Think before you say a hurtful word to your loved ones …

As I was working on making Mom’s urn look as pretty as I could, suddenly, like a torrent, like a dam breaking, every mean, every disrespectful, every hurtful word I ever said to my Mother began flooding into my mind, things I had forgotten about for years…small things, misunderstandings…and even though they were not that bad, or were long, long ago…perhaps 50 years ago…for whatever reason, I was hit by a deluge of them…and suddenly, felt the pain she felt when I said them…I honestly don’t know how to explain it…but it had such a powerful effect on me, it prompted me to write this. I truly, without reservation, always loved my Mother more than anything in this world, and the fact that somehow, my brain or spirit, or whatever, had kept track of them all, even the smallest things, for decades, just to be released to me as I was finishing work on her urn, in one torrent, of one thing after another, shocked me…and I would give anything if I could just go back and take those back…but, every act, every word, every inaction…apparently creates ripples in your life, and in those around you. And, the hell I’ve gone through for the past hour, having them all come back to me as if they just happened, hurts…and I just want to say this…you can’t have a do over…what’s said, for good or for bad, exists…if not in your immediate mind, it has its own life somewhere…if only in your hidden memories.

So, if there is a message in all this, please think before you say something in anger…especially if it is to someone you love more than life itself.

Blessings. Peace.


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