My disagreement with the POTUS

I read with great concern and confusion a statement attributed to Barack Obama that we should not try to eradicate ISIS (or IS or ISIL), but instead,
“contain them”. I don’t openly complain about what Obama says often, but when I do, I pick the most inane and dangerous things he says.

With respect, ISIS is a cancer. It spreads, it infects, it pushes out normal people or kills them, or takes them over. It is pathogenic in every possible meaning of that word.

Like Ebola, one should not embark on any policy short of complete obliteration. One should not try to negotiate, appease, contain, or try any other tactic other than complete annihilation of this enemy of free people everywhere. We are not talking about an enemy that is just a bunch of rowdy drunk teens who must be locked up or “contained” til they sober up and come to their senses.

We are talking about a group that not only beheads innocent people on video and is proud of it, has children pick up the bloody heads with no body, and streams video of it worldwide, but also, a group that is systematically destroying ancient artifacts worldwide…things that are irreplaceable, thousands of years old. They are destroying their own history as a people.

If we consider the world as a society…there are rules. Firstly, any member does not get to attempt genocide of any other group, any other race, any other religion.

If I had the chance to speak directly with Mr Obama I would stress to him
that these people, if they had any chance at all, would kill him. They have
issued that they have that as a goal.  With respect, any ideas about “containment” make about as much sense as Neville Chamberlain thinking Adolf Hitler was a reasonable guy and you could trust him to keep his word.

Any policy that even smells like appeasement is seen by ISIS as weakness,
as if they are winning.

The President of the United States is often called the Leader of the Free World. I would say to the President of the USA, Sir, you saw what happened in Paris…the innocent lives lost, the woman with the explosives vest that blew herself up after the attack when the police were closing in.

These are NOT “reasonable people” that you can contain, and again,
with respect, you are setting a HORRIBLE precedent. As the leader of one of the most militarily powerful countries, you need to join with Russia,
France, Germany, and say to ISIS, you are a cancer we cannot abide to allow to continue to exist. You must be obliterated for the health of
the body.

So, I would ask the President to rethink the path he has set for our nation.
We MUST join the world in saying, Enough is Enough. The ISIS Nightmare must end NOW. We must root them out of every hole in which they hide. We must rip the black rags and expose them for the cowards they are.
We must burn their black flags in front of them and say…we, as humans,
will no longer allow you to murder, rape, intimidate the innocents worldwide.

Our military has you as “Commander in Chief”. Again, respectfully,
please start acting as a Commander. It is time to take the attack to these
psychotic killers and not retreat until they are wiped from the face of the
earth. I say this with respect, but please, stop this course of madness you
seem bent to follow. The souls of those murdered worldwide, not just in Paris, cry out for you to act swiftly and with resolve.

Thank you for reading this.







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