Too many evils, not enough time

As you may imagine, daily, I sift through the news, get sent all kinds of things via DMs, via Email, and I am overwhelmed by the amount of outright evil, sadism, inhumanity there is. Whether it is animal torture, police brutality, sex abuse of minors…it is something that can be grouped under the heading of “evil”.

As an old man now, I’ve seen a lot, been a lot of places, taught a range of people self defense …from cops to military…and it never ceases to amaze me that evil, instead of dwindling, seems to proliferate…and now, I am not just speaking about the outright evil I already mentioned, but things like the obscene wealth of the 1%, and on the other hand, the poverty of good people who are homeless, without health care.

I read today about an ex-soldier in Britain who was kicked out of a place where he, and about a dozen other British Vets were squatting. He died within hours.

I guess, I am really hitting at something more pervasive. In the Bible, when Cain was being asked where his brother Abel was, he asked the question “Am I my brother’s keeper?”.  I suppose this is the larger question…how are we to treat our fellow living things on this planet.

I have been writing a lot about ISIS lately, because, in many ways, they personify this evil…that they would subjugate and kill anyone who wants to live differently than they.

Perhaps we are NOT our “brother’s keeper”…but we are not to be our brother’s executioner, his feudal lord, his torturer either.

I am not naive enough to believe that sitting at the campfire with Smores singing Kumbaya is gonna solve a damn thing….but I am also not stupid
enough to believe evil SHOULD be “contained” or “tolerated”.

Whether we are talking about ISIS, animal abuse, rape, police brutality…all of these I put in the same bucket…a bucket that should not be kept around. It must be eliminated however possible, and as soon as possible.

Take it from me…the life of those you love is precious…it is MORE precious than gold, silver, real estate…it is something that must be protected with your own life if need be.

To be honest, I don’t even know why I am writing this. I just saw so many heart breaking things in the news today, I want the evil to end.

And so, I hope, do most people. But, it is not a “let George do it” thing.

If you can, you must do ALL you can to oppose evil in its many faces.

This is why I am proud to be an Anon….proud of my Anon family.

Namaste. Be Safe my Friends.




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