Robert Mugabe: Pathetic Pimp for Psychotic Poachers

Cecil the Lion, a magnificent lion, is dead. The reason for his untimely death, beheading, and skinning, is a psychotic dentist from Minnesota, named Walter James Palmer.  But this post is not about this Piece of Shit. It is about the President of Zimbabe. Ive seen more flip flops from him than the flop flops on 6th Street of Austin in the 1960s.

Not that long ago, he was saying that he himself would have shot Cecil, and that it was no big thing.

Now, he has flip flopped and is castigating the people of Zimbabwe for not protecting Cecil. That is like blaming a rape victim for “not fighting hard enough”. Robert Mugabe, you are beneath contempt. You look the other way while MANY rich white assholes are slaughtering lions needlessly, and have the nerve to blame the people of Zimbabwe?

Historically, Africa’s treasures are Diamonds, Gold, and Wildlife. The only one I give a shit about is the wildlife.

Sometimes, we all see something or someone in the news that, we would LOVE to be able to address in real life.

Mugabe is lucky he is not within my voice range, because I would insult, curse, troll the shit out of him.

How DARE you blame the people of Zimbabwe, when, in all likelihood, YOU are making “under the table” deals with third parties representing these rich asshole doctors and others, for you and your henchmen, to “Look the Other Way” while these sociopathic, psychotic cowards, like Walter James Palmer, come into your country and rape your country through the back door.

You, Robert Mugabe, are a fucking coward, have NO allegiance to your people, to your country’s resources…just as long as YOU get your fucking bribes.

I hate you for letting these assholes slaughter beautiful animals with impunity. But, while I am passing out the blame cards, I must blame our POTUS, Obama, and HIS minions, for not aggressively going after Walter Palmer, Jan Seski, and the rest of these asshole criminals. If Anonymous and the Daily Mirror can find Walter Palmer, is the FBI now so much a bunch of inept assholes that THEY cannot find and arrest Walter Palmer, and fulfill the extradition request from Zimbabwe…scene of the crime ?

I’m not using hyperbole to insult the FBI / DOJ…I’m seriously asking a question. Are you so fucking useless you cannot find and arrest ONE DENTIST in a small state like Minnesota, especially when he is back in his home town, and his clinic has been reopened?

NSA can record every Twitter tweet in real time via BlueJay, the Mirror can find and take a picture of Walter Palmer recently, but there you are,sitting on your thumbs while an international criminal /serial animal murderer, goes free.

#CecilTheLion WILL find Justice. It may take average citizens to take up the cudgel of Justice, but it will happen.This is one asshole we will make an example of. #NoRestForWalterPalmer.

Thanks for reading this.



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