibited at the Celebration—He’s Vida Blue and The Golden Sovereign—also tested positive for numerous illegal substances. All evidence collected in the investigation was turned over to Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office. The HSUS has offered to provide assistance with the collection of evidence and handling of horses during the execution of a search warrant, and to provide transportation and care for any horses seized.

The HSUS is urging Congress to pass the Prevent All Soring Tactics Act (H.R. 3268/S. 1121), which would bolster the Horse Protection Act by finally putting an end to the corrupt, ineffective system of industry self-regulation, banning the tall stacks and chains that are an integral part of the soring process, and strengthening penalties for violations of the law”.

As an Anon, as one who loves all animals, especially horses, and as a member of  #D0xTeamSix, we support the Humane Society 100%. But, we go further. We believe that the individuals responsible for this kind of horror, pain, torture to these noble animals, should be exposed so that other right minded people can contact them at their leisure and report their own person disgust with these people who try to impersonate humans, but act like aliens who are bent on torturing earth creatures. These bastards can expect Anonymous to expose them.

First, their website : is located at the IP Address
From my research, it appears they have some direct connection with a company called
ThorSport Incorporated. More here on this…
and you see that the ThorSport, INC bunch,  has its principal office, it just so happens,
in Sandusky OH..specifically, Principal Office: 2520 CAMPBELL ST.
SANDUSKY, OH 44870-5309 USA. Their registered agent is a little lawyer named
James David Kious (or as he likes to be called “JD”). His email and phone number
as as follows =>  Phone 615-895-5566 

Interestingly, ThorSport Farm, lists its contact points as
4024 Barfield Crescent Rd,
Murfreesboro, TN 37128
(615) 904-7206

 and then…low and behold…Sandusky rears their head again, apparently a mail
drop for the “good old boys” at ThorSport ~PO Box 2218, Sandusky, OH 44871
(800) 326-1994 FREE
 So, let’s dive into what is going on. There are allegations that horses are being mistreated, injured, harmed, even tortured at the ThorSportFarm. I will list just a few of the articles about this issue.
This article has a video link that requires a strong stomach to watch. Here’s a quote from the article
MURFEESBORO, Tenn. (WVLT) — An undercover investigator with the Humane Society of the United States found several horses were illegally sored at ThorSport Farm. This farm is well-known and highly regarded within the show world.
The investigator says several of the sored horses from the farm were slated to compete in this year’s Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration. The event starts Wednesday in Shelbyville.
Its trainers, Chad Williams, Aaron Self and Robert Cortner have histories of being cited for showing sored horses.
     The ThorSport Farm owners’ daughter also has citations and the investigation revealed wrapping samples from her horses tested positive for several prohibited substances.
During the investigation, 60 wrapping samples were taken directly from horses. All of those samples tested positive for banned substances.   The investigator reported the horses’ legs “had been slathered with caustic chemicals and wrapped tightly to cook the chemicals into their flesh and cause extreme pain.” This causes an unnatural and exaggerated gait and could give the horses an unfair advantage.…322829291.html
The video. Strong stomach required.

Why Humans Fear Death…

It is not the dying we fear…its the absence of that animated, wonderful person we knew our whole life. It is not the dark we fear, but absence of light. It is a loved one going on a trip, alone, and the knowledge that in this life, we will not be able to hug them, kiss them, talk with them. Although my personal belief is that there is a Heaven awaits, the analytical part of me says, what if you are wrong. As summer turns into autumn, as green leaves turn to brown, as the earth goes from hot to cold, so is our life. A journey we are forced to take, with many different forks off the main road, each one perhaps being for the better, or for the worse. But, the journey has an end, and that end is either a true end, or it is a door to yet another life, where people look in their 30s, more beautiful than ever before. Funerals, obituaries, wakes, have nothing to do with the dead, but everything to do with the living. They memorialize the end of a life that, for good or bad, has a period placed on it.

For hundreds of thousands of years, mankind has grappled with this thing called “death”. The Egyptians had a whole book about it, about the challenges a soul would meet…the ancient Israelis thought we ALL went to a place called sheol….both the good and bad alike. For some, death is the most feared of all possible events, second only to public speaking. But, rationalize it, ignore it, build elaborate stories about it…it is that moment when we pass from this world, to whatever world lies beyond. Atheists may indeed be right, that its like the turning off of a light switch, but four decades ago, I had an experience that no one talked about back then, and without going into details, if that is our final destination, there is nothing to fear, on the contrary, something to be looking forward to. Bottom line, death is seen as a dark, foreboding place where the creatures in our nightmares may await for us, to torture us for eternity without end.

But, be that as it may…it is important to live your life in kindness, with ethicality, with integrity, doing good for others, not for what you might get in return, but because in your heart, you know it’s the right thing to do.

Ive instructed my loved ones I want to be cremated…and that no mourning or sadness be shown, because I truly feel, I am going home. I will not be unhappy, and neither should they. For, the only thing to be sad about, regarding your life, is when you knowingly, and without provocation, wronged a person, hurt an animal, just to get pleasure from it. It is not what we did that we regret often, as much as what we failed to do…failing to do enough, failing to stand up for someone being bullied..failure to tell that person you loved them, or failing to treat your spouse or parents with love, respect, or courtesy. Toward that, I offer these versions of the same song:


and Janiva Magness

Paul Thorn (writer)

So, live your day as one you can be proud of…one that is an example for other good people. Do what good you can, be honest, loyal, courageous, generous, in short, live a life you can be proud of…and one your loved ones can be proud of.


Hopefully, my last appeal for Anons to become One.

I wrote a post called “Unify or Die” hoping that some people would see that to fight among ourselves, is to spell the end of Anonymous. My DMs are still full of people telling me about Anons, or “so-called Anons” targeting each other for d0xing, spreading rumors, swatting, or who knows what.

So, this post hopefully will be hopefully be my last on this topic. I don’t want to waste any more time on this.

If you are an Anon, it means a few things. It means you care about fighting abuse of innocents, it means you care about helping the poor, helping children and animals. It means you are ready to fight the powers that be who hurt or kill innocents, or who act in such a way as to make the lives of good, honest, middle and lower income people, a living nightmare.
It also means we defend privacy, and the right of the internet to be free of government and corporate control.

But, one thing it means but perhaps doesn’t get said enough, is that you love and care about your fellow Anons, that you stand with them, that an attack on one Anon, is an attack on the Legion…it means Unity and Solidarity.

But, we have fallen far from that. Although we have any great Anons who follow the creed, who observe the goals, who respect and love their brothers and sisters, increasingly, there are these little dramas, little intrigues, etc. that is a CANCER within Anonymous. I assert we cannot be destroyed from the outside, but we can be hurt from the inside.

Too many people carrying the name “Anon” are fighting with others also claiming to be “Anon”….calling them Feds, traitors, etc…trying to d0x them, spread rumors about them, etc. Do you think this atmosphere will make #NewBloods to join us? I’ve personally been told by potential #NewBloods that they love Anonymous and want to be an Anon, but the fighting they see makes them afraid to be in our Hive. Ive also been contacted by Older Anons who are leaving, hanging up the Mask, nauseating at this ongoing fighting.

If you think someone really is a “Fed”, relay your fears to those of us not trapped in your drama with this person, and let us make a decision. If you are trapped in this drama, you cannot look at the facts objectively because your beliefs about them filter what you see about them.

Sure, Anons are humans and it is natural for people not to like other people. If you get into that situation with another Anon, block them and don’t talk about them. You cannot clear muddy water by constantly stirring it with a stick.

I can promise you that hard working Anons have a lot on their plate, and don’t have time for the “He said She said” battles that in the end, perpetuate themselves and through rumors, even draw other Anons in, and sully their names., when they don’t have a damn thing to do with it.

I know that as an  human, as an Anon, it is natural to want to defend yourself and to damage your enemy, and we all have enemies, many we create by labeling ourselves as an Anon.

So, through all this rambling, I am giving my last plea for Anons to stop this before you destroy a movement that people have gone to prison to protect. You are not hurting your enemies when you engage in all this….you ultimately hurt yourself and other Anons. When people look at you, do they see a standup guy or gal..or do they say “Oh, AnonXYZ123 is always mired in some drama..don’t pay attention to anything they say”.

It hurts your street cred online to be seen as someone who is always involved in one feud after Another. The more this behavior happens, the more Anons and more potential Anons we lose…and ultimately, we will be a paragraph in some history book about the Internet.

We do too much good, offer too much hope, to become a bunch of nattering screen names who keep the shit stirred against each other.

This crap has to stop. If you  cannot stand someone…block them and hope they block you, and get involved in doing positive things that we Anons do better than anyone else.

Namaste / Peace

Thanks for reading this.


The Most Precious of Treasures, Life

Most of you are younger than me….being 62, and living enough, you get to have perspective on this thing called “Life”.

I can remember as a young boy, I got a new BB gun and I just liked to target shoot with it. One day, I was under a huge oak, with billowing leaves, and for just one stupid moment, I decided to just shoot into it. A bird fell out of it…hit by BB. I was a young kid, alone, and I began freaking out…trying to save its life…but without a clue how to do it, alone in the woods.

When it died, an indescribable sadness fell on me. I had taken a life that a second before could ride the wind, sing it song, enjoy the sun, and now, through a senseless act, I had ended its life. I never forgot it, nor did I ever forgive myself.

It set up in me a love for the lives of others, though I never really cared about my own. I’ve never been able to explain that to other people, but its how I feel.

Not to get into a long discussion…but in my early twenties, I went through what can only be called a “Near Death Experience”…back then, in the 70s…no one was publicly talking about such things…especially not where I lived. So, I had this experience that was the most real,  most beautiful experience in life, but, I feared people would just think I was hallucinating or going crazy. At this point, I’ve probably told maybe 8 people about this experience in detail…maybe not that many, maybe 6…the point is, I don’t just blather about it to everyone. Many of the elements that people who “Came Back from the Dead” reported decades later, were exactly what I felt…and the truth is, once you are there, you don’t want to come back to this life…you don’t really care about the body lying there…its a strange dissociation that often, people don’t even recognize that that body is theirs.

As years went on, I found that that one experience, had changed me…I loved people and animals more…wanted to help them all I could. Now, did it make me “perfect”…old Hell no. It did however realign my priorities…and I learned that love, that caring for others, was more precious than gold.  That doesn’t fill your coffers with gold, but it is a valuable way to life your life.

So, more than computers, cars, clothes, phones, I care about those I love…they are on top of my pyramid of priorities.

Its not unique to me…others who have gone through similar situations came through with the same list of priorities, and, with the sense of not fearing their own death.

What we, who have peeked at the other side have learned, you are given a task here on Earth. You can love. help, protect. hate. fight, and destroy. The choice is yours.

Unify or Die

We as Anons, must learn where our strength and future lie. The best way to kill Anonymous is for Anons to argue, d0x, and troll each other. This is called “doing your enemy’s work for them”. Our strength has always been in being United, being Anonymous. Every time one Anon attacks another Anon, d0xes them, etc., the Hive is made weaker. Anonymous has become perceived by many as one of the only groups which is unafraid to go after the rich, the monied elites, the assholes in power. This is an enviable position, but it is NOT one we can keep if we continue being our own worst enemy.

I’ve had people write me saying that they are afraid to become Anons, afraid that they will get caught up in the crossfire of Anon fighting, I’ve had other people tell me they wanted no part of the current incarnation of Anonymous simply because of the infighting.

Our continued power as a force for good, is dependent on us becoming united again, of mentoring the #NewBloods, to either tolerate Anons with different views from ours, or to Block them and go on with our lives, and let them go on with theirs.

I get DMs regularly from people who ask for help because they know the police won’t help them, that the police will even attack them if they ask for help, or they say that whoever they are complaining about is either a cop, ex-cop, or because of his or her money, has friends on the force.

The future of Anonymous is in the hands of today’s Anons. They can either unify, work together, and preserve this HIVE and pass it on to #NewBloods, or we can destroy it, destroy the faith the public has in us, or alienate people that are natural allies of ours. No one can police Anons but Anons. No one can fully destroy our movement like Anons themselves.

No personal vendetta is more important than the HIVE, than Anonymous, both the idea and the body of Anons worldwide.

Let’s focus on helping people and animals and NOT on attacking each other.



The “But For…” in the Sandra Bland case

Word of Caution: Certain phrases are used herein that are offensive…but their use is integral to express certain feelings of racist Southern law officers. In advance, please forgive my need to use them.

Sandra Bland’s life had taken a turn for the better. She had a great job waiting for her in Texas…a good enough job that she drove from Illinois to be there for her first day at work. Driving from Illinois, she went through various jurisdictions, many redlight stops, stopsigns, but, made it to Texas without a problem. She was excited and when you are excited, sometimes your focus gets misdirected to that inner monologue you find yourself exploring.

She saw a cop behind her, and as MANY of us do, hoping he is not after us, as quickly as she could, she moved to the other lane to let him go by. But he wasn’t after someone else. He was after the black woman with out of state plates, a known target for the DPS, for local law enforcement as well.

He could have given her a warning for not using her turn signal. He could have given her a ticket and let her go.
But no…in his mind, here was an “uppity nigger bitch” and he was gonna order her “show her who is boss”.
The same anger he felt in him, is the same anger abusive husbands feel when their wives stand up to them, right before they strike her. She was smoking a cigarette, so he tells her to get rid of it. He had no LEGAL authority to do it…but it quit being a law enforcement routine stop for him, before that. This was a white man, in the South, faced with a black woman who had not shown him the proper deference…a woman who refused to “bow and scrape” and say Massa.

Had he NOT taken it on himself to turn this into a personal, racist confrontation…had he chose to be professional, to give her merely a warning, Sandra would have been on the job Monday morning, and he would have never become a name of scorn, an object of hatred.

It was one of those events in life where the road forks…you can take the good fork, or you can take the bad fork…and when you take the bad fork, your life is forever a bad way.

We have NO indication that Sandra Bland would have hung herself Monday morning if this stop had not gone the way it did. Thus, the stop, the arrest that followed, became the intervening event in Sandra’s life. “But for” that stop, Sandra would be alive, happy, working, in all probability.

It does MATTER whether Sandra fashioned that professional looking hangman’s noose out of a plastic trash can liner..a liner it seems was made by COOK company, the same company she used to work for, or not.

It does MATTER whether her death was a suicide or NOT. But, we may never know which it was, perhaps the dying words of some racist jail employee will clear it up or not.

But, the ONE THING that is clear to this Anon is that, “But For..” the inappropriate, if not ILLEGAL arrest of Sandra Bland, she would not have ended up hanging in a Waller County Jail. There is no disputing of that.

No one is saying Sandra did not suffer depression…no one is saying that at times, she may have felt suicidal…all these things might be true…I personally didn’t know Sandra, so I can’t say definitively one way or the other.

We Anons are angry over not just Sandra’s death, but the unexplained deaths of men and women of ALL races, which have occurred while they were in the custody of white jailers. We do know that the Sheriff of Waller County had been suspended without pay when he was a Police Chief, due to his racism. This casts a strong light of suspicion on him when a black lady “allegedly” committed suicide in his jail.

Nothing I say, nothing ANY Anon says, nothing any #BlackLivesMatter activist says, can bring her back. She is dead…and her death, in that jail, had a cause…an intervening event that led to her death, whatever or whoever caused it.

I watched a previous stop that the officer who arrested Sandra made, before he stopped her. He conducted himself in a different manner with that stop. It leads us to ask, what made the difference in that stop.Was it because Sandra was black, was it because she was from up north, was it because she was a woman? Did Sandra remind him of an ex-girlfriend or wife who had the “nerve” to stand up against him? Did her action and attitude dredge up deep seated misogynistic emotions from his past ? Did he hate her because she was black, or did he hate her because she was a strong woman who spoke her mind?

In the past, this event would not have made more than the police beat news in the back page of a local paper. But, thanks to video, thanks to the internet, thanks to #BlackLivesMatter activists and thanks to Anons…it did NOT get buried, but instead, became the center of news focus nationally, if not internationally.

I think the arrest was in many ways, a “proximate cause” of her eventual death. Whether it was a jail person who killed her and fashioned that plastic noose to cover it up…or whether she did commit suicide…her arrest for no real reason…decided that , that day,she would be forced down the wrong fork in the road…a road which forever changed her life, and the life of the asshole who arrested her…to “teach her a lesson”.  These words are not documented coming from his mouth, not documented on any police report, but those of us men who have been raised in the South, who have known redneck racists, who have known redneck racist cops, don’t need it documented. We have heard it documented in the “off duty” talk of so many cops, that we know it by heart.

The question of “Who is to blame” must arise…it has to arise because history has a way of stammering, of repeating itself.

I think,there are definitely people to blame. We must blame this law enforcement guy who felt his penis shrink when confronted with a woman who had the “nerve” to speak back…and when he found his “manhood” inadequate, he responded the way many males do…he tried to show her “who is boss” in a physical manner. This scenario plays out worldwide in domestic abuse, domestic rape, and in plain old vanilla rapes every damn day.

We also must blame the Sheriff, a racist bastard who tolerated, perhaps even promoted that type of conduct against black folks. We know from his past he is racist, and racists tend to shape an atmosphere of racism in any business or department in which they find themselves in charge. I believe the Sheriff is also a misogynistic asshole. So, this “perfect storm” of racism and woman hating, allowed to fester, to fulminate there in Waller county, erupted on a single sunny day when a woman of color happened to make the unpardonable sin of changing lanes without a signal.

Apparently, changing lanes without a signal is such a serious crime in Waller County, such criminals cannot be allowed to go on their way and “endanger” other people. But of course, there is the charge that she “kicked” the person who arrested her. He himself tells the EMT or someone who responded, that he was not hurt by that alleged kick. We’ve seen the video of him on top of her on the side of the road. If you read that sentence and are reminded of rape, then you are astute. If there is such a thing as a rape without penetration, I think that happened. This asshole law enforcement guy wanted to show her who is boss, and he took her down to the ground, got on top of her. In that scenario, the absence of penetration in some ways becomes a distinction without a difference.

Is it possible to be raped as an individual without being penetrated ? Some would say no. I say yes.

So, we have a death in Waller County. I am certain no prison sentence will be handed down to the officer who arrested her. It will be ruled an unfortunate death in which a depressed black woman, locked in a cell, decided to end her life.

I have no proof that this is not what happened. But, I have a gnawing feeling in my gut that SOMETHING happened to Ms. Bland in that jail…something that has been covered up by people involved.

Sadly, we may never know the truth. We do know there are people who loved Ms Bland who will forever, carry questions in their hearts, questions about what really happened. They deserve to know the’s the least someone who knows, can do. They deserve closure about why their loved ones now have only a memory, where once a vital , caring woman, lived.

We must remember this event. It is horrible…it is tragic…but it WAS avoidable. Ms Bland and that officer did not have to go down the wrong fork in the road.She was dragged kicking and screaming down that wrong fork in the road. And, I assert , there ARE people wearing uniforms in Waller County who have her blood on their hands, and in their conscience.

“But for…” that arrest, she would be alive. But, it happened, and she is not.

Thanks for reading this…


Beep Beep Boop…Going all Starfish and Hydra on poachers and fun killers

Many years ago, fishermen discovered that Starfish were attacking their oysters. This made the fisherman very angry at the Starfish, and thus, every time they caught one, they would cut it up into five pieces (one for each arm or point of the star) and toss the pieces back into the ocean. What they didn’t know was that as long as the arm was attached to part of the belly or starfish center, it could and did, regenerate a whole trying to get rid of them, they actually were causing them to multiply times five, each one they cut up…

More on this at

Similarly, when some putrid animal killer whines to a paste site and has our d0x of them taken down…it just makes us create more d0x pastes…spreading them worldwide…but we create far more than only five…and we spread them worldwide. #D0xTeamSix don’t play.

So for the animal killing lamers, what you did just caused your d0x to be sent in so many sites…the file hidden on so many servers, ready to bring it public again, you will never get it deleted. That’s what you get for being whiny little assholes.

#D0xTeamSix ~ Bringing a New Era in D0xing

The ReVitalization of Anonymous

I recall watching WE ARE LEGION,  the great documentary by Filmmaker Brian Knappenberger…it traces the history of Anons from the 4Chan days, through Chanology. There is one part of the film when Anonymous calls a protest against Scientology. We see Anons headed toward the protest area, a bit anxious that they might show up and be the only ones there, but courage drove them forward. Much to their positive surprise, Anons and other folks showed up in droves, not just in the USA, but around the world.

Jump forward a few years, and when a “Day of Rage” protest was announced, only a tiny handful showed up in LA…one of the largest cities in the country. Our enemies were quick to label it as an Epic Fail…and while our loyalty to the Hive would prompt us to denounce them as lying bastards, the Truth was that it WAS an Epic Fail.

I spoke with the organizers, and indeed, they realized that things did not go as planned. I suggested in later meetings with other Anons, that we needed to do a “post-mortem” to try and figure out what went wrong. After speaking about what I and some other Anons felt went wrong, we decided that it is time to “Revitalize” Anons.

When any new movement starts, the freshness and novelty makes it exciting, and makes a lot of people want to join in, if for nothing else, that it seems like the “cool thing to do”.

As Anons have grown in numbers, we had to face the fact that despite the fact we have more Anons joining daily, and despite the fact we remain deeply loyal to the idea that is Anonymous, perhaps we have lost some of the zeal, some of the fire that generated huge crowds worldwide when we called a protest.

So, it is in this spirit that a few of us decided perhaps some suggestions are in order, suggestions that might put new life in our movement.

One thing is, as law enforcement has turned its attention to Anons, there is a certain paranoia that has evolved. What this translates into,  is that Anons have in some respect, become a bit more isolated. Sure, we have group DMs, we have tweetstorms, but , truth be told, we have withdrawn to a “Web Only” phenomenon in some respects. These days, to be able to put large numbers of “boots on the ground” or “feets in the streets” requires community organizers, i.e. people who get out in the community…IN REAL LIFE, and get to know the people, making friends, making connections, networking.

So, to the extent Anons can, being involved, making friends with likeminded people in the “real world” is essential.

One group that has been effective in this regard, is the #BlackLivesMatter coalition. They have shown prowess in getting people out in large numbers, to protest. Unfortunately, a bit of a temporary schism between the #BLK folks and Anons occurred when a group of people, using Guy Fawkes masks and “Anon” handles, began spouting racist, even Nazi rhetoric. Anons KNEW these people were only faux Anons…not real, but in fact, part of the #OpNatSoc (Operation National Socialism) which to most Anons, is mainly a 4Chan joke gone wrong. Many of the black activists who personally KNOW those of us in Anonymous, realized that we Anons are NOT Nazis, not racists, and in fact, historically, have been a strong driving force in seeking justice for black men and women who were murdered by police. Those who follow me and I follow, when I’ve discussed this, KNOW that neither I nor those Anons I call FAMILY, are racists, Nazis, KKK, or whatever. I blame it on some #BLK folks that have not had a close relationship with Anons, who were ready to believe the worst about a group which wears a mask.

Since Anons and #BlackLivesMatter , both groups, have the same goals as far as freedom, equality, of black folks here in America, we believe we are natural allies, and perhaps, a dialogue with our Brothers and Sisters in the black activist community, can help us learn better how to motivate folks to come out for our protests, and certainly, if we appear with the #BLK folks in solidarity at THEIR protests, it would be great if they will come out and support us in ours.

This brings up another point. Anons DO have natural allies in MANY groups. As a group, most, if not all of us, are also animal rights activists, or at least, support those in the Animal Rights movement. Many of us also are allies, friends, supporters, of the Occupy movement nationwide, and worldwide. Many Anons also support the Palestinian movement.
I think you will quickly see what I am saying, that we have many groups which we have common cause with, groups which can use the support of Anons, but also, might like to add their support to our actions, Ops, and protests.

The number of social progress groups, is indeed large. Our support and solidarity with the LGBT community is well known, and I believe both groups can benefit by solidarity both online AND offline. The point here is that Anons need to look at the many other groups…groups which we support, but groups which often feel isolated from us, or from other socially conscious people who do not primarily identify themselves as part of that group.

We Anons cannot just sit around and expect these other factions to magically or magnetically see  that they should support us. We can network with them online, and that can serve as a bridge to helping each other offline.

This brings me to another area that many of us “Older” Anons, believe needs work. We want, we NEED the NewBloods (in Anon terminology, “NewFags”) to begin taking more action within Anonymous. Many great Anons such as @YourAnonNews and others, have posted great tutorials and knowledge bases under the hash #OpNewBlood.

We post those to create a vast knowledge base so that novice Anons can learn more about technical issues that they might otherwise not know much about. But, for new Anons, please understand that your fellow Anons, the #OldFags, do not expect every one of you to become hackers. Many Anons don’t know anything about hacking. Anonymous is NOT just about taking websites down and leaking emails. Though these things are what gets us media attention, our movement is about much more than that.

Most novice Anons come to Anonymous already with skills, talents, things they are good at, which they can put to work to help Anonymous. Some are musicians, some are writers, some are graphic artists, some are lawyers, some are plumbers or carpenters…the point is you use what you know how to do, to help fellow Anons and to help promote the positive aspects of Anonymous. There is no “leader”, no one to crack a whip and tell you what to do, so to some extent, we depend on Anons to be “self starters”, i.e. to see what needs to be done, or to ask someone what needs to be done, and get started doing it.

This leads to an ongoing issue, and something none of us wants to talk about, but it needs to be addressed. That topic is one of infighting among Anons. We always pay lip service to being an #Anonfamily …of being Divided by Zero, United as One…and many Anons work hard to make that a reality, but we need to drop the petty infighting, the threats of d0xing each other. Believe me, if you like to d0x, we have many animal abusers who are begging to be d0xed. The point is, I personally know many great Anons who have hung up their mask, who left Anonymous because they were sick of seeing the fighting, the cliquish nature of some Anons. We need to drop the drama and actually become the #Anonfamily we talk about. Of course, in a large group of people, you WILL see fussing, fighting, rumors, gossip, but when it starts to making us lose valuable #OldFags or when #NewFags decide to drop out because another Anon trolled them for no good reason, THEN it becomes an issue. No one says you have to love every Anon…nor even to associate with every Anon. If you find, for whatever reason, you cannot stand another Anon, just block them and pretend they don’t exist.  There is absolutely no good reason to carry on feuds with fellow Anons, and to cause general disruption, with your friends squaring off with their friends and on and on. No matter how many alliances we form, no matter how well we network, if we are constantly fighting among ourselves, all that work will be for nothing.

And, #OldFags, try to be mentors to #NewFags. If they ask you a serious question, be kind and try to answer them….at one time, you didn’t know everything either. Treat the new members as you would a younger brother or sister, with respect, and as family.

Anons know that we have various groups who hate us, and would like nothing better than for us to all disappear. We stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us, and as we were handed this culture of Anons, we must also not only protect what we were given, but enhance it, expand it, and make things even better because of what we can do, than it was when we received it.

The nature of life is change. If we do not move, if we do not change with the times, we stagnate, and stagnation leads to death.

Realize that you, or your fellow best friend in Anonymous, may feel depressed, may feel suicidal, may be going through various personal problems…interpersonal problems with their significant other, problems with drugs, may have gotten sick or hurt, may have lost their job, may have family or friends with serious illness. We are not just handles on Twitter…we are real people, with real lives, and real worries. But we have one thing many others don’t have, and that is the #Anonfamily.

We are to care one for the other. We need to be there, to support, to listen if our Anonfamily needs to vent. This is part and parcel of being an Anon, in my belief. When you know that your Anon brother or sister really cares about your problems, tries to help you, this bond makes all of Anonymous even stronger, because then, we DO become Anonfamily…not just a word that no one means.

Of course, this is only mine, and perhaps a few others view of things. We are trying to start a dialogue for Anons to contribute to, and perhaps, together, we will find a consensus…a way in which we WILL become stronger, become smarter, become more courageous, and grow as people through this work.

Our desire is only to make our movement stronger, to grow it as a force for good in this world. There is no “Big I and Little You” in Anonymous. We are all equal. We look forward to hearing what other Anons think will help…the goal of course is to realize the potential of each of us as Anons, and of Anonymous as an international force for good…as a force to protect the innocent, and bring the abusers to justice.

Thanks for reading this.


Robert Mugabe: Pathetic Pimp for Psychotic Poachers

Cecil the Lion, a magnificent lion, is dead. The reason for his untimely death, beheading, and skinning, is a psychotic dentist from Minnesota, named Walter James Palmer.  But this post is not about this Piece of Shit. It is about the President of Zimbabe. Ive seen more flip flops from him than the flop flops on 6th Street of Austin in the 1960s.

Not that long ago, he was saying that he himself would have shot Cecil, and that it was no big thing.

Now, he has flip flopped and is castigating the people of Zimbabwe for not protecting Cecil. That is like blaming a rape victim for “not fighting hard enough”. Robert Mugabe, you are beneath contempt. You look the other way while MANY rich white assholes are slaughtering lions needlessly, and have the nerve to blame the people of Zimbabwe?

Historically, Africa’s treasures are Diamonds, Gold, and Wildlife. The only one I give a shit about is the wildlife.

Sometimes, we all see something or someone in the news that, we would LOVE to be able to address in real life.

Mugabe is lucky he is not within my voice range, because I would insult, curse, troll the shit out of him.

How DARE you blame the people of Zimbabwe, when, in all likelihood, YOU are making “under the table” deals with third parties representing these rich asshole doctors and others, for you and your henchmen, to “Look the Other Way” while these sociopathic, psychotic cowards, like Walter James Palmer, come into your country and rape your country through the back door.

You, Robert Mugabe, are a fucking coward, have NO allegiance to your people, to your country’s resources…just as long as YOU get your fucking bribes.

I hate you for letting these assholes slaughter beautiful animals with impunity. But, while I am passing out the blame cards, I must blame our POTUS, Obama, and HIS minions, for not aggressively going after Walter Palmer, Jan Seski, and the rest of these asshole criminals. If Anonymous and the Daily Mirror can find Walter Palmer, is the FBI now so much a bunch of inept assholes that THEY cannot find and arrest Walter Palmer, and fulfill the extradition request from Zimbabwe…scene of the crime ?

I’m not using hyperbole to insult the FBI / DOJ…I’m seriously asking a question. Are you so fucking useless you cannot find and arrest ONE DENTIST in a small state like Minnesota, especially when he is back in his home town, and his clinic has been reopened?

NSA can record every Twitter tweet in real time via BlueJay, the Mirror can find and take a picture of Walter Palmer recently, but there you are,sitting on your thumbs while an international criminal /serial animal murderer, goes free.

#CecilTheLion WILL find Justice. It may take average citizens to take up the cudgel of Justice, but it will happen.This is one asshole we will make an example of. #NoRestForWalterPalmer.

Thanks for reading this.


Why I am an Animal Rights Activist …

When I was young, we had no term for “Animal Rights Activists”..just those who loved animals. Over the years, I’ve always had both a love, and a deep respect for animals. I can remember saving bugs that flipped on their backs from a column of ants headed for them. In my mind, I could imagine being eaten alive by ants, and the horror of that made me feel like I just had to help this poor creature.

To me, animals are just as important as humans in the grand scheme of things. Of course, people will say that they are not as important as humans because we are more intelligent, or, we have “souls”. Well, I’ve seen humans who are not very intelligent, and some evil people I don’t think really had a soul (only half kidding). When you start going down the “IQ test”…that’s a slippery slope because there are profoundly mentally challenged humans…so if you put a high IQ as the sine qua non of a life worth living, many are going to fail. In fact, the notion that mentally challenged kids don’t have a right to live, was a central idea of Hitler, using the term  “Lebensunwertes Leben” (Life unworthy of Life”).

I have always been a very sympathetic person, and have always been good at “putting myself in their shoes”.  Its kind of like the old thing “There but for the Grace of G0d go I”…meaning…you were human only by the throw of the genetic dice…you could have just as easily been born a cat or horse. In fact, they say that we share about half our genes with a banana, and of course, we are very close to monkeys from a genetic perspective. Traditionally they have said that Chimps have 98% of our genes. but some are downgrading that to 95%. But, 5 % or 2 %, damn close no matter how you slice it. They also are now saying that apes are closer to speaking than we believe. And, the brain to body ratio of dolphins are close to ours…causing some to speculate that perhaps they are smarter than we give them credit.

But, to be honest, my love for animals and desire to protect them…has nothing to do with their intelligence or soul.
All I have to do is to look deeply into an animals eyes, and wild or tame, I feel a bond. We both feel pain, enjoy feeling good, eat to live, rest , even like to play.

I’m not a Pollyana type guy. I realize that animals, especially wild ones, are unpredictable. Truth is, living in the wild, an animal HAS to be able to respond properly to an instantaneous threat. For this reason, they have to be ready to kill at a moment’s notice. I accept that, and accept the dangers implicit to interacting with a wild or even “semi-wild” animal.

But, when we get to domesticated animals like cats and dogs, their innocence and total unconditional love, is something that is so wonderful, so important, that it cannot be bought or sold. They trust us, and we must never, ever betray that trust.

Humans can get short with you, impatient, petty, even disloyal, but not our fur friends.

I think to a lot of us in the animal rights movement, animals are in many ways, like babies…they cannot speak for themselves, they are trusting, depend on us for food and water (if domesticated) and the natural, human response to a baby or small child is to protect them…protect them with our lives if needs be.

I have been blessed to meet other animal rights people and a general statement is that as a group, they are some of the finest people I’ve ever met.

And, with the poaching of lions, with cops shooting innocent dogs chained in yards, and with the torture and killing of innocent, trusting animals, this feeling of love, must be accompanied by the willingness to go after any and all of the
bastards who would harm these creatures.

There are many avenues one can use to go after these animal abusers. Firstly, they thrive in secrecy. We MUST find them, name them, shame them, d0x them. We must drag their pathetic asses out from under the rock they live under, expose their crimes, and expose their personal information. But, once we d0x them, the public needs to do their job in making the person’s life miserable by use of the contact information.

But, d0xing does only so much…the second wave of attack is to go after their ability to make a living. If they are a doctor or lawyer, in an anonymous manner, and making sure to be truthful, make sure you tell their secrets, expose their skeletons and dirty laundry. If you cut off their money, they won’t have the financial resources to go on hunts in Africa.

If they are not self employed, but work for an employer, make sure you put tremendous pressure on them. If enough pressure is placed on an employer, and they know the reason is that employee, it is possible to get them fired, because most business owners won’t let their business go bankrupt to protect one asshole employee.

I am an animal rights activist simply because it flows from my heart and soul…and I don’t know how to be anything else, nor do I want to be anything else.


Thanks for reading this.