When Governments Steal

If a Government takes away your property without compensating you, and if you have broken no laws, isn’t that stealing? People every day who have business bank accounts, who literally break no laws, are seeing their total bank accounts taken from them by the US Government …if they habitually deposit LESS THAN ten thousand dollars. The Government claims this is “structuring” and will seize all the money. Many small business owners have lost every penny they have under this.

And, police and various law enforcement agencies, continue to stop people on the road, in a literal form of highway robbery, and if they are carrying large amounts of cash, without having to prove any illegal act has occurred, take the money and often the person’s vehicle. This is called “asset forfeiture”, or, in olden times, highway robbery.

But, this is small time theft compared to erasing the idea of private property altogether. Those aware of what is going on with John Deere tractors and some car manufacturers, know that as computers (and thus software) are integrally part of the vehicle’s driving system, companies like John Deere have gone after people who put new chips in or tried to change the software of their OWN vehicle that THEY purchased.

The trend is to follow what the Copyright Cartel (MPAA, RIAA, BSA) started decades ago. Their claim is that when you buy a DVD or CD with music or a movie on it…you do not own it. In the case of the RIAA, they asserted for a long time you could not even make a backup copy of the CD you bought legally (and we all know how easy CDs get scratched). The MPAA has similar EULA (end user license agreements). In fact, the “purchase” of a CD, per what Cary Sherman and the RIAA felt, was merely that you were purchasing the right to listen to the CD, BY YOURSELF (not sharing with others), for an indefinite period of time.

The TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) that Obama has tried to fast track, is really, the wet dream of the Copyright Cartel. Its pushes the accepted boundaries of “Intellectual Property” (I assert there has not been any property that has been intellectual since slavery was legal) to a draconian level. Believe me, for all the bullshit you may have heard about how good the TPP is for “trade”, that is only camouflage for what it really is. What it really is, is the Copyright Cartel trying to control nothing less than the world.

They (the MPAA, RIAA) have turned the Swedish law enforcement into their private lackeys. The big Copyright Cartel bent noses, BREIN, are now trying to take the PIRATE BAY and KICKASS torrent sites (Kickass is more of a torrent search engine to me) off the world completely.

In fact, have you ever noticed that the Copyright Cartel NEVER wants to use the words “copyright infringement”, but instead, want to use PIRACY….although, there is a legal code in the USA which defines piracy and is NOT related to copyright infringement.

And, let’s talk about everyone’s favorite ad valorem tax, property taxes.
People SAY they “own property”. Well, I own some swords…some I made, some I purchased. I never had to pay another cent to anyone to keep my swords. Same is true of my books, my pants, my guns. They truly belong to me. If I had to pay someone money every year to keep them, I would be renting them, NOT owning them. So, if you think you “own” land and a house, try not paying the so-called “property taxes” for a while and see what happens. You will be dispossessed by the government.

Here in Texas, there are roads which were built and paid for with public funds long ago, that the State, in its “infinite legal wisdom”, turned into toll roads, meaning the people paid to have them built, and now, the State, like a literal highway robber in 17th century England, is forcing you to pay to drive down a road your “taxes” already paid for. More “highway robbery”.

Most people will tell you, 99 is NOT really a conspiracy theorist. That said, if you see a bowling ball fall out of a plane, it does not take G0dlike knowledge to project what will happen when gravity takes hold. That said, what we are seeing, much at the direction of the Copyright Cartel to governments worldwide, is that private property, the ability of the person to own their home, car, chattel, is bad…really really bad, and thus, this
must be “fixed”. You will be allowed to “use” these things, but corporations and governments will maintain ownership…they just let you “use” them, under THEIR EULA, their directions, for a length of time that THEY specify, NOT YOU.

Has it struck you funny that the POTUS has been trying to rush TPP through, and yet, the people involved in the TPP have NOT let the public see this “treaty” they are trying to rush through ? Criminals NEVER want you to see what they are trying to do …because, it is possible that honest, courageous people might fight back, might object, might say not to the legal suppository they are trying to force up our collective rectums.

So, yes, the Government DOES steal…consistently, constantly, and in tremendous quantities. But, he who steals your coins is one thing, but he who takes away your rights, your freedoms, your privacy, that is far more heinous, far more enduring, and unlike a dollar, it cannot be regained easily once it has been taken from you.

I know that many of you, Anons, Occupiers, and others, know what I am saying is true. What is happening is the law of incremental change. The simple explanation is that if you toss a frog into hot water, it will jump out, but if you put him in tepid water and slowly increase the heat, you can boil him alive. The government is using this same thing on us. Our rights, our privacy, our lives are being taken from us…with the soothing words, and swishing tongue of a snake, assuring us to be calm, it is for our own good, while the venom slowly stops our hearts.

Do not go gentle into those chains. Fight the Hell Back !

Thanks for reading this.



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