Medically Negligent Doctors Kill More than Serial Killers

I sit here shaking with anger, and crying. I haven’t much to say except this. A “doctor” who is negligent, either intentionally or unintentionally, in a career, can kill far more people than the most prolific of serial killers.
I believe, with ALL my heart, that medical malpractice MUST become a criminal offense and that ALL medical personnel from medical records, to RNs to MDs to DOs, must legally become mandated reporters of any negligence they reasonably have a belief occurs, in the same way they are mandated reporters of sexual abuse of children, domestic abuse, etc.
Too many people have died. Medical errors are the THIRD cause of deaths in USA right now…and that are the ones that don’t get completely covered up.

I will be gone for a while now. I hope you understand.



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