Can we even cause change any more ? Are we living now in “Learned helplessness”

Not long ago, I was honored to do an interview with @TimBestbudz , and the topic was the Revitalization of Anonymous. Since then, I’ve thought more about the topic and I think there is a fundamental question that not only we Anons much ask, but ALL activists must ask. The question is “Can we even cause change any more?” Some time in the past, they did an experiment with animals involving exposing them to painful stimuli so that, no matter what they did, they received the pain. What was learned from the experiment was that ” Eventually, the animal stops trying to avoid the stimulus and behaves as if it is helpless to change the situation. When opportunities to escape become available, learned helplessness means the animal does not take any action.” The phenomenon they discovered, was called “learned helplessness”
I think there are many people who desperately want change, and who are not apathetic, but who don’t believe we CAN change anything anymore. And, I’m not even talking about the broad, sweeping changes such as true healthcare reform (not just in healthcare insurance reform), elimination of police brutality, making medical marijuana legal at the federal level, and much more, I’m even talking about small things like bringing poachers like Walter Palmer to justice, getting him extradited to Zimbabwe.
If a country cannot or will not bring justice in small matters, it will not bring justice in large matters.
I was listening to George Carlin’s rant about the “Owners of this Country” =>

and, the more I watch that clip, the more I am convinced that George cut right to the core of our problem here in the USA, and I assert, worldwide. We poor slobs, want a better life for ourselves, and for our children. But, we feel like we are beating our heads against a brick wall. To have hope…to keep going…you MUST see some positive feedback for your efforts. Even changing one little thing makes you feel that perhaps, you still have the ability to change things.
If we as a people cannot even bring animal killers like Walter Palmer DDS, Jan Seski MD, Gary Goodfried MD, to justice, to make them pay for what they did in other countries, what hope do we have to effect change at the macro level of these huge problems of poverty, the police state, etc. ?

And, the notion that we can bring change by electing rich relatives of past presidents, no matter if they are Republicans or Democrats, goes against an old saying which says “If you keep doing what you been doing, you gonna keep getting what you been getting”.

When I was a young adult, in the 1960s, people got on the streets, took over university buildings. They didn’t know if they could change things, but by gosh, they were going to try. When Tim and I were trying to figure out why we Anons had a poor showing in Los Angeles on the most recent “Day of Rage”, I think the best answer may be that we, as a country, are now in the “learned helplessness” state such that, even if we COULD find a way to make things change, perhaps the people have just given up trying.

I just lost my Mom. She meant the world to me. She was my best friend, loved me unconditionally, in short, she was my world…and I fought so hard to save her. I fought even huge conglomerate hospitals, fought doctors who were intent on killing her, fought a system that said “Well, she is 89, and it’s her time to go”…
But, sometimes, you can see that no matter how hard you fight, things are heading in a certain direction no matter what you do.

I’m an old dude…and with this recent loss, my heart is broken. I have, for
years, fought alongside others, to try to bring change, to eliminate the evil, the greedy, the child abusers, the animal abusers.

The leaders of these Big Banks, Big Pharma, Police Unions, Hospitals, deserve to be in jail, with long jail sentences ahead of them, but who gets put in jail… Barrett Brown for sharing a hyperlink? They wanted to keep him locked down for over a century for that. Jeremy Hammond and Matt DeHart, also locked up.

George Carlin basically said that the uber rich, OWN this country, and that is the reason things aren’t going to change, because the uber rich don’t WANT it to change. They want to keep the majority of the population poor, tired, and want us to be apathetic. They don’t want us to challenge things. They DO want us to elect the same rich bastards who have ruled this country since it was founded.

And, as much as I want George to be wrong, he’s NOT wrong…he’s right. It goes against my sense of fairness, against my sense that a large bunch of good , courageous poor people CAN beat a small group of rich corrupt bastards.

And, I think, much as I wish it were not so, that Howard Beale, the fictional newscaster from the movie NETWORK…still has many of the public figured out
as he describes the situation in this scene …


As a side note, while I was watching the above clip, I noticed something I thought was interesting… no conspiracy, just interesting… 

So the question for the country, is, can we really bring positive changes any more, or is the system so broken, is the deck so stacked, are the dice so loaded, that we may as well just give up ?

Is Leonard Cohen a prophet in this song ?

Everybody knows.” Everybody Knows
Song by Leonard Cohen
Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That’s how it goes
Everybody knows
Everybody knows that the boat is leaking
Everybody knows that the captain lied
Everybody got this broken feeling
Like their father or their dog just died
Everybody talking to their pockets
Everybody wants a box of chocolates
And a long-stem rose
Everybody knows

Thanks for reading this.


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