A young, beautiful woman died, and now the hospital wants to cover it up

One of my closet friends and follows, had a 29 year old daughter. She apparently was a beautiful girl, full of life. But, not to discuss the specifics, she started having health problems…such as blood work in which all or most values were either above or below normal values. Like many people, whether they are trained in health care or not, you pretty much become dependent on the hospital personnel once they admit you…i.e. have you in their clutches. I can tell you that our friend, the Mother, is a wonderful, caring, intelligent person and from speaking with her, it sounds like the doctors gave her the old “pat on the head” and the saying of “Don’t you worry your pretty little head about it”.

When your loved ones get hospitalized, it is almost like them being kidnapped, and you having the ability to occasionally see them for short periods.

I have been able to struggle through this ordeal, long distance, with my Sister Karen. I can only guess at the horror, the fear,that she has experienced. To be given the “okey doke” and told they have no idea what is wrong with your only child, is not only maddening, but it is wrong…it is morally and medically bankrupt, and if the doctors involved don’t like my assessment, to them I say “Fuck you”…Come at me Idiots.

I never knew Chrissy personally, but through Karen, she seemed like a wonderful, caring young adult. She deserved a long life. But, when they KEPT allowing her blood ammonia levels to skyrocket, even a first year med student should figure that if the liver does not do its job of turning it into urea…then one definitely has a liver problem.

Too many old folks and young folks are being allowed to die either though neglect, or cut rate doctors just not giving a shit.

We rage because a cop murders a young child, and we rightfully should, but doctors are murdering (yes, my word) all groups of people every damn day !
And, if you notice, these doctors and hospitals don’t WANT autopsies…because, it might reveal the cause of death….might reveal their medical malpractice.

In Karen’s case, as I understand, they are admitting the cause of death is unknown, mysterious…and that’s a good reason to have a autopsy.
Chrissy was a beautiful girl and she deserved a long life, deserved happiness.


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