Dr Gene Scott ~ Gods Angry Man

I used to watch Gene Scott, TV evangelist…his show came on late, stayed for hours. He was based in California….he sometimes would have his trotting horses go around the course, and play SWEET GEORGIA BROWN and then, keep it playing. He would curse the audience for not sending in enough money. He’s gone now…but here’s Werner Herzog’s
film about him…God’s Angry Man
1) https://youtu.be/45cAaIHdozI
2) https://youtu.be/ZIHmyxTNENQ
3) https://youtu.be/MVVKDmF2PlI
4) https://youtu.be/CTCSa52Raug
5) https://youtu.be/TB5gm5wu0ZE
6) https://youtu.be/ZEJd0q8N2tc


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