Random Pyrate Thoughts for Thor’s Day

Several things have prompted me to comment, but I wanted just to deal with them all in one post. Firstly, this who nonsense about Anons being the new KKK apparently circulating among SOME folks in the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Apparently, the folks thinking this took what is known among Anons as a poor joke, a 4Chan level piece of foolishness called #OpNatSoc (National Socialism, ie NAZI) which has prompted people to create Twitter accounts with Anon names, but sporting Nazi symbols and hate filled rhetoric. If some KKK guy put on blackface and called himself Master MLK…you wouldn’t believe black folks were joining the KKK now, would you ? Similar nonsense.
The whole fight between hashtags, #BlackLivesMatter, and #AllLivesMatter (which the BLK are claiming is “racist”) is foolish. Seriously, if you are sentient enough and caring enough to know lives matter, you don’t NEED a friggin’ Twitter hashtag to tell you that. And anytime I use the post #AllLivesMatter, I am referring to animals as well…their lives matter to me just as much. Anonymous has, more than any non-black group, worked to expose police abuse and killing of black people. I say that unabashedly and proudly. The wonderful black activists who I love and call friends, who follow me and whom I follow, know EXACTLY where this Anon stands. So, let’s get on with being united in our opposition to racism and police brutality.

Now, to another important topic… the fact our brother Scott Fare (@scottie79er) is in jail in McClellan County, with a 245 thousand bond (or bail) or whatever the hell it is. For the record, I followed Scott and he followed me. I always found Scott to be a hell of a nice guy. I watched the video of him confronting a member of the Texas DPS (OFficer Katz)…I watched it over and over (and over). I honestly felt bad for the DPS officer…not a position I have ever found myself in. Scottie was basically doing all the things that can get you arrested during a traffic stop, short of striking the DPS officer or his vehicle. He was cursing him over and over, then proceeded to threaten to d0x him and his family, reveal his home address, and if that wasn’t enough, threatened to shoot him.

In all my life, I’ve never seen a DPS officer so calm, patient, almost meek. He did seem to be trying to calm Scott and told him he was free to go. Intrigued by this, I found yet another video of Scott confronting some police. Again, the policeman was acting unusually meek, quiet, non-threatening, even bowing his head like a child being scolded. There was another policeman there, and them , Scott demanded a Supervisor be summoned. The supervisor arrived, and Scott continued his berating of the police. https://youtu.be/bbI2ehjPH-g
I can’t understand what I saw in these two videos. Someone suggest the videos were a “setup”. From the DPS video, everything about the car, the trooper, was legit, perfectly in order. The video of the Texas police, also, they didn’t appear to be
actors at all. Nothing screamed “this is a fake” to me at all.

Still, I could NOT get the feeling out of my mind that SOMETHING just didn’t ring true. I’ve been stopped by DPS many times in my life, and I GUARANTEE, if I had screamed and cursed them as Scottie did, I would have been slammed up against my car by two or three of them, cuffed and vanned right then.

Another thing, when you are in a small town,showing your true face, DON’T start bragging you are an Anon, that you released everyone’s address, and start threatening they will all learn about you on the Day of Rage, 8/8/2015. And for goodness sake, you Don’t threaten to kill the officer to his face. That is beyond nuts, at least, here in Texas, that could get you killed.

So, Scottie sits in jail in Texas, a situation not much different from that of #SandraBland, a person that Scottie says he championed. We know what happened to Sandra, and certainly, Scottie was acting far more upset than she was. He was shaking in rage so much that at times, the officer was shrinking and expanding in width to the point it appeared he might phase into another dimension.

It appeared, all Scottie had to do was be friendly, respectful, do what the DPS said, and he would have been on his way. It totally appeared he was trying to force the guy to arrest him.

If Scott was really an Anon, of course I support my Brother, but given the foregoing, I fear some of his predicament, if not much of it, was his own fault, and that sincerely saddens me.

It is said Scott was a military Veteran and of course, I respect him for that. It is also said he was suffering from PTSD. If so, he probably needs treatment more than criminal conviction. I am not sure he was in his right mind and acting rationally during the episode that landed him where he is now.

That said, we still support getting Scottie out of that jail. I don’t believe Scottie was suicidal, and we need to make certain the jail makes sure nothing bad happens to Scott while in their custody.

Thanks for reading.


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