My suggestion of how to deal with Animal Abusers

Firsly, given the worldwide distribution of animal abusers, and given that in some cultures, abuse is even tolerated or in some cases, celebrated, means that my suggestions may not apply equally to all cases. That said, I believe if we fail to plan, then we plan to fail.

First off…identification of them is essential. As someone who has d0xed more than my share of animal abusers, (most don’t have my name on them, but instead, another group or d0xing crew), Ive learned a few things. One is that we CANNOT “phail d0x”…this puts innocents in hards way AND makes us look incompetent. For this reason, I, and the groups I have worked with, insist on independently doxing the person and only those facts which match get included. We need MORE ANons activel
d0xing animal abusers…for several reasons. Often, it is easier if you live in Norway, to d0x a Norwegian, than it is for an American to do so.

We need more groups d0xing. I’ve worked on several doxes alone, and it is a lonely experience. The camaraderie helps the person keep their spirits off.

These d0xes need to be as complete as possible. They should include not only the usual, phone, home address, job….but even side businesses , relatives, cars they own, voting records, etc.. We also need to find out of they have a criminal record, or have been in lawsuits

Once we have them identified, pictures of them, we need to create a database in which we list each and every one…their last known address, profession, place of business, bosses name, etc.

The secret of d0xing is pulling at threads and associating things. When I found Kristen Lindsey’s personal email and phone, it was in a PDF file, in ONE document on the net. I was led to this because of a blog found by Priest, who had also d0xed this woman. The name of the blog, led me to once place, then another, finally to a professional newsletter listing her name , phone,and address. One document in ALL the net, I found what other folks couldn’t find.

Once a good dox is done, we have their email, job , address, various social media accounts, past quotes, voting records, jail records, in short, once we have it all (acquired ONLY through legal means) we have avenues of attack. Most people , as Bob Dylan said, have to “serve somedbody”.This might mean a store manager, head of a legal firm, hospital, etc. We found for example that lion murderer, Sabrina Cogratelli works at a University, but has websites trying to get money that way too.

Many of these bastards like Jan Seski,MD,  Walter Palter,DDS, Gary Goodfried MD, are self employed in the health care industry…this means, complaints can be filed with state boards which oversee their profession., it means patients can be informed about who is putting their bloody hands on you, etc.

Emails to local papers, blogs, and other things are legal. I am not advocating any illegal methods, but pracks like having 1000 pizzas delivered to their house, pallets of building material, signing them up on various Craigs list, have been done with success. If they are rich and have a “smart home”…haxors can use their own home to provide very irritating things to happen…like dropping the temp, etc.

Complaints to their employer, to the state agencies overseeing them, and other tactics, can make their life miserable.

Many of these assholes CAN indulge in trophy killing because they make a lot of money. You mess with their income, you mess with that activity.

Anonymous, one time only email services that are not traceable, can also be a good way to express your disgust at what they are doing.

Writing Congress people. is usual thought of as useless, but, if they get enough complaints about an animal abuser, they soon realize this issue alone could get them defeated in next election.

The thing is this…push for animal abuse to be globally classed as a top level felony.

Make these people’s lives unbearable, hell on Earth. Someone once had reservations about putting so much stress on them they kill themselves.
I have NO problems with that outcome. One less monster.

The point is, you can’t just d0x them and think everything has been done.
Doxing is the beginning, NOT the end.

Thanks for reading this.



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