Raising Andrew Breitbart from the Grave, Putting a Clown Nose on Him

In a recent article at Breitbart.com
http://www.breitbart.com/texas/2015/08/07/anonymous-to-texas-sheriff-we-all-know-where-you-live-no-mercy-for-murderers/ which purports to talk about the upcoming Day of Rage nationwide, of course, our brothers at @Anonintelgroup are mentioned, as well as a simplistic, somewhat slanted history of Anonymous (written as a mentally challenged hater would write it). So, it was with some amusement that we see, inserted for apparently no reason, this bit of nonsense :
“The meme (defined as the culture, or system of behavior that is passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means) is the same as that, or mimics that, associated with the Occupy movement.

As reported by Breitbart News’ William Bigelow, Andrew Breitbart’s Occupy Unmasked, directed and written by Stephen K. Bannon, and produced by Citizens United, opened in September 2012. Bigelow described it as “a labor of love for Andrew, who appears throughout the film, acting as its narrarator. Taking down the Occupy movement was Andrew’s last true passion project.”

Bigelow wrote that Occupy Unmasked shows that “the top-down coordination of the Occupy Wall Street movement relied on a leftist leadership willing to mold a conglomeration of the naive and the criminal into a potent political force. Occupy Unmasked features Andrew delving into the roots of the Occupy movement, and uncovering the coordination between the Obama administration, its allies in the media, and Occupy.” He wrote that the movement “morphed from a ridiculous camp-out movement into a dangerous political force, wielded by the Obama administration and the media as the counter-Tea Party, even as it smashed windows, burned property, and assaulted police.””

I suppose, that pathetic insertion was done to make it seem like Andrew Breitbart had done something “special” in his life, which of course, history shows he didn’t.
It even shows him to be someone who was pathologically obsessed with destroying the Occupy Movement, something he, of course, in his puny efforts, could not, and did not do. To suddenly insert in an article about Anonymous, something about a project in 2012 by Stephen Bannon (and the group which has become a shibboleth among voters, Citizens United) seems idiotic at best, and a pathetic plea by his website to get attention when he deserves no more in death than he did in life.

If Breitbart.com was on paper media, it might be fit for birdcage liner, or, in a pinch, rough toilet paper, but seeing how its only 1s and 0s, it is just so much ranting and claptrap, worthless.

Thanks for reading this.


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