Hopefully, my last appeal for Anons to become One.

I wrote a post called “Unify or Die” hoping that some people would see that to fight among ourselves, is to spell the end of Anonymous. My DMs are still full of people telling me about Anons, or “so-called Anons” targeting each other for d0xing, spreading rumors, swatting, or who knows what.

So, this post hopefully will be hopefully be my last on this topic. I don’t want to waste any more time on this.

If you are an Anon, it means a few things. It means you care about fighting abuse of innocents, it means you care about helping the poor, helping children and animals. It means you are ready to fight the powers that be who hurt or kill innocents, or who act in such a way as to make the lives of good, honest, middle and lower income people, a living nightmare.
It also means we defend privacy, and the right of the internet to be free of government and corporate control.

But, one thing it means but perhaps doesn’t get said enough, is that you love and care about your fellow Anons, that you stand with them, that an attack on one Anon, is an attack on the Legion…it means Unity and Solidarity.

But, we have fallen far from that. Although we have any great Anons who follow the creed, who observe the goals, who respect and love their brothers and sisters, increasingly, there are these little dramas, little intrigues, etc. that is a CANCER within Anonymous. I assert we cannot be destroyed from the outside, but we can be hurt from the inside.

Too many people carrying the name “Anon” are fighting with others also claiming to be “Anon”….calling them Feds, traitors, etc…trying to d0x them, spread rumors about them, etc. Do you think this atmosphere will make #NewBloods to join us? I’ve personally been told by potential #NewBloods that they love Anonymous and want to be an Anon, but the fighting they see makes them afraid to be in our Hive. Ive also been contacted by Older Anons who are leaving, hanging up the Mask, nauseating at this ongoing fighting.

If you think someone really is a “Fed”, relay your fears to those of us not trapped in your drama with this person, and let us make a decision. If you are trapped in this drama, you cannot look at the facts objectively because your beliefs about them filter what you see about them.

Sure, Anons are humans and it is natural for people not to like other people. If you get into that situation with another Anon, block them and don’t talk about them. You cannot clear muddy water by constantly stirring it with a stick.

I can promise you that hard working Anons have a lot on their plate, and don’t have time for the “He said She said” battles that in the end, perpetuate themselves and through rumors, even draw other Anons in, and sully their names., when they don’t have a damn thing to do with it.

I know that as an  human, as an Anon, it is natural to want to defend yourself and to damage your enemy, and we all have enemies, many we create by labeling ourselves as an Anon.

So, through all this rambling, I am giving my last plea for Anons to stop this before you destroy a movement that people have gone to prison to protect. You are not hurting your enemies when you engage in all this….you ultimately hurt yourself and other Anons. When people look at you, do they see a standup guy or gal..or do they say “Oh, AnonXYZ123 is always mired in some drama..don’t pay attention to anything they say”.

It hurts your street cred online to be seen as someone who is always involved in one feud after Another. The more this behavior happens, the more Anons and more potential Anons we lose…and ultimately, we will be a paragraph in some history book about the Internet.

We do too much good, offer too much hope, to become a bunch of nattering screen names who keep the shit stirred against each other.

This crap has to stop. If you  cannot stand someone…block them and hope they block you, and get involved in doing positive things that we Anons do better than anyone else.

Namaste / Peace

Thanks for reading this.



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