Presently suspending my d0xing of many ppl to concentrate on one

I have been doing 2 to 3 doxes a day, most against animal abusers, and even more if you count the help from my Brothers at @D0xTeamSix and #TheWyldeBunch.

This is a temporary hiatus. Right now, I will be dedicating 100 percent of my available time to d0xing ONE Person. If some of my d0xing Brothers wish to help me, I would be so grateful, but if none do, I will go it alone.

I want to make this person’s life a “Living Hell” (cue music)

I will NOT stop until I give them the #HalTurner treatment, as my fellow #OldFags” remember…Hal is still in prison.

I may not tweet as much as I did….but I promised my Mother today, she will be avenged, and since this old Pyrate doesn’t give a shit about his life….I am emboldened to move forward without fear.

If we are not already mates. and have that high level of trust, although I appreciate volunteers, I have to have people I already know well.

So….that’s me….making one son of a bitch’s life a living hell, is my dream…,my goal,
my “mission statement”.

I love you all….and your Anon Viking Brother acquitted himself with courage and honor, in a room full of white coated ghouls.

I LOVE YOU…whether I die today, get vanned, whatever, without bullshit,
this Anon loved You.



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