The Most Precious of Treasures, Life

Most of you are younger than me….being 62, and living enough, you get to have perspective on this thing called “Life”.

I can remember as a young boy, I got a new BB gun and I just liked to target shoot with it. One day, I was under a huge oak, with billowing leaves, and for just one stupid moment, I decided to just shoot into it. A bird fell out of it…hit by BB. I was a young kid, alone, and I began freaking out…trying to save its life…but without a clue how to do it, alone in the woods.

When it died, an indescribable sadness fell on me. I had taken a life that a second before could ride the wind, sing it song, enjoy the sun, and now, through a senseless act, I had ended its life. I never forgot it, nor did I ever forgive myself.

It set up in me a love for the lives of others, though I never really cared about my own. I’ve never been able to explain that to other people, but its how I feel.

Not to get into a long discussion…but in my early twenties, I went through what can only be called a “Near Death Experience”…back then, in the 70s…no one was publicly talking about such things…especially not where I lived. So, I had this experience that was the most real,  most beautiful experience in life, but, I feared people would just think I was hallucinating or going crazy. At this point, I’ve probably told maybe 8 people about this experience in detail…maybe not that many, maybe 6…the point is, I don’t just blather about it to everyone. Many of the elements that people who “Came Back from the Dead” reported decades later, were exactly what I felt…and the truth is, once you are there, you don’t want to come back to this life…you don’t really care about the body lying there…its a strange dissociation that often, people don’t even recognize that that body is theirs.

As years went on, I found that that one experience, had changed me…I loved people and animals more…wanted to help them all I could. Now, did it make me “perfect”…old Hell no. It did however realign my priorities…and I learned that love, that caring for others, was more precious than gold.  That doesn’t fill your coffers with gold, but it is a valuable way to life your life.

So, more than computers, cars, clothes, phones, I care about those I love…they are on top of my pyramid of priorities.

Its not unique to me…others who have gone through similar situations came through with the same list of priorities, and, with the sense of not fearing their own death.

What we, who have peeked at the other side have learned, you are given a task here on Earth. You can love. help, protect. hate. fight, and destroy. The choice is yours.


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