Anonymous: The last hope for many

The history of Anonymous was colorful. As a group, we started as trolls on 4Chan, but, as a result of a series of events, this group of trolls,was changed into fighters for the innocents, defenders of those who would dare share secrets with the American public.

Since anyone can create a Twitter account, complete with a Fawkes mask avi, and stick the word Anon on it, we, as a group, are perhaps the easiest group in the world to infiltrate, and those who infiltrate it, with the aim of discrediting us, all too often, find some media outlet who will believe the person is an “official Anon” because they repurposed some old Anonymous video, with the spinning globe intro, and a text to speech voiceover, spouting whatever news they want to spout, making whatever threat(s) they want.

But, truth be told, for many, many people, Anonymous is often the last hope for people who have had loved ones murdered, for young women who have been raped, children who’ve been abused, and for poor animals who are tortured in the most horrible of ways before being murdered / killed (I personally believe the word murder SHOULD apply to these horrible killings of innocent creatures).

Although the press is always fired up when Anons either hack some account and leak gigs of information, or when we take down some internet sites, those of us inside the Hive, know that these acts are only the tip of the iceberg of what we are about.

The DMs I get on a fairly regular basis, are enough to make you cry. They are from people who have had loved ones killed, often ostensibly
by police, and the police are covering it up, they are young women in small towns who got raped and who are not getting justice, or a multitude of people seeking justice for animals that have been abused.

And, lest we forget, our ongoing fight against ISIS. In the last few weeks, the mass media has given us plenty of attention with regard to our fight against ISIS, and also, the whole thing of an alleged data leak on the lists of KKK members.

I’ve noticed several media apparently are reading from the same hymnal, spouting the same talking points, working from the same boilerplate, from someone or some organization which wants to portray
that we are not really hurting ISIS, or that we are instead, interfering with other “official” groups efforts against ISIS like
the FBI or DHS.

If we were not hurting ISIS, then they would not be spending time attacking us “kuffars” and sending out “warnings” of silly efforts to
protect themselves from Anons. They would not be targeting @CtrlSec
or me, or lots of other Anons fighting ISIS.

And then, tonight, a post was made from an Anon account saying that the Feds had infiltrated #OpISIS and were arresting Anons for

Look, here’s what Anons do…we interfere with pedophiles who post child porn on social media, we interfere with the recruitment of
ISIS members, we interfere with animal abusers, and help expose rapists.

We don’t get paid, we don’t have our real names associated with doing
good things…we get no ribbons, stars, gold watches. We do the job the FBI, CIA, and DHS SHOULD be doing, but often, are not, or are not doing effectively.

Anons are simply humans around this world who had rather light a candle than curse the darkness. We are trying to make the world safer for animals, children, women, LGBT folks, in sum , trying to help people who are often victimized because they are seen as weak or powerless.

The things we do, any FBI agent SHOULD feel good about going home and telling his children or wife that he did that today.

Sometimes, people ask, who will Watch the Watchers…well… WE will
Watch the Watchers,and if they harm or abuser innocents, we will name
and shame them, leaking their personal information around the world so they cannot hide from the ire of the public.

I honestly hate that there is so much evil in this world, that so many innocents are targeted daily, but at least, people know when everyone else in an official capacity, cops, FBI, DHS, CPS, have turned their back on them, they can contact us as a “last resort”.

This is why I am an Anon. This is why I am proud to be an Anon.
And, this is why we need more Anons because, the number of bad guys
continues to rise, and they continue to grow bolder.

Thanks for reading this.


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