Are we the illusion?

Listening to CoastToCoastAM tonight, they were talking about time, existence, etc. George Noory asked a great question…are we the illusion?
I have considered this fundamental question since I was a tiny child. There is an unreal sense to most things except the most extreme pain. I have had a pain that was a 10 because of kidney stones…and I recall that my whole brain was focused on the pain, rolled into a fetal position wishing that either I would die or the pain would end.

They (Noory and guest) then explored the notion of the Holographic universe.

My  notion is that, it doesn’t matter whether it is illusion or not…
we , as sentient, as feeling beings, must react to the world and to the stimuli which impinge on us. When we are in a dream, except for a lucid dream, it doesn’t matter that the monsters are just a figment of our imagination or not, we either go into fight or flight mode.

Our brains, if the actually exist, are problem solving and reaction machines. If reality exists, they have evolved for millions of years
to do one thing….keep us alive long enough to procreate, and raise our children to the age they can survive alone.

I remember the Star Trek episode where the Captain, Spock, Kelly, et al, are confronted with cowboys in an OK Corral situation. The ONLY way to live, was to convince themselves that their opponents were NOT real, because if they believed at all, the imaginary bullets WOULD kill them.

Unfortunately, my experience, as it is, is the bullets WILL kill you, whether you believe in them or not…but only if all that we see and believe if real, is actually reality.

We MAY be just programs running in a giant computer system in which solar systems are merely atoms, and we are so tiny, the programmers spend very little time on creating the pathetic routines we call lives.

But, so it goes.



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