In Search of a Miracle…

For someone who writes a lot, this time, I find it hard to know how to start this. I’ve always felt that people’s beliefs about whether there is a spiritual aspect to life or not is their business, and I have no business trying to impose my beliefs on them. I respect and love my atheist and agnostic friends, so this writing is for those who have a belief that they can somehow change the physical world through their thoughts, prayers, energies, etc.

My Mom is now faced with life or death in a few days. The hospital has, as many of you know, had this showdown with me and the “Ethics Committee” has made it clear that they will no longer keep her on the ventilator beyond perhaps one week more.

My mother does not have a “terminal illness”, unless you consider Alzheimer’s “terminal”.
She came into the hospital with pneumonia that was not responding to the few antibiotics they had at the nursing home. Through a series of either intentional or unintentional, but with callous disregard for her safety, AND lying to us about what was being done for her,
this initial problem of pneumonia was mishandled (even the whole ethics committee could not explain why the ER doctor took her off ALL her meds, some she had been on for years and discontinued ANY respiratory treatment for someone with pneumonia) to the point where she has been on the ventilator for over two months.

Now, let me explain what is going to happen. In about a week, with me, my wife, and perhaps another of my loved ones or friends there (my son has said he will drive for several hours to be there), they will take her off the ventilator. At that point, I will either see my Mother die before my eyes, or, by some miracle, she will begin breathing on her own.

Most of you that know me at all, know how important my Mother is to me, and that if I have ANY good attributes, i.e. fighting for kids, animals, innocents in general, these attributes are from my Mother’s influence. Even my taste in music, which many seem to appreciate, is due to my Mom’s influence. She has been my only friend through much of my life, and I feel so helpless now to help her.

So, my request is simple. Whether you pray, meditate, send healing thoughts, or whatever positive unseen force, I humbly ask that from this date through a week from now (I will give a better exact date and time when I have it), if you see fit, that you pray, meditate, send healing energy, to my Mom. If she is able to breathe on her own, they will be FORCED to take care of her and get her strong enough to return to the nursing home.

So, this is quite literally a life or death situation.

Whether you are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu,Wiccan, or whatever, or just have a belief in quantum energy that can effect changes beyond explanation, I just humbly ask you do this…if not for my Mom, me, and if not for me, as an experiment to see if we really can generate a therapeutic outcome.

I genuinely, with all my heart, appreciate every one of you who will do this….whether you know me, or just happen to hear of this from a friend.

I personally believe in miracles…and at this point, we really need this.

So, I close with this request… Please do this.

Blessings and Much Love to You.

Your friend…a loudmouthed Viking Pyrate Anon…on behalf of his Mom.

Namaste, Peace.



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