Sadistic killer of domestic Cats “Veterinarian” Kristen Lindsey’s case will go before a SOAH Hearing

More info on what the SOAH Hearings in Texas are like :
Here’s the SOAH Handbook from 2014

Now, Administrative Hearings are decided by humans…Administrative Law Judges. The system is
supposed to be an independent one, with each case decided on the merits. That said,
Texas is a very political state. It’s a state of “Good Old Boys” and judges are often influenced in subtle
or even direct ways, by the political climate and by other politicians. Texans who love animals must make
it clear in Texas, we do NOT believe Kristen Erin Lindsey should ever be near animals in a professional
capacity again. We as Texans can make our voices resoundingly clear to politicians that she needs
to lose her license, “with prejudice”.

Until then, if she tries to get hired at another Vet office, we stand ready to fully target that office.



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