The Wacky World of d0xing

Among Anons, one weapon we have against those who abuse innocents is d0xing (usually with the “0” replaced with a zero). It is a process of finding the right person, accumulating things like their address, phone, email, age, relatives, work, age, etc, and “pasting” it…into an easily readable format.

One recent d0x was animal abuser Sue Greenstein. To show you one of the challenges we face doing this work…here are fourth Google listings:
“About 20,500 results (0.73 seconds) . The FOURTH lists her correct city
in which she lives, Hope RI.

 Search Results

So, getting even the right TOWN they live in is often the first challenge. And, a lot of these abusers move around a lot…city to city, state to state. Some have aliases…some aliases are just minor changes to their real names, some are totally different first and last names, The one thing that ties these abusers together is their compulsion to show off their abuser to others. This is what nailed
Veterinarian Kristen Erin Lindsey, who uploaded a picture of the lifeless body of Tiger the cat, and her holding the arrow through its head like some grinning monster.

Around the world, these monsters want to show off their horrible crimes as if they are proud of the torture and killing of animals.
Even humans killing humans have uploaded their crimes to facebook (also rapists do it). Note to abusers, if you are so proud…list your name, phone, email, work number, address, and a list of your
relatives. It would save us time.

Thanks for reading this.
@d0xteamsix @WyldeBunchd0xer


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