My suggestion of how to deal with Animal Abusers

Firsly, given the worldwide distribution of animal abusers, and given that in some cultures, abuse is even tolerated or in some cases, celebrated, means that my suggestions may not apply equally to all cases. That said, I believe if we fail to plan, then we plan to fail.

First off…identification of them is essential. As someone who has d0xed more than my share of animal abusers, (most don’t have my name on them, but instead, another group or d0xing crew), Ive learned a few things. One is that we CANNOT “phail d0x”…this puts innocents in hards way AND makes us look incompetent. For this reason, I, and the groups I have worked with, insist on independently doxing the person and only those facts which match get included. We need MORE ANons activel
d0xing animal abusers…for several reasons. Often, it is easier if you live in Norway, to d0x a Norwegian, than it is for an American to do so.

We need more groups d0xing. I’ve worked on several doxes alone, and it is a lonely experience. The camaraderie helps the person keep their spirits off.

These d0xes need to be as complete as possible. They should include not only the usual, phone, home address, job….but even side businesses , relatives, cars they own, voting records, etc.. We also need to find out of they have a criminal record, or have been in lawsuits

Once we have them identified, pictures of them, we need to create a database in which we list each and every one…their last known address, profession, place of business, bosses name, etc.

The secret of d0xing is pulling at threads and associating things. When I found Kristen Lindsey’s personal email and phone, it was in a PDF file, in ONE document on the net. I was led to this because of a blog found by Priest, who had also d0xed this woman. The name of the blog, led me to once place, then another, finally to a professional newsletter listing her name , phone,and address. One document in ALL the net, I found what other folks couldn’t find.

Once a good dox is done, we have their email, job , address, various social media accounts, past quotes, voting records, jail records, in short, once we have it all (acquired ONLY through legal means) we have avenues of attack. Most people , as Bob Dylan said, have to “serve somedbody”.This might mean a store manager, head of a legal firm, hospital, etc. We found for example that lion murderer, Sabrina Cogratelli works at a University, but has websites trying to get money that way too.

Many of these bastards like Jan Seski,MD,  Walter Palter,DDS, Gary Goodfried MD, are self employed in the health care industry…this means, complaints can be filed with state boards which oversee their profession., it means patients can be informed about who is putting their bloody hands on you, etc.

Emails to local papers, blogs, and other things are legal. I am not advocating any illegal methods, but pracks like having 1000 pizzas delivered to their house, pallets of building material, signing them up on various Craigs list, have been done with success. If they are rich and have a “smart home”…haxors can use their own home to provide very irritating things to happen…like dropping the temp, etc.

Complaints to their employer, to the state agencies overseeing them, and other tactics, can make their life miserable.

Many of these assholes CAN indulge in trophy killing because they make a lot of money. You mess with their income, you mess with that activity.

Anonymous, one time only email services that are not traceable, can also be a good way to express your disgust at what they are doing.

Writing Congress people. is usual thought of as useless, but, if they get enough complaints about an animal abuser, they soon realize this issue alone could get them defeated in next election.

The thing is this…push for animal abuse to be globally classed as a top level felony.

Make these people’s lives unbearable, hell on Earth. Someone once had reservations about putting so much stress on them they kill themselves.
I have NO problems with that outcome. One less monster.

The point is, you can’t just d0x them and think everything has been done.
Doxing is the beginning, NOT the end.

Thanks for reading this.



The Ghost of Christmas Past

merry-christmasAs a kid…Christmas was a big deal. I remember flocking the tree with fake snow, wrapping the tree with tinsel, and though we were poor, trying to have the best Christmas possible. I saved what little money I got through the year, and took great pleasure in wrapping presents for my Mom, Dad, and Grandma. Grandma died of cancer.

Years later, Dad died of cancer…but Mom kept going. I always viewed Mom as a super person….she was self taught, but no one who met her would guess she had less than a PhD. I remember one Christmas, bugging my Mom to death…I wanted a certain present and was afraid I wouldnt get it. My parents never told me there was a Santa Claus…just that they were my Santa Claus. She finally gave in, pulled the car over, opened the trunk and said “Ok, there’s your present, open it”. I tore the paper off, and indeed, it was the present I wanted…but it ruined my Christmas that year…all the anticipation was gone, I had, through impatience, killed my own Christmas. I never did THAT again, ever.


I remember when Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimers…she seemed fairly fine to me, and I had no inkling of what would be her fate.

I remember the last Christmas. I took care of her long as I could until physically and emotionally, I couldn’t do it anymore. People who knew the situation said they never saw anyone who worked as hard taking care of a parent as me., they kept telling me I needed to have her in nursing home, but I waited as long as I could…all humans are fragile creations, and at some point, I decided she was not getting the best care from me, and that it was time to put her in a nursing home.

It was a good one…good caring staff and Administrators, who took very good care of Mom. The last Christmas I had with Mom, my wife and I had bought her pretty things like pajamas, blankets, everything we could think of. I wrapped them up with ribbons,bows,paper, and a healthy dose of love with each wrapping.merry-christmas1

We took her to an office, and I had a big sack of presents. She didn’t know it was Christmas. I would hand her a present, and even though they were wrapped for easy open, she said she couldnt open them and handed it to me or my wife to open. Her eyes lit up, and she smiled, and thanked us as each present was opened. It was a far cry from our previous Christmases at her home, with a large tree, and Christmas lights twinkling inside and outside, and the floor covered in presents.merry-christmas-greeting-d00025

The event was bittersweet. I was glad that she was there to give the presents to, but sad to see how the disease of Alzheimer’s had ravaged her body and mind.

I didn’t know, didn’t dream this would be our last Christmas. I videoed it, and I CAN watch the videos, but, I don’t know if I can watch them without crying.


That’s why you see me stressing to treat every holiday, every day with loved ones, humans AND your pets, as if that day was the last you would have them with you.

For my wife, my son and his family, and my cousin (the one left after my other cousin was murdered a while back) I want to have the “Christmas Spirit”…but my wife has known me for decades now, and she knows how I feel.

So, if your pets / furbabies, your family is alive, and you are on good terms, and they and you, have good health, then your holiday is almost made right there. The lights, tree, music, presents…they are the trappings of Christmas. The real spirit of Christmas is found in the smile, the eyes, the hearts of those you love, and who love you…and in that regard, you can have Christmas 365 days a year.a8261b2163371aa1e51709dde5262647

Be grateful…there is nothing wrong with buying presents, getting presents…but without your loved is a hollow holiday, with sparkles, bright lights, people rushing around, but at its heart, it
can be a sad time, a time for remembering the past, when it meant something.Beautiful Merry Christmas Theme

So, from my, my wife, my cats,whether you celebrate Christmas or not, may the balance of this month be healthy, happy, prosperous, and joyous.


Namaste and much Luv

Thanks for reading this.
`Anon99,  my Wife, and our furbabies ❤



Its almost Thanksgiving….Which side of the table is Turkey on ?

There seems to be controversy about whether Turkey is an ally of ISIS (or IS or ISIL or WTF ever they call themselves) or not.  I did a brief review of articles from several sources….and found a few articles giving opinions on the issue. I am not an expert on the issue, but I have included articles from different publications, from 2014 and 2015.

I tried not to cherry pick headlines which just represent the theme that
Turkey is actually an ally of ISIS, or at the very least, that Turkey is not a friend of the Kurds, a group who ARE actively warring against ISIS within Syria.

All of this said…I am no expert, and leave the reader to decide what the truth is based on taking all articles in balance.

Turkey’s Political Influence Felt as Washington Turns Its Back on Kurds Fighting ISIS
Putin is Accusing Turkey of Being an ISIS Ally—and He’s At Least Partly Right
Is NATO Ally Turkey Tacitly Fueling the ISIS War Machine?

Senior Western official: Links between Turkey and ISIS are now ‘undeniable’
Why Enlisting Turkey to Fight the Islamic State Was a Bad Idea
Why Turkey Finally Made A Move Against ISIS

 Friends and foes in ISIS fight even more muddled
Report: Turkey, The New Anti-ISIS Ally, Betrayed US-Backed Syrian Rebels

Turkish involvement in the Syrian Civil War

‘Why down Russian jet? Because fighting ISIS is not really on Turkey’s agenda’

Turkish Downing of Russian Jet Complicates ISIS Fight

‘ISIS Sees Turkey as Its Ally’: Former Islamic State Member Reveals Turkish Army Cooperation
ISIS “Ally” Turkey Seeks NATO Support As Two-Front “War” Escalates

The Heartbreak of Alzheimers

Among all the major diseases that kill people, Alzheimers alone has no treatment that slows its progress, there is no cure, and in recent studies, of the top ten diseases that kill people, ONLY Alzheimers was increasing
in the number of cases diagnosed.

It is often said, and with great accuracy, one dies WITH Alzheimers or FROM it. There are no known cases of spontaneous remission that I could find, in the face of the fact that there are documented spontaneous remissions of cancer.

I can recall that as a young man, I knew what Alzheimer’s disease WAS, but didn’t think much about it, believing it was just a nuisance that happened somewhere near the end of a person’s life, that even though it might cause some confusion in the person afflicted, it was not that big a deal.

When my Mother developed the disease, I soon learned how ignorant, how naive I was. I remember when she was first diagnosed, and an MRI of her brain showed some shrinkage. I was still in some denial that it would get bad with Mom. After all, she was perhaps the most intelligent woman I knew. She was self taught, and read the writings of Saint Augustus, and other classical writers, and was a great writer in her own right.

Mom was the rock in my life, the only nexus I had to my family history, and, though I loved my Mom and respected her with all that I am, I took her for granted. She was a kind of “take charge” person who could always fix any kind of problem. People who met her liked her instantly, and it was amazing to me that people trusted her from the moment they met her. They would share secrets with her they wouldn’t tell even their closest friends. I think they sensed she was someone they could trust, and she was.

She also treated everyone equally. Back in a time when here in the South, discrimination was not only legal, but expected of white folks, my Mother was never racist, and always taught me it was the heart that mattered, not the skin color. And, she wasn’t someone who just spouted such sayings but lived differently….she lived exactly as she taught me.

The Alzheimer’s started small…forgetfulness at times, but, I think I just chalked it up to normal human frailty, something most of us are prone to suffer from time to time. But, as time went by, I saw her getting worse and worse. When I saw this, I didn’t say much, I kept my outward composure,
but inside, I felt a creeping panic set in.  She began thinking her home was not her home, that my Dad wasn’t dead, and started the attempts to wander. She would be adamant about her delusions and get upset at me when I tried to correct her.

The doctor treating her, a good friend of mine, was giving her the meds that were the standard protocol, but I could see this protocol was neither curing her, nor slowing her descent into the hell called Alzheimers. We tried pretty much all the alternative therapies out there, mostly nutritional , but with her, she reacted opposite to how she SHOULD have reacted. It was also true with some of the prescription medicines she was given…instead of helping her, they made her worse.

I got  great hope from reading about Tumeric, and went to great trouble  to find ways to introduce this into her food. As with other things, it seemed to make her more actively belligerent, more fixated in her delusions, and increased her tendency to try to wander,  and owing to the latter, I had to stop.

It was like having a loved one hanging from a rope you are holding, but, by the second, they are sliding farther down the rope, farther away from you, and there is nothing you can do. An analogy I liked was, it was like seeing your loved one start to enter a forest, and daily, they go farther into that deep forest, and, farther away from you.

I’ve seen people die in different ways, from different diseases, from trauma…cancer especially, but, the difference is that those with cancer, or other terminal illness, you can continue to communicate, you can have them understand you, you can ask how they are, and this is the difference
to me between those diseases and Alzheimers. Alzheimers quite literally kidnaps the person you have known your whole life…taking a witty, loving, caring person, and transforming them into a shell , taking away the personality that you had loved so much.

What I had failed to understand as a young man was the Alzheimers, also affects their ability to follow commands, to do simple things to do simple tasks. As it progresses, especially if they are older, they may start losing the ability to walk unassisted, they may try to get up and fall, and eventually, lose bowel and bladder control, not even knowing when they have soiled themselves.

And then, there may come the day when they ask, kindly and politely, who you are, and as their son, or daughter, this is like a punch in the stomach.

Perhaps the worst part of it is that, if you fall into a 24/7 caretaker role, and getting very little help or respite, you can get frustrated with them,
short tempered…thinking that they COULD help what they do or say, but just don’t. This is so far from the truth. They CANNOT help it any more than you could help sneezing when you get a cold.

It is these acts when you were short tempered, when you scolded them for not eating, for the delusions they engage in, that can leave permanent scars on YOUR psyche, scars that linger long after they finally pass. The blame for being short with them, being impatient, becomes a shadow on your heart, and you cannot forgive yourself.

Perhaps the worst is that I was dealing with this alone (except for my wife’s help and understanding). I’ve never been much of a joiner of groups, be they support groups or whatever. I’ve always felt you should be able to stand on your own feet, “grow a pair”, and handle your problems alone. I hated to ask for help, and thus, I kept Mom at home, taking care of him as long as I physically and mentally could. Finally, one day, I realized that she deserved better care than I was able to provide. I was being worn out…usually getting only 3 hours of sleep a night.

One thing that also loved ones develop is anger, rage, basically saying “Why me, why her…we are good people, why is this curse visited on us?”.

One answer to that question, often addressed to a supernatural entity, the answer to “Why Me?” is “Why NOT You….are you so special you should be immune to the bad luck that befalls others?”

Another bad thing is that when they get sick, as with pneumonia, and get placed on a ventilator or life support, you cannot really communicate with them to get them to try to breathe deeper, to not let their inspiratory muscles get so weak, to not let themselves get 100% dependent on the breathing machine.

If they do not pass quietly in their sleep, you find yourself beset by doctors trying to force you to “pull the plug”, and you have to ask yourself, “Am I keeping them alive for my own selfish reasons…keeping them here because they are so important in your life?”. It brings even another level of guilt on you.

Some I have talked to, felt relief when their parent with Alzheimers passed. They felt bad, felt guilty about feeling that way, but it was a reaction to the stress, physical, psychology, and other ways, that having a loved one with Alzheimers brings.

I monitored myself to see if, when Mom passed, I had felt relief, if, for no other reason, that this long ordeal was over for us both.  What I found was I had NO relief that Mom passed…just the deepest, most gut wrenching sadness, sorrow, that I had ever known, a sorrow that never leaves me.

I wrote this because, if you have a loved one with progressive Alzheimers, try to avoid getting frustrated with them, impatient with them, because, I promise you, they CANNOT help it. But, just give them as much love as you possibly can. Cherish every moment, even those moments when you feel like screaming….just look into their eyes and know that , if this is your parent, they took care of you a long time, and you owe them more than you can ever repay. Try NOT to feel guilty though if you do lapse into exasperation, impatience, even anger, perhaps not at them, but at the seeming unfairness of what has befallen you.

Ultimately, I know I did everything I possibly could for her, and thus, should not blame myself for not curing a disease that the best minds working on it, have not cured, have not even developed a decent treatment to slow progression.

Imagine them back in their “right mind” saying “Thank you for being there for me Darling. Thank you for taking care of me and for understanding I could not help what happened to me, how I acted, the hallucinations, or the other things, even the time I did not know you were my son. I am proud of you for who you are.”

I sincerely hope you never have a loved one with Dementia / Alzheimers, but if you do, remember that all you can do, is do all you can….and never stop telling them you love them, hugging them, and cherishing the time you have left with them.

Thanks for reading this.



The Nuance of Good or Evil

People often want to say that most issues are complicated, there are more than 256 shades of grey and more than that many sides of each issue.

But, sometimes, things are not that nuanced. Certain things, certain people, certain positions, are good or evil.

Those who, sadistically kill, torture, or abuse the innocents, whether the innocents be animals, children, women, or just people who are  targeted just for the race, color, religion, etc., are evil.

Pedophiles, animal abusers, rapists, and yes, those in ISIS who behead people who have done nothing to them…gays, reporters, children, women…the people who do such things, are evil.

For whatever reason, I have seen repeated, over and over, that Anons are being silly or useless in our efforts against ISIS. The truth is, those of us who have been targeted by ISIS, who ISIS warns their followers about, if we were not hurting them, they would not do things like put up websites targeting us personally or working to get us suspended on Twitter.

It does seem odd that so many “Security Experts” on talk shows, seem to have read from the same script, been given the same talking points to
use in their diatribes about Anons.

When the government of the USA says we are not helping, it is hilarious,
since, from many informed sources, it is the actions of the Bush administration in Iraq, that brought about the birth of ISIS.

So, let me say this. It is always up to interpretation how effective Anons are at fighting pedophiles, rapists, animal abusers, or yes, ISIS. But, the
fact that cannot be disputed is we are at least TRYING to fight these evil people, and that is more than the talking heads who sit on their ass, and
appear on Fox or CNN to say how bad Anons are.

I am proud to be an Anon and I am proud of my Brothers and Sisters in my Anonfamily. We are not perfect…because, HUMANS are not perfect. But,
we care, we put in time and work toward fighting those who would abuse those without a voice, those who are easy targets.

We never say ours is the only way to fight the Evil, and most of the time,
we welcome others who have different approaches toward fighting the evil.

The truth is, wars, wars against anyone, are not just won by firing shots,
exploding bombs, or swinging swords. Part of any battle is the battle of the psyche.

One example was a certain man commonly called Dracula (Vlad Tepes or Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia (1431–1476/77) )  Vlad , as ruler of Wallachia, was facing a far superior number of soldiers from the Ottoman Turks. When the advancing army approached, to their horror, they found that Vlad had impaled 20,000 of their soldiers on posts, creating a “forest of bodies”. Faced with the fact they would be going against someone with that level of savagery, they turned around and retreated, so Vlad won that “non-battle” without having to lose a soldier. While many today look at Vlad as a monstrous murderer, to those in that part of the world where he was a leader, many view him as a hero for much of what he did.

Today, they would call Vlad a terrorist, because that one act, of impaling so many people, had one purpose and one purpose only, that was, to instill fear and terror in his enemies.

Using psychology as a weapon is as old as the writings of Sun Tzu in the
Art of War. So, to the extent that Anons are able to irritate, upset, even make ISIS members fear being exposed, this is a part of any overall effort to oppose ISIS.

Anons stood up for rape victims when communities wanted to bury the rapes under the rug, when the police wanted to ignore that a local football player raped a young girl. Anons were there to bring attention to police brutality, to black folks being , in essence, murdered by police.

So, regardless of how effective or ineffective our critics think we are, at the very least, we are trying, which is a hell of a lot more than many.

Some have said that 90 % of life is showing up (though some have attributed a quote that 80% of life is showing up to Woody Allen).
I would alter that by saying that “Trying is 80% of succeeding”.

So, if the critics, talking heads, “Security experts”, or whomever, want to
ridicule Anons for not using tactics that THEY think are effective or proper, let’s see THEM defeat ISIS, jail pedophiles, jail animal abusers,
bring police who kill or brutalize people and animals to justice.

I for one will acknowledge whoever brings ISIS down, whoever brings animal abusers to justice, whoever brings rapists to justice, who brings pedophiles to justice.

But, I salute the Anons who, without personal recognition, without financial reward, work daily to protect those innocents, those without a voice.

Sure, there are things in this world that are nuanced, issues that are not easily divided into bad or good, but, these issues are easily broken down,
and those who abuse innocents, are evil, and if you are not engaged in actually trying to do something about them, then I think it’s best to
avoid disrespecting those who ARE doing their best to fight them.

Thanks for reading this.



Why it is hard for writers to write about Anonymous

Daily, I read articles on Anonymous. Some are glowing, supportive, respectful, some are trying to make fun of us or paint us as cybercriminals, while others mix it up with a smattering of both.

I’m sure even our Sister Gabriella Coleman (@biellacoleman) who probably knows more about Anons and Anonymous than any other person who is not an Anon, I am certain gets frustrated with us at times.

I write this as just one Anon, ONLY speaking for myself…I want that straight from the git go. That said, I can explain why the task is daunting at times.

First off, Anons are not monographic…we don’t toe a party line, we don’t all agree on everything, and even within OPs (operations), there can be so much dissension that  the group breaks apart into two or more factions, often each claiming THEY are the legitimate group.

It is our amorphous nature that is a strength, and perhaps, a weakness.

At our heart, I believe most of us are social activists (often described as social HACKtivists after the word termed by a member of the Cult of the Dead Cow a LONG time ago). We champion the underdog, fight against brutality, victimization of people and animals, and try to be the voice for the voiceless. Though that may sound like flowery rhetoric taken from the “V for Vendetta” film, it is nonetheless my view of our concerns…a snapshot if you will, taken from the inside, not a pot shot from the outside.

Right now, the press worldwide is having a field day with talking about us, because of the war against ISIS, because, as we know, “if it bleeds, it leads”.

We have our detractors from all sectors from hackers to politicians to just the average bloke on the corner who has an opinion on us.

But, let me say why I am an Anon and what MY reason for being part of the Hive is. I am from the South, where I grew up seeing blacks abused, discriminated against, even killed by police, claiming they were “fleeing” and a warning shot got fired too low, hitting them in the back. I also saw gays getting discriminated against, women getting treated as second hand citizens, and hearing rape talked about by “good old boys” as if it were a joke. But, I also grew up seeing animals often treated as objects, not living creatures with feelings, and yes, dare I say it, hopefully, with legal rights in the future.

I’ve never been a “joiner”. I’m a lone wolf at my heart, but throughout my life, for whatever reason, people have often seen me in a context of someone who can get things done, and its just a hop skip and a jump to people looking to you to be the “leader” to speak out. I never really relished that role because I felt it allowed others to take a comfortable back seat and cruise.

When I finally found Anonymous, it felt like it was something I could get behind, could support, could be a part in, and NOT be looked at to be a leader.  They shared my view of things like Scientology, the fact that data should not be the secret possession of a select few, but that truth should be open to the public. They were willing to step up when small towns tried to cover up rapes, when no one else was doing it. They brought a cyber magnifying glass to police killings of blacks, when often, they were the only ones being really vocal about it.

But, even being an Anon, it is hard for me to write the “definitive guide” about Anonymous. We are amorphous, changing, and all too often, our major Achilles heel is that we are indeed humans behind the Guy Fawkes mask, and humans find ways of disagreeing, of getting their feelings hurt, over the least little slight or unintended stream of words.

We are NOT perfect. Some of us, myself included, may not be very nice.
Although I could be very pleasant in engaging about the weather, when it comes to politics, or other topics, I know my positions often are not mainstream.

But, the aim is NOT perfection. It has been said the perfect is the enemy of the good…meaning obsession with getting something perfect can interfere with getting things done, when “good” should be the watermark.

No, I am an Anon NOT because we are perfect, NOT because we are always right (because we are NOT always right), NOT because we are the best hackers in the world, because I am certain there is always someone better than the one who claims to be the best…No, I am an Anon because of a fist shaped organ in my chest that pumps blood. I am an Anon because Anons, however they go about it, give a damn about what’s right, about the innocent, about TRYING to fight evils like ISIS, like rape, like police brutality, like pedophilia,like animal abuse and cruelty.

We may appear disorganized, even bumbling to some…but we are not Skynet, we are not robots, we are simply humans who say “enough is enough”…I care, and I am going to try to do something to help these victims.

So, that is what is missed in most articles about Anons. They focus on the hacking, the Ops, the Guy Fawkes mask, the alleged illegality of what some Anons do via DDoSing or whatever, but they miss the reason we are here, they skip over what would normally be called “the human interest story”. Why? Because that humanizes us, it makes us seem like your neighbor, and shudder…yes, like you. It makes you forget about that guy wearing a mask talking with a robotic,metallic voice on a video, and makes you think that the IT guy Andy, or Jerry, the computer repair man, might be an Anon.  And that is essential because, we ARE you. We come from literally all over the world, from all professions, all occupations, all religions, all races, all languages. We come together as one #Anonfamily to say …our methods may not be perfect, we may look silly to you, our intentional misspellings may look childish, our memes may make you think we are not mature, but our hearts tell us we have to try to make things better.

And, to writers, if you don’t “get that”. If you either don’t give a shit, or want to write a hit piece trying to make us look juvenile, ineffective, or at the extreme, a terribly dangerous group of cybercriminals…all that comes from the shades, the blinders YOU are using…you are projecting on US…because in every culture, we ARE you…we are that part of you that demands justice , that gives voice to the voiceless, that offers a helping hand to the homeless, to the disabled, to the LGBT community when they are attacked or discriminated against.

To put it simply and crudely, we are ANONS because we give a shit about a better world…and though our methods may seem illegal, or bumbling, or silly, or whatever…we are trying. What are YOU doing ?

So, that’s it in a nutshell. We do not always share the same opinions, we do not always agree on every course of action or every issue, but we share the Fawkes mask, and yes, we share a beating heart that looks at injustice, at abuse, at inequality and says, No More. We do not forgive.
We do not forget. Expect Us. We are Legion. We are Anonymous.

Thanks for reading this.




Too many evils, not enough time

As you may imagine, daily, I sift through the news, get sent all kinds of things via DMs, via Email, and I am overwhelmed by the amount of outright evil, sadism, inhumanity there is. Whether it is animal torture, police brutality, sex abuse of minors…it is something that can be grouped under the heading of “evil”.

As an old man now, I’ve seen a lot, been a lot of places, taught a range of people self defense …from cops to military…and it never ceases to amaze me that evil, instead of dwindling, seems to proliferate…and now, I am not just speaking about the outright evil I already mentioned, but things like the obscene wealth of the 1%, and on the other hand, the poverty of good people who are homeless, without health care.

I read today about an ex-soldier in Britain who was kicked out of a place where he, and about a dozen other British Vets were squatting. He died within hours.

I guess, I am really hitting at something more pervasive. In the Bible, when Cain was being asked where his brother Abel was, he asked the question “Am I my brother’s keeper?”.  I suppose this is the larger question…how are we to treat our fellow living things on this planet.

I have been writing a lot about ISIS lately, because, in many ways, they personify this evil…that they would subjugate and kill anyone who wants to live differently than they.

Perhaps we are NOT our “brother’s keeper”…but we are not to be our brother’s executioner, his feudal lord, his torturer either.

I am not naive enough to believe that sitting at the campfire with Smores singing Kumbaya is gonna solve a damn thing….but I am also not stupid
enough to believe evil SHOULD be “contained” or “tolerated”.

Whether we are talking about ISIS, animal abuse, rape, police brutality…all of these I put in the same bucket…a bucket that should not be kept around. It must be eliminated however possible, and as soon as possible.

Take it from me…the life of those you love is precious…it is MORE precious than gold, silver, real estate…it is something that must be protected with your own life if need be.

To be honest, I don’t even know why I am writing this. I just saw so many heart breaking things in the news today, I want the evil to end.

And so, I hope, do most people. But, it is not a “let George do it” thing.

If you can, you must do ALL you can to oppose evil in its many faces.

This is why I am proud to be an Anon….proud of my Anon family.

Namaste. Be Safe my Friends.



My disagreement with the POTUS

I read with great concern and confusion a statement attributed to Barack Obama that we should not try to eradicate ISIS (or IS or ISIL), but instead,
“contain them”. I don’t openly complain about what Obama says often, but when I do, I pick the most inane and dangerous things he says.

With respect, ISIS is a cancer. It spreads, it infects, it pushes out normal people or kills them, or takes them over. It is pathogenic in every possible meaning of that word.

Like Ebola, one should not embark on any policy short of complete obliteration. One should not try to negotiate, appease, contain, or try any other tactic other than complete annihilation of this enemy of free people everywhere. We are not talking about an enemy that is just a bunch of rowdy drunk teens who must be locked up or “contained” til they sober up and come to their senses.

We are talking about a group that not only beheads innocent people on video and is proud of it, has children pick up the bloody heads with no body, and streams video of it worldwide, but also, a group that is systematically destroying ancient artifacts worldwide…things that are irreplaceable, thousands of years old. They are destroying their own history as a people.

If we consider the world as a society…there are rules. Firstly, any member does not get to attempt genocide of any other group, any other race, any other religion.

If I had the chance to speak directly with Mr Obama I would stress to him
that these people, if they had any chance at all, would kill him. They have
issued that they have that as a goal.  With respect, any ideas about “containment” make about as much sense as Neville Chamberlain thinking Adolf Hitler was a reasonable guy and you could trust him to keep his word.

Any policy that even smells like appeasement is seen by ISIS as weakness,
as if they are winning.

The President of the United States is often called the Leader of the Free World. I would say to the President of the USA, Sir, you saw what happened in Paris…the innocent lives lost, the woman with the explosives vest that blew herself up after the attack when the police were closing in.

These are NOT “reasonable people” that you can contain, and again,
with respect, you are setting a HORRIBLE precedent. As the leader of one of the most militarily powerful countries, you need to join with Russia,
France, Germany, and say to ISIS, you are a cancer we cannot abide to allow to continue to exist. You must be obliterated for the health of
the body.

So, I would ask the President to rethink the path he has set for our nation.
We MUST join the world in saying, Enough is Enough. The ISIS Nightmare must end NOW. We must root them out of every hole in which they hide. We must rip the black rags and expose them for the cowards they are.
We must burn their black flags in front of them and say…we, as humans,
will no longer allow you to murder, rape, intimidate the innocents worldwide.

Our military has you as “Commander in Chief”. Again, respectfully,
please start acting as a Commander. It is time to take the attack to these
psychotic killers and not retreat until they are wiped from the face of the
earth. I say this with respect, but please, stop this course of madness you
seem bent to follow. The souls of those murdered worldwide, not just in Paris, cry out for you to act swiftly and with resolve.

Thank you for reading this.






The Truth About the “Islamic State”…or, They’re Just Cowardly Daeshbags

We see what ISIS does. Like bullies, they pick on the weak, the defenseless, the unarmed. Their “training tapes” are ludicrous to the Max. I myself have released copies of their idiotic tapes complete with farting soundtracks that shows them for the bumbling fools they are. We’ve seen them cut the heads off defenseless men and women. We’ve seen them traumatize children by having them hold up the severed heads of the innocents they have butchered.

They are in essence Halloween trolls with AK-47s…pathological personality types who either didn’t get loved as a child, or have a microphallus problem.

The attack in Paris on innocent folks just assembled to enjoy rock music, that’s their forte. Attacking someone without a weapon when their back is turned…or blowing something up.

It is truly an insult to the vast majority of Muslims that these rag wearing cowards want the world to believe they are an Islamic Army. I know many Muslims who are not only ashamed of these psychotic murderers, but are opposing them in every way they can.

Islam , like the Christian religion, has passages that, if carried out literally, can lead to bloodshed.  For example, the Old Testament would have me stone my neighbor to death if he was out picking up sticks in his yard on the Shabbat (Sabbath). The truth is, most peaceloving, law abiding Christians do not carry out every literal command in the bible for every literal infraction. Scholars can debate whether that is good or bad, but in my estimation, the overarching message of Yeshua was to love your neighbor as yourself, and those who spitefully abuse you. It is a religion that preaches love, and forgiveness, and yet, there are passages urging you to sell all you have and buy a sword, and that Yeshua came to set brother against brother. Clerics can debate this ad nauseum, but from  my box seat in the world, I think we must temper some of the contradictory texts in the Christian bible AND in the Qur’an to increase the peace…not be a whore for war.

But, back to ISIS. If ten Navy Seals with 10 inch knives met ten “ISIS commandos” with 10 inch knives, there would be a massive pool of blood stained black rags and 10 Navy Seals walking away in good shape, because, you see, ISIS does not have the balls to go one on one with the Russians, with Americans, with the Germans.

They would call it “asymmetrical warfare”….but that only applies if your enemy has many more soldiers than you, more money, and better weaponry. My assertion is that any 10 Marines, in hand to hand combat, would mop the floor with the ISIS clowns.

ISIS has proven they are rapists, thieves,psychopathic murderers, butchers, and yes, often,cowards.

They are truly a cancer on the face of the world, and it is time that the major nations., USA, France, Germany, Russia. and the rest, hunt down these serial killers and once and for all, excise the malignancy called ISIS. But, not just this, I think it is incumbent on the Islamic countries who find ISIS to be a constant embarrassment, to join a coalition to root these bastards out of their desert holes like the snakes they are, and one by one, sever the heads (either literally or metaphorically).

Terrorism is a tactic whose purpose is to generate fear. At some point, in unison, the world must say in unison, enough is enough, fear has to give way to rage and anger, and let the rockets be loosed.

Enough innocent people have died. It is time to hunt down Jihad the Ripper, and end his ability to murder anyone else.

Thanks for reading this.


What you do is what you are…and other tales of bullshit

During my life, I’ve heard the saying “What you do is what you are”…and by this, they usually refer to occupation or profession. This would imply that a person who does plumbing IS, at his or her core, a plumber…or a person who is a cop. IS at his or her core, a cop…almost as if the job changes your DNA.

I think part of this was born in an age in which the occupation of your father, would probably be your occupation, as it was also probably the occupation of your grandfather, great-grandfather, et al. This grew in a time when there was less upward mobility in society and you were often somewhat destined to be what the men in your family had been for decades.

Some of the reason for this was that it was only natural for a child, who often wanted to be like his Dad when he grew up, learned the profession or trade almost by osmosis, from being around their father as he did his work or talked about it, combined with an informal apprenticeship that children went through with their fathers.

As far as I can tell, the idea that you are what you do, arose for several reasons, some understandable, some not so much. An occupation or profession , each has its own particular skills that are necessary to perform the job well, and also, to some extent, a certain temperament which goes along with it. We would expect an ironworker to be more stoic and a man of few words, compared with a politician or a writer. The idea is that the more you perform a task, or act in a certain way, over and over, perhaps the way it affects your view of the world, how you approach situations, etc. And, physical tasks such as working on an oil rig, or being a musician, build “muscle memory”, which is a type of subconscious behavioral patterns one develops from continual performance of a given action.

And yes, doing something over and over has a residual affect on your mind and body, but it is not deterministic nor overriding in the sense that if you train to be a boxer or carpenter, you would be unfit for anything else. Sammy Hagar was a boxer before he became a singer and Harrison Ford was a carpenter.

The point is that this notion that you ARE what you DO, has a fatalistic component, as if once you start a certain job, profession, etc., you are doomed to do that because it has actually become WHO you ARE. Anecdotal cases show this is absolutely not true, and these days, people change professions often more than once in their latter years.

The only area in which I might agree this perhaps has SOME truth, is in the area of politics. I think that to some degree, once a politician, always a politician, whether the person is doing it professionally, or they just employ it during their everyday life. The skills learned in politics, using people’s biases to help you get where you want to go, being able to speak without really saying much, being able to put on a likeable persona, can be applied to lots of other jobs, because, like it or not, ,most jobs do involve in interacting with other people, and the ability of politicians to manipulate other people, would be advantageous to a salesman, lawyer, policeman, doctor, all kinds of occupations.

So, I reject that if you collect garbage for a living, that means you ARE a garbage man, or if you sell cars for a living, you ARE a salesman, or if you work in a factory making cars, you ARE a car maker.

With today’s fluid job market, where people can b e laid off, fired, dismissed, for any reason or no reason, a human, man or woman, has to be fluid enough, plastic enough to learn to do another job.

It also means that if you lose your job, as scores of people do daily, if you accept that you are what you do for a living, then when you lose your job, this means you are nothing, and that is injurious to your feeling of worth, of self respect.

So, realize that, what you do is what you do, but it does not turn you into a robot, only capable of a given set of behaviors and skills, and, that losing your job does not make you irrelevant, not worth anything. All it means is that you have some time to figure out what you REALLY want to do….something that is more in line with your talents, skills, and who you REALLY are.

Thanks for reading this.