What if Online Gaming is Haxed or DD0Sed on Christmas

For the second Christmas, we are seeing groups threaten to attack gaming networks. Last Christmas, it was the Lizard Squad, this time, the Phantom Squad. Although I’m not into gaming, I would hope that this crew does not attack the networks so that kids who get new systems, will be able to play with the Christmas presents.

That said, if it happens, it happens. And, if it does happen, the networks will get back up,so, its not like a permanent problem.

I do agree with our Brothers at @YourAnonNews that the companies who benefit from selling these systems must use professional methods of preventing their network from being taken down by some stressors,
but, again, if it happens, it happens.

So, I want to suggest a radical solution to what if the gaming networks are Tango Down on Christmas.

I know that boys and girls, men and women of all ages, enjoy gaming, so I’m not talking down to anyone into gaming.

Christmas is one of the few times in many households, that families get together, sometimes with relatives traveling hundreds or thousands of miles, to see family members they don’t see them but once a year, or longer than that.

If your online gaming is frustrated this Christmas, why not take a day or two from it, even, shudder, from the internet, to hang out with your loved ones. The internet will always be there…games and gaming will always be there…but take it from someone who knows, you have no guarantee that your brother, sister, uncle, Dad or Mom, will be there tomorrow. Life , the fates, whatever you call it, can be cruel, taking children from parents, parents from children, splitting siblings asunder through accident, disease, criminal acts, etc..

So, if you have loved ones there, share a meal with them, talk with them, go bike riding, hike, or just do something together that gives you the chance to interact with them, to know them better. Some of our older relatives are the only ones who can give you the history of your family (Ancestry dot com aside).

I hope everyone has many, many Christmases after this….but little did I know that the last Christmas I had with my Mom, would be our last… that she would not be here December 25, 2105. If I had opted to spend Christmas playing an online game, instead of taking presents to her, spending time with her, even with the Alzheimers, I would never, ever forgive myself.

So, like I said, I hope you HAVE the option of doing your online gaming or not, and that the networks do not go offline, but that said, whether the networks go down or not, I hope you consider spending time with your loved ones…just hanging out, watching TV, or whatever.

The older you get, the more you understand, the real value of this thing we call life, is about family, about friends, and being able to enjoy their company , and getting to know them.

Peace, and Happy Holidays.


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