Unify or Die

We as Anons, must learn where our strength and future lie. The best way to kill Anonymous is for Anons to argue, d0x, and troll each other. This is called “doing your enemy’s work for them”. Our strength has always been in being United, being Anonymous. Every time one Anon attacks another Anon, d0xes them, etc., the Hive is made weaker. Anonymous has become perceived by many as one of the only groups which is unafraid to go after the rich, the monied elites, the assholes in power. This is an enviable position, but it is NOT one we can keep if we continue being our own worst enemy.

I’ve had people write me saying that they are afraid to become Anons, afraid that they will get caught up in the crossfire of Anon fighting, I’ve had other people tell me they wanted no part of the current incarnation of Anonymous simply because of the infighting.

Our continued power as a force for good, is dependent on us becoming united again, of mentoring the #NewBloods, to either tolerate Anons with different views from ours, or to Block them and go on with our lives, and let them go on with theirs.

I get DMs regularly from people who ask for help because they know the police won’t help them, that the police will even attack them if they ask for help, or they say that whoever they are complaining about is either a cop, ex-cop, or because of his or her money, has friends on the force.

The future of Anonymous is in the hands of today’s Anons. They can either unify, work together, and preserve this HIVE and pass it on to #NewBloods, or we can destroy it, destroy the faith the public has in us, or alienate people that are natural allies of ours. No one can police Anons but Anons. No one can fully destroy our movement like Anons themselves.

No personal vendetta is more important than the HIVE, than Anonymous, both the idea and the body of Anons worldwide.

Let’s focus on helping people and animals and NOT on attacking each other.




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