The Truth About the “Islamic State”…or, They’re Just Cowardly Daeshbags

We see what ISIS does. Like bullies, they pick on the weak, the defenseless, the unarmed. Their “training tapes” are ludicrous to the Max. I myself have released copies of their idiotic tapes complete with farting soundtracks that shows them for the bumbling fools they are. We’ve seen them cut the heads off defenseless men and women. We’ve seen them traumatize children by having them hold up the severed heads of the innocents they have butchered.

They are in essence Halloween trolls with AK-47s…pathological personality types who either didn’t get loved as a child, or have a microphallus problem.

The attack in Paris on innocent folks just assembled to enjoy rock music, that’s their forte. Attacking someone without a weapon when their back is turned…or blowing something up.

It is truly an insult to the vast majority of Muslims that these rag wearing cowards want the world to believe they are an Islamic Army. I know many Muslims who are not only ashamed of these psychotic murderers, but are opposing them in every way they can.

Islam , like the Christian religion, has passages that, if carried out literally, can lead to bloodshed.  For example, the Old Testament would have me stone my neighbor to death if he was out picking up sticks in his yard on the Shabbat (Sabbath). The truth is, most peaceloving, law abiding Christians do not carry out every literal command in the bible for every literal infraction. Scholars can debate whether that is good or bad, but in my estimation, the overarching message of Yeshua was to love your neighbor as yourself, and those who spitefully abuse you. It is a religion that preaches love, and forgiveness, and yet, there are passages urging you to sell all you have and buy a sword, and that Yeshua came to set brother against brother. Clerics can debate this ad nauseum, but from  my box seat in the world, I think we must temper some of the contradictory texts in the Christian bible AND in the Qur’an to increase the peace…not be a whore for war.

But, back to ISIS. If ten Navy Seals with 10 inch knives met ten “ISIS commandos” with 10 inch knives, there would be a massive pool of blood stained black rags and 10 Navy Seals walking away in good shape, because, you see, ISIS does not have the balls to go one on one with the Russians, with Americans, with the Germans.

They would call it “asymmetrical warfare”….but that only applies if your enemy has many more soldiers than you, more money, and better weaponry. My assertion is that any 10 Marines, in hand to hand combat, would mop the floor with the ISIS clowns.

ISIS has proven they are rapists, thieves,psychopathic murderers, butchers, and yes, often,cowards.

They are truly a cancer on the face of the world, and it is time that the major nations., USA, France, Germany, Russia. and the rest, hunt down these serial killers and once and for all, excise the malignancy called ISIS. But, not just this, I think it is incumbent on the Islamic countries who find ISIS to be a constant embarrassment, to join a coalition to root these bastards out of their desert holes like the snakes they are, and one by one, sever the heads (either literally or metaphorically).

Terrorism is a tactic whose purpose is to generate fear. At some point, in unison, the world must say in unison, enough is enough, fear has to give way to rage and anger, and let the rockets be loosed.

Enough innocent people have died. It is time to hunt down Jihad the Ripper, and end his ability to murder anyone else.

Thanks for reading this.



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