Showing someone cares can create a lifelong memory

Yesterday, a friend of my wife and I had to go to a consultation with a doctor on possible surgery in Dallas. She is a very good person, and does a lot of work in the inner city to try to help those less fortunate.
After the consultation, she told us that she had gotten donations from some well to do folks in the Metroplex, and was going to take some underprivileged kids to the State Fair, and asked if my wife and I would help her take the kids and be adult chaperones to watch the kids.

We agreed, and we had two cars full of kids that we took to the State Fair. I had never been to the State Fair, and I really don’t usually like carnivals or Fairs, but, it was a chance to do something good in the real world. Our friend got the OK from the parents or legal guardians of the kids, and everything was set to go.

The kids were from 6 to 10 or 11 in age, and included both black kids and Hispanic kids. The kids were bubbling with excitement to get to go to the fair. They got the chance to ride some rides, to walk around and just enjoy the event.

When we were getting ready to leave, an ambulance and two motorcycle cops came into the Fair…and at the time, we didn’t know what was going on, but later, found out that one of the rides had broken. A wheel came off run of the rides “The Crazy Mouse” and injured one of the workers,

After we left the Fair, and took the children back home, we were talking about how things went. I was telling my wife and our friend how I was realizing just how fortunate I was to have had the wonderful parents I had. I was also reflecting on how much fun the kids had, how awestruck they were by all the sights and sounds, and what a good time they had.

I told my wife and our Friend that, although the kids had a great time at the Fair, as a child does when they can go to these entertainment events, there were memories created that day, and it was something the kids would remember their whole lives. But the memory I think that will be more important than just the fun they had, was that here were people who were there, showing they cared about the kids, and, this was the most important things for these kids. Many were from broken homes, many had no father figure in the home. While we were driving them back home, the radio was on and the kids were singing along…evidently these were the popular songs because the kids knew all the words (I’d never heard the tunes before).

I asked one of the kids who sang the song and they told me (but I forgot). But I told them they sang great, and they should keep singing, perhaps become a singer one day. I could tell just that little bit of encouragement, that little bit of someone telling them they did something well, meant the world to them.

So, I hope that these children enjoyed the Fair, but even more, that they realized that there are people in this world who care, and that , they do have a future, and that perhaps they can someday, realize their dreams.

Thanks for reading this.


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