The Nuance of Good or Evil

People often want to say that most issues are complicated, there are more than 256 shades of grey and more than that many sides of each issue.

But, sometimes, things are not that nuanced. Certain things, certain people, certain positions, are good or evil.

Those who, sadistically kill, torture, or abuse the innocents, whether the innocents be animals, children, women, or just people who are  targeted just for the race, color, religion, etc., are evil.

Pedophiles, animal abusers, rapists, and yes, those in ISIS who behead people who have done nothing to them…gays, reporters, children, women…the people who do such things, are evil.

For whatever reason, I have seen repeated, over and over, that Anons are being silly or useless in our efforts against ISIS. The truth is, those of us who have been targeted by ISIS, who ISIS warns their followers about, if we were not hurting them, they would not do things like put up websites targeting us personally or working to get us suspended on Twitter.

It does seem odd that so many “Security Experts” on talk shows, seem to have read from the same script, been given the same talking points to
use in their diatribes about Anons.

When the government of the USA says we are not helping, it is hilarious,
since, from many informed sources, it is the actions of the Bush administration in Iraq, that brought about the birth of ISIS.

So, let me say this. It is always up to interpretation how effective Anons are at fighting pedophiles, rapists, animal abusers, or yes, ISIS. But, the
fact that cannot be disputed is we are at least TRYING to fight these evil people, and that is more than the talking heads who sit on their ass, and
appear on Fox or CNN to say how bad Anons are.

I am proud to be an Anon and I am proud of my Brothers and Sisters in my Anonfamily. We are not perfect…because, HUMANS are not perfect. But,
we care, we put in time and work toward fighting those who would abuse those without a voice, those who are easy targets.

We never say ours is the only way to fight the Evil, and most of the time,
we welcome others who have different approaches toward fighting the evil.

The truth is, wars, wars against anyone, are not just won by firing shots,
exploding bombs, or swinging swords. Part of any battle is the battle of the psyche.

One example was a certain man commonly called Dracula (Vlad Tepes or Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia (1431–1476/77) )  Vlad , as ruler of Wallachia, was facing a far superior number of soldiers from the Ottoman Turks. When the advancing army approached, to their horror, they found that Vlad had impaled 20,000 of their soldiers on posts, creating a “forest of bodies”. Faced with the fact they would be going against someone with that level of savagery, they turned around and retreated, so Vlad won that “non-battle” without having to lose a soldier. While many today look at Vlad as a monstrous murderer, to those in that part of the world where he was a leader, many view him as a hero for much of what he did.

Today, they would call Vlad a terrorist, because that one act, of impaling so many people, had one purpose and one purpose only, that was, to instill fear and terror in his enemies.

Using psychology as a weapon is as old as the writings of Sun Tzu in the
Art of War. So, to the extent that Anons are able to irritate, upset, even make ISIS members fear being exposed, this is a part of any overall effort to oppose ISIS.

Anons stood up for rape victims when communities wanted to bury the rapes under the rug, when the police wanted to ignore that a local football player raped a young girl. Anons were there to bring attention to police brutality, to black folks being , in essence, murdered by police.

So, regardless of how effective or ineffective our critics think we are, at the very least, we are trying, which is a hell of a lot more than many.

Some have said that 90 % of life is showing up (though some have attributed a quote that 80% of life is showing up to Woody Allen).
I would alter that by saying that “Trying is 80% of succeeding”.

So, if the critics, talking heads, “Security experts”, or whomever, want to
ridicule Anons for not using tactics that THEY think are effective or proper, let’s see THEM defeat ISIS, jail pedophiles, jail animal abusers,
bring police who kill or brutalize people and animals to justice.

I for one will acknowledge whoever brings ISIS down, whoever brings animal abusers to justice, whoever brings rapists to justice, who brings pedophiles to justice.

But, I salute the Anons who, without personal recognition, without financial reward, work daily to protect those innocents, those without a voice.

Sure, there are things in this world that are nuanced, issues that are not easily divided into bad or good, but, these issues are easily broken down,
and those who abuse innocents, are evil, and if you are not engaged in actually trying to do something about them, then I think it’s best to
avoid disrespecting those who ARE doing their best to fight them.

Thanks for reading this.




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