Learned Helplessness…or, Can we even cause change any more ?

Not long ago, I was honored to do an interview with @TimBestbudz , and the topic was the Revitalization of Anonymous. Since then, I’ve thought more about the topic and I think there is a fundamental question that not only we Anons much ask, but ALL activists must ask. The question is “Can we even cause change any more?” Some time in the past, they did an experiment with animals involving exposing them to painful stimuli so that, no matter what they did, they received the pain. What was learned from the experiment was that ” Eventually, the animal stops trying to avoid the stimulus and behaves as if it is helpless to change the situation. When opportunities to escape become available, learned helplessness means the animal does not take any action.” The phenomenon they discovered, was called “learned helplessness”. In other words, after you have been hurt by a system that seems intent on hurting you no matter what you do, after a while, even when you do have the ability to change, you just give up and act helpless, as if you have no ability to escape the heel of the government boot on your neck.
I believe there ARE many people in this country and others who want to change things for the better, and they are not really apathetic, but they don’t believe we citizens can actually change things.
And, right now, I’m not even talking about the broad sweeping changes needed in areas such as police brutality, the need for true healthcare reform, medical marijuana legislation, strong laws to protect animals…I’m talking about the ability to make even small, incremental changes.
Hell, I’m even talking about bringing poachers such as Walter Palmer, Jan Seski, et al, to justice, even extraditing Palmer seems beyond our ability.

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