We Anons have a decentralized structure, or lack thereof, as our basis of organization (or lack thereof). That said, I propose that the nature, the extent, of animal abuse, in all forms, from at the hands of sadistic psychos individually, to the systematized abuse of animals in factory farms, we need to devote significant resources , and yes, perhaps develop things like large databases, strike teams, etc., to protecting the ones without voices, the creatures who give unconditional love in exchange for love back.

I am not saying we need to abandon any of the other things we fight such as rapists, paedophiles, police brutality, and the rest. In fact, I feel we need to organize similarly with regard to them.

The facts are simple. From the Coves of Taiji Japan to the trophy slaughters in Africa, the scope of abuse, the scope of killing of animals, requires a herculean effort, and though groups like the ASPCA are doing all they can, they need our help as well.

Thus, I ask all ANONs to join with all others in the ANIPAL, ANIMAL WARRIOR, ANIMAL RIGHTS movements, in making 2016, and every year after it, the year to fight for animals, for their protection, for their rights,
and to bring molten hell to those who would abuse animals.

This may mean not just signing petitions,  may mean more than writing your congress people, but we Anons have NEVER shied away from doing what needed to be done to even the score. It is one of the many reasons I became an Anon, one of the many reasons I stay an Anon.

So, whatever your talents may be, haxing, reporting, writing, videography,
networking, teaching self defense to animal rights defenders, please consider adding these to our work. We need you, but more importantly,
those without voice, without political power, the helpless among us, THEY need you.

Whether people do this or not, I personally will make it my duty to go after the bastards, alone, or hand in hand with others.

We CANNOT say we protect innocents if we do not become a force that truly, abusers will fear.

I do not fear the FBI, I do not fear ISIS, and I sure as hell don’t fear the cowards who abuse animals.

We are LEGION. We do not forgive. We do not forget. All of us are more cruel than any of us. We are ANONYMOUS.





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