The Tormenting of Elephants at a Temple

I have been informed about some poor elephants who are essentially being abused and tortured at this temple

Following is the Temple Managers contact # Marari Kulam

Shiva Temple Manager’s Mobile : +918447803563

Land line : +91478 2862634

Please write an email to the contact persons in the petition: this will be of great help to put more pressure on this case!

Range Forest Officer, Alappuzha SF Range Hon, Minister for Forests, Environment, Motor Vehicles, Road and Water Transport, Sports & Cinema 9447018116

The above is where the beaten and chained elephant is. Can anyone can help put pressure on these Temples and show these abusers this is not going to be tolerated.

Kerala temples are hell on earth for all elephants. So many deaths from abuses.

Thanks to my good friend @ilona_57 for making me aware of these abuses.


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