The KKK / Anonymous Outing and DDoSing issue

You may have noticed that I have avoided discussing the recent “outing” and lists of secret KKK members by some members of Anonymous. Some have also been DDoSing KKK sites.

I am followed by and follow, a great number of Anons and have found that we are not united about this approach to the KKK. Some are angry that the sites were DDoSed…and some have expressed being upset with the release of  lists…

The rationale behind those who are angry at the DDoSing of sites is that we Anons support Freedom of Speech, and they feel that DDoSing the KKK sites shows we are only supporting Freedom of Speech of those we agree with. I have personally heard from some OldFag Anons who were very upset about the DDoSing…and of course, heard from those who were supportive of the DDoS attacks on these sites.

Also, we are seeing a lot of senators and mayors claiming that they are being identified as KKK members by Anons, when they are not (of course, given the nature of politicians, one would not expect them to tell the truth).

To be honest, I can see the view of both sides… and any time we “Phaild0x” someone….even if it is just one person, it makes us look bad. I believe Freedom of Speech is always based on defending hateful speech, or speech we do not agree with. Interestingly, the KKK and Aryan groups have often used Jewish lawyers to defend their rights in court (or their asserted rights).

For whatever reason(s), we are far more unified on ISIS, and are cool with DD0Sing their sites and going after them (perhaps it is the beheading of innocents that makes them more of an acceptable target).

I think Anonymous is at a precarious time. Those who have listened and read my interviews, know that unification of Anons is an important thing in my mind.

So, because there is division among Anons on the topic of DDoSing the KKK sites (and hitting other sites that may express opinions not all Anons agree with via use of stressors) I feel that it is better to stress those things which we CAN come to an agreement on…or, at least as much agreement as Anons ever can achieve on any given issue.

We need to strengthen the Hive, not weaken it…and as the Milllion Mask March on Thursday approaches, we need to show the world that Anons can work together, can show unity.

#MMM Thor’s Day…the 5th of November. Time to Unite, not Divide the Hive.\

Thanks for reading this.



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