Time to go after rich poachers where they fear…mess with their money !

Rich, or well to do assholes with no sense of decency who use their money to slaughter innocent animals and take pleasure in it, deserve what they get. They can do these monstrous acts, kill these creatures because they are empowered by money from jobs. We have identified who they are, now time to make it hard to pay their rent.

We advocate making it very unpleasant to have these people employed with or associated with, their respective organizations. Put pressure on them in every way, or, somehow, interfere with their way to make money and conduct their business until they get rid of these people.

Anyone who has worked anywhere knows that if you become enough of a liability, if you being there is causing them to lose money and enough public negative attention, they may fire you. We at #OpEndPoachers advocate bringing the heat to these assholes and to ANYONE or ANY COMPANY enabling them by employing them. Time to quit wishing they lose their job and friggin DO SOMETHING NOW !

Each call, email, (insert other things) that interferes with their business and brings negative attention to them, causes them to lose patients or customers, is a WIN for us and all this is CUMULATIVE. When you take a wire and move it back and forth enough times, it will break when it reaches a critical point. Time to break some wires with thousands of emails, phone calls, faxes, and tremendous pressure on website servers. Here are the ones we are targeting today..there will be more. These actions are legal. I would also use https://www.guerrillamail.com/ for Anonymous emails.

Jan Seski, MD, works for Allegheny Health Network. His boss is John W Paul, his email is
John.W.Paul@ahn.org The website for Allegheny Health Network is http://ahn.org
The IP address is   General phone is 844.246.2778 Another gen phone 412.359.3131

Sabrina Corgatelli, an extremely horrid animal killer, works as a Senior Accountant at Idaho State University.
Her work email is corgsabr@isu.edu . Her boss is Arthur Vailas. His email is president@isu.edu His contact points are
(208) 282-3440
Fax: (208) 282-448
Website is http://isu.edu  IP address is
Corgatelli’s personal email is SabrinaCorgatelli@gmail.com
Corgatelli ALSO has a “side business” called RACKS and RIDGES
it has both a facebook and a website.
Their facebook is https://www.facebook.com/racksandridges
The business website is http://racksandridges.com Its IP address is
We believe most of their business comes from their website (if this helps you understand).

#WalterPalmer of course, is a self employed dentist whose practice is closed. It is called “River Bluff Dental”.
The administrative assistant is “Jodi” and her email was jodi@riverbluffdental.com
RiverBluffDental.com The IP address is
River Bluff Dental is at 10851 Rhode Island Ave S, Bloomington, MN 55438 (952) 884-5361

Alison (Reynolds) Pharis is the Office Manager at a practice she started with Jason Miller, DVM,
a Veterinary Practice called “Timbercrest Veterinary Service”. The website is http://www.timbercrestvet.com/
Her email is pharis@timbercrestvet.com The IP address is
Timbercrest Veterinary Service 2021 2400th St Atlanta, IL 61723 Phone number (217) 648-5800

Thanks for reading and acting.



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