Let’s call it what it is, murder without malice…I accuse the Doctors


Please understand one thing…it is non-negotiable, there is no argument, there are no grey lines…no nuanced positions. Modern allopathic medicine is about money…its a cost / benefit ratio. The truth is that the majority of medical dolllars are spent on the last few months of life whether the patient is old are young. Our “heroic” (what a bizarre misuse of that word this is) healthcare system throws machines, ICU staff, and all kinds of bullshit at people….NOT because they are good, kind, caring humans, but because they can “justify” it with best medical practices….of course, based on BigPharma and by an allopathic system which bows and scrapes before the almighty dollar.

The original Western doctor, Hippocrates of Cos, said “Primum Non Nocere”, FIRST DO NO HARM. In other words, if the treatment you propose might make them worse, don’t fucking do it. But, the Allopaths did NOT descend from the School at Cos, but from the Cnidian school, which in many was was diametrically opposed to the beliefs of Hippocrates. He believed folks got sick because their inner milieu, what we would call their immune system, had failed to fight off the illness,  but the Cnidians, who were the competing school, thought illness came from the outside in….and that the patient had no part..that the “doctor” was the only one who could heal.\

Many medical schools no longer make their graduates take the Hippocratic Oath…even though it has been changed through the years.

Nowadays, it is hard to find an American in hospitals…I go there daily…see people from Middle East med schools, India, China, ….the people who worry about white folks becoming a minority should travel with me to the hospital.

My whole life has been about fighting the “administration”…powers that be…and in the early 80s…I turned my efforts to the tiny think called arpanet…then internet.
I found racists, animal abusers, pedos, posting images back then…although then, I was on a buttdragging dialup.

Whatever happens, I’ve already lived a life that matters…not because of what I made or did or wrote, but because in the real world, I helped real people, real animals…people and animals who had nothing to give me but their thanks, by word or by a look that conveyed I helped them.

Someday, we will, unless taken out by cops or car wrecks, run afoul of the medical system..a system in which medical errors are the third highest reason for deaths….and I have reason to believe THOSE stats are low, coverups by doctors and nurses are far greater than you know.

Its important to strip off the vestment of the stethoscope, the white robe of the medical papacy, and show them for who and what they are. Its important to fight against them making decisions daily, about who lives and dies.

My definition of murder is when someone, through malice of forethought, who is not mentally ill, makes a plan in advance to do something that will end someone else’s life.

This intentional planning is clearly what is planned for my Mother. Well , it is murder in my mind…and murdering the person I care for most, in front of me….earns that person or persons a front row seat to being a life long target for me….I truly never forgive nor forget…Im the poster child for that Anon credo. I will make sure that the rest of their lives are forever changed by having me as a person who hates them and blames them for his Mother’s death. This is not a play, a movie, this is as real as it gets….they can all be guarded 24/7….I live on the internet….they can’t guard themsleves from me, because these pricks, being rich assholes, are enamored with “smart watches”, “smart homes”, “smart cars”…that connection to the internet is a pipeline….both good, and bad shit can flow through that pipeline.

And, while contemplated what is coming Wednesday, I hope people understand my rage…but if they don’t…then…
Oh Well => 


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