The Eyes ….Windows to the Soul

My wife and I went to see Mom last night. Throughout my life, one of my bonds my Mom and I have had were her blue eyes…and last night, I looked as deeply into hers as I could. She IS in there…after 62 years, no human on this earth knows my Mom like I do, and though she had a mouth full of tubes…I could see her in there…through those blue eyes,unweathered by 89 years. My wife saw her in there two. She is just trapped in this body that has been assaulted by inappropriate and yes, almost deadly actions and inactions, all the fault of the hospital. I kept saying to my wife, “All she has to do is breathe on her own and it will save her life…”

I talked to Mom for a long time, stressing that between now a and next Wednesday, she must muster enough spiritual will, enough strength…to do something that she allowed me to do 62 years ago, breathe on her own.

We brought my phone and had my cousin talk to her, and though Mom was tired, bound up by all the tubes and wires, I could see she was appreciating hearing my cousin.

So, when it comes down to things, our eyes are truly the windows to what is really the “us” inside these fleshy cocoons.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for caring.


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