Beep Beep Boop…Going all Starfish and Hydra on poachers and fun killers

Many years ago, fishermen discovered that Starfish were attacking their oysters. This made the fisherman very angry at the Starfish, and thus, every time they caught one, they would cut it up into five pieces (one for each arm or point of the star) and toss the pieces back into the ocean. What they didn’t know was that as long as the arm was attached to part of the belly or starfish center, it could and did, regenerate a whole trying to get rid of them, they actually were causing them to multiply times five, each one they cut up…

More on this at

Similarly, when some putrid animal killer whines to a paste site and has our d0x of them taken down…it just makes us create more d0x pastes…spreading them worldwide…but we create far more than only five…and we spread them worldwide. #D0xTeamSix don’t play.

So for the animal killing lamers, what you did just caused your d0x to be sent in so many sites…the file hidden on so many servers, ready to bring it public again, you will never get it deleted. That’s what you get for being whiny little assholes.

#D0xTeamSix ~ Bringing a New Era in D0xing


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