Systematic murder of patients is happening in USA Hospitals

Tonight, I sealed the lid on the urn that contains the ashes of my Mother and my Step Father. Before closing the lid, I looked at the plastic bag, full of ashes, which had a small, shiny, cheap metal tag with a four letter code on it that apparently is used to match to the person they cremate. I created a small certificate for Mom that I put in the urn before I sealed it…honoring the kind of person she was. She died September 24th, 2015, the cause of death was listed as “Sepsis”. With all my heart, I believe my Mother COULD have been saved…and in the around 60,000 or more, pages of clinical records we have from just the first hospital, a reading of only the first 200 showed a pattern and practice of lying, covering up, etc. I have had big attorneys, nurses, doctors, and others take a look, and they all say that at the minimum there was serious neglect, but going further, the records suggest they were trying to kill my Mother. She went in with JUST a case of pneumonia…no skin problems, the day before feeding herself, able to carry on conversations, recognizing friends and loved ones, able to walk with a two man assist, no heart problems at all. In just four months, she was turned into a bag of ashes. As an only child, my Mother had done everything she could for me my whole life. She had always put me first. But, perhaps the most important thing to me, she was my one friend who never, ever, under any circumstances, ran away, or abandoned me. She stood by my side, and did everything she could to make my life as good as possible, most often, by sacrificing things she should have done for herself.


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