Better to not promise than to promise and not fulfill it

My wife just called and told me the oldest of the kids we took to the Fair, wanted all our names because he was going to write a special thank you note to us. He said, this was the first time anyone had promised something to do for him, and went through with it, and it meant so much to him. He’s an 11 year old black child living in the inner city. He is overweight, and has some sort of hip problems (both sides) which causes his walk to be very awkward, and I think it probably hurts him to walk much. I noticed the more we walked, the more pronounced his limping was, but, he was so excited he was walking through the pain. He said when he heard we were taking him to the Fair, he didn’t get his hopes up because people who promised to do something good for him, had NEVER fulfilled their promises. So, he was shocked when we took him and the other kids there to the fair, just as he had been promised. I think it gave him a new hope that perhaps there ARE people who keep their promises, and for an 11 year old child, living in poverty, having hope that things will get better, is very important.

Thanks for reading this.


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