The New Anons vs Old Anons

In Anon terms, we would say #NewFags vs #OldFags…but I am beginning to wonder if perhaps, we need the term #NewAnonymous vs #OldAnonymous. Truth is, the term #NewBlood or #NewFag indicated a new member of the Hive who perhaps didn’t have a lot of skills, didn’t know the language or terms we use, kind of like an apprentice in the old crafts trade. An #OldFag, like the term “O G” or “original gangsta” was someone who has been around the game enough, perhaps, since Anonymous is relatively new broadly speaking, someone since the 4Chan days. And of course, Anonymous is an idea, but Anons know that when most regular folks talk about Anonymous, they are referring to the group of people identifying themselves as Anons, as if all were in harmony and consensus on things.

But, for now, let’s not think of Anonymous as an idea, but more like the common man thinks of it, as a general term for Anons. In the 4Chan days, people did things for lulz, posting outrageous pictures and captions, each trying to generate a meme that would continue on, or just outdo the rest. But, with the now infamous “Habbo Hotel Raid”and the pool is closed Anons found they could actually get things done by working together.

Then, two seminal events occurred…the Hal Turner Show, a right wing racist conservative who made the mistake of going after a 4Chan member, and the Scientology showdown.
There weren’t a LOT of true hax0rs in the original Anon group, but nonetheless, they had pizzas delivered, building material delivered, things he had to pay for, AND they DDoSed his site (costing him a lot of money). Finally, Anons got some real hax0rs who got into his private email server,and found he secretly was spying on right wing extremist groups for the Feds.Well, this exposed Hal to fire from the right and the left, one thing led to another, and he ended up in Prison.

The second event that told the evolution of Anonymous, is beautifully told in the movie,
WE ARE LEGION, written and directed by Brian Knappenberger, and though there are
free copies on the net, I would suggest buying it because it is a great documentary and treats Anonymous fairly.

When Anonymous took on Scientology, the were up against a formidable group with money, lawyers, and would use at the drop of a hat. They were further weaponized with the DMCA, Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which could be used to force video hosters to take down copyrighted materials. At issue was a video with Tom Cruise ranting about
how only scientologists knew what to do in situations like seeing a victim of a car wreck
and it was interspersed with giggling as if he was high on laughing gas. Frankly, it was an embarrassing video that Scientology did NOT want in general distribution.

Copies were downloaded, and started popping up all over the net (The early Streisand effect) but, just as soon as they went up, the places hosting them would get a cease and desist DMCA takedown order. Then, marches, Anons in masks started showing up worldwide…people who had been alone in their homes, could not hug, shake hands with real people whose screen names they only knew. For such a beginning group, they put a lot of shoes on the ground, and this personally walking together, facing against the
Scientologists, was an important part of the movement. You could SEE, hear, a sea of
Guy Fawkes masks, but more importantly, they were in unity.

Scientologist started sending private investigators after some Anons,and one in particular, Gregg Housh ended up in a long court  case against the Scientologists (all that is described in WE ARE LEGION, the movie). But, the bottom line was that a group, Anons,
had gone in unity against another group, well funded and organized,and had not been
destroyed. Gregg has and now, has Rebel News, an online news portal for alternative news the mainstream doesn’t give you.

The concept of Anonymous is contained in the word…a sea of faces,all the same, working together, or at least, that’s what is WAS.

That was the “Old Anonymous” or Paleoanonymous. Now let’s talk about the “New Anonymous” or neoanonymous. In the same way that the family concept in the Paleoanonymous drew people in, who wanted to meet and work with new friends in an atmosphere of harmony, trying to right  wrongs, and help people, this neoanonymous is driving people away. I heard from many Anons disturbed by their treatment.

This “every man for himself” idea started creeping into Anonymous like a cancer.

And now, there are too many Ops to count,and because of the separation of the people in one Op from another,that may be in the same area, suddenly we have negative competition “Our Op is better than your OP” which leads to wars, people fighting to become leaders, doxing of each other,lies, backstabbing, the same degeneration the Mafia found when their strong sense of “family” and “unity” broke down.

Of course we all think”Our Op” is important, or we wouldn’t be in it. For me, murder of wolves worldwide is something I fight, as well as trophy hunting…but I would never ever
d0x someone in #OpBeast or #OpSafeWinter or #OpDeathEaters.

We should be on the same side, protecting innocents, but what has happened is the degeneration into minor fiefdoms,with beauty shop rumors and lies, and figuring out which Anon you will go after next because he said he doesn’t like you.

The Neoanonymous is turning people away…not just noobs, but #OldFags as well…I know because I hear from both, and the same word keeps coming up, “infighting”.

People want to label people as fakes, liars, create fake screenshots  in Photoshop….in short, brainwash people into thinking their friends are not their friends. I know some of
#OldFags like @CommanderXanon, who I do respect, @GreggHoush,and perhaps ,
Anonymous historian, Professor @biellacoleman will agree with  me.

There is a point at which , no matter how much you love the idea of Anonymous,
what it has become, can turn your stomach…I say this because Anons are spying on Anons, screenshotting conversations, etc.

And, I don’t think if Barrett Brown or Jeremy Hammond, were they released today and saw what is, and what has happened to Anonymous, they would be pleased. The Old Anonymous, prior to Sabu was different I think.

The irony is that now, as the public’s view of us has changed for the better, the internecine (within the family) wars have grown out of control . I have referred to myself as an “ex-Anon” which is like calling yourself an ex-Marine…one you have entered that corps, there will always be memories, camaraderie with your mates.

Teachers are important. Role models are important. Heroes are important.
One gives us facts and how to do things, another tells us how to act while
we are doing them, another teaches us to help others, no matter the danger or cost.

I believe we need more good teachers,teaching New Bloods not only what exploits are,
and technical side, but also,how to be good, decent people,people not entrapped by
fakes,charlatans, feds, infiltrators,  but also,not to get wrapped up in egofaggery…trying to make your 15 minutes of fame last an hour, or pretend you are an official spokesman.

Think about this…an Anon day after day, tried to help anyone and everyone who asks his help. He fights ISIS, pedos, animal abusers, child molesters, helps people with technical issues, and then, gets attacked by a group trying to drive him off Twitter, and that at
least one person he trusted,betrayed him to the bunch trying to destroy him as an Anon.
Put yourself in that place. Now, think about it…how would you feel about the “New Anonymous”.

My view is that we should have been a social movement from day one. Sure, taking down sites is cool, shows we have skillz, but sites get back up, and no real change has been made. Only through changing minds and laws can we really make lasting changes.
DD0Sing (which I see as digital protest much as old time sit-ins) can only do so much, get so much publicity, but in dd0sing hospitals, it will get pushback as well.

The old school (archaeoAnonymous) was powerful for unity, this NeoAnonymous, is a fragmented bunch who cannot see past their own agenda, and who ready to go to war with any Anon who do not fall in lockstep. Of course, Anonymous is not the Third Reich, so goosestepping, spying on your neighbor, and attacking anyone you don’t feel is a true national socialist isn’t in it….or is it. Have we fought the enemy so long we’ve become our own worst enemy.

They say you can’t teach an old dogs new tricks. Well, I guess this old dog has to stay with the old school Anons….the ones who don’t try to d0x each other, troll each other, the ones who stick together to fight for the same cause.

“When you stare into the abyss the abyss stares back at you.” ~Friedrich Nietzsche

“Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

“Life is painful and messed up. It gets complicated at the worst of times, and sometimes you have no idea where to go or what to do. Lots of times people just let themselves get lost, dropping into a wide open, huge abyss. But that’s why we have to keep trying. We have to push through all that hurts us, work past all our memories that are haunting us. Sometimes the things that hurt us are the things that make us strongest. A life without experience, in my opinion, is no life at all. And that’s why I tell everyone that, even when it hurts, never stop yourself from living.”
Alysha Speer ―

Gandhi, spiritual/political leader: “The enemy is fear. We think it is hate; but, it is fear.”

“You become the monster you fear the worst, so the monster won’t overtake you.”
Suzanne Weyn, The Bar Code Tattoo

“Be careful what you wish for, lest it come true.” ~Ancient Chinese Proverb

Thanks for reading this.



My Own Rules as an Anon

I guess I’m not an Anon now…but here’s the rules I set for myself when I was.

1) Help protect the innocents whether they are animals, children, men or women.
Speak out for those who are voiceless. Use your vote for those who cannot.  Use your
strength for innocents weaker than you. Empower those who are bullied.

2) Expose abusers. Whether they are trophy hunters, sadistic torturers of animals,
people sexually abusing children, bring them out of the darkness and into the light and urge the police to prosecute them.

3) Support your fellow Anon brothers and Sisters. This can mean many things, but overall,
it means to stand with and behind your Anon family. It also means to defend them from malicious lies told behind their backs.

4) Never d0x a fellow Anon. I think there are enough groups like trolls and ISIS trying to do that. D0xing a fellow Anons destroys unity, and that’s the one thing we have going for us.

5) Be kind and caring. Many Anons are young ,have no family to speak of, and need a group to call family. For some, we Anons are it. Take into account that a young person’s life is hard these days . Bullies,guns, all kind of pressures.

6) Trust your gut. If you have known an Anon for years, and someone fabricates screenshots or lies about them, and approached you trying to destroy them, stop and think for a second, why are they doing this to someone who has helped me, stood up for me, and been there for me through thick and thin.

7) Be PART of the HIVE, not king of the Hive. I  have said for the record that I am no better than the newest Noob…and that is true. As a collective,we all are one…no big kings and little peasants.

8) Try to treat people with respect. I know our history was trolls on 4Chan, but we have evolved, grown up, become socially responsible. Unless someone has earned your disrespect by what they said or did to you, start off from a basis of respect.

9) Equality of brothers and sisters. Males are NOT superior to females in the Hive, and it is wrong to act condescending to females or use the”c” word without sufficient provocation (even then,its bad).

10) Be an ambassador of Anonymous. Many people don’t know what or who we are beyond us dd0sing or haxing sites. My vision for Anonymous is, and always has been, that we are “Change Agents” in our countries. We should work to right wrongs, fight injustice,and to hold accountable, those in power,who abuse that power, steal money,
and are not held accountable for it. If we quit infighting, and work together, we CAN
make a difference. But d0xing each other is something feds or would do.

And lastly, I want to thank a few people who inspired me…some of them may not be well liked,but they served as models for me.

A) @OccupyWallStNYC
B) @YourAnonNews
C) @CommanderXanon
D) @GreggHoush
F) @MattDeHart
G) @BarrettBrown
H) @JeremyHammond
I) @AnonIntelGroup
J) @Anonorpheus
K) @CarolaAnkar
L) AaronSwarz (RIP)
M) @PatrickLee6669
N) @WhiteAngora
O) @Tkrypt_
P) @LiamPhuckall
Q) @CanadianGlen
R) @therealsuzn
S) @Johnnyargent
T) @ UnknownH4X0R
U) @NotOnTwtr
V) @ProudVegan
W) @_An0nymou5_
X) @anoncdn
Y) @GroupAnon
Z) @anonymous_uk15
and last but not least
Z2) @karen_dileo
I wish I could list thousands,and do not in any way mean to slight folks I left out…each person or group, is listed for it sown reasons. They have remained true to the cause…have not faltered in spite of personal difficulties. and though not all are Anons, they ARE now and forever will be,my brothers and sisters. They have stuck by me through thick an thin
and their loyalty will NEVER be forgotten.

But I want to add one addendum. My DMs were always busy,people asking for help which I tried to give. People would say “I know you’re busy….but….”and those who asked me can testify I said,”I’m never too busy to help”.

Anons are leaving. and, no one knows why it is happening or exactly who is to blame.

The effectiveness of Anons to do teh work we do, is having a Guy Fawkes mask between us and the world. If you d0x an Anon, and you are an Anon, your attack has just cost us one more of the Legion. Pretty soon, we will NOT be a Legion,just one single Lego.

I  can tell you,from my DMs, we are many people’s only hope….the police won’t help, the FBI won’t help…that’s why they come to us.

Whether the defamatory and libelous attacks on me have destroyed my,
“Street Cred” in Anonymous…my words ring true to anyone paying attention.

Anonymous can ONLY be destroyed from within…not without.

And, whoever is doing these d0xes of decent Anons, are destroying us.

We are losing the respect the #OldFags tried so hard to build.

So, notice closely who is fomenting trouble,attacking established Anons.

They are a bigger threat than the NSA, Feds,FBI, ISIS,will ever be.





A few parting thoughts from Anon 99

I came to Twitter to help Occupy Wall Street, and did that….but I saw that Anonymous was doing good things and having been online a while, and being a lone wolf at heart, I became an Anon. My main object was to help people and animals, and to the extent possible, I did. I had no reason to lie, as Oscar Wilde said, give a man a mask and he will tell the truth. My honesty and the fact I was always willing to try to help people, as well as posting music and news, apparently appealed to people because I ended with 62,000
followers. That made me a target for trolls, ISIS, and some Anons who just didn’t like me
but, above all, i stayed true to helping people and animals and I am proud of the work I
did in #D0xteamsix. They are a wonderful group of people, even one who apparently hates me now…he’s a fine person as well.

I don’t know what led to the final attack on me…who coordinated it, but, i have to wonder what good you thought you accomplished. Daily,in my DMs, I had people asking fIr help because they felt I was the only one who cared. Where do they go now?

Many Anons came and went, haxing crews came and went while I was there…I stayed even when my Mom was dying….the worst thing I ever had happen to me. There were days when I had to force myself to go to Twitter because what I felt like, was ending my life. But I did it because I couldn’t stand the thoughts of animals being slaughtered or people being hurt.

I dunno what Anons were becoming at the end. Some were d0xing each other, like piranha
in a feeding frenzy.

There were some wonderful people on Twitter, people who believe in high ideals. But, in my case, for some reason, they were ready to d0x me as the worst animal abuser possible.
In fact, if they had used the zeal they used against me, against real animal abusers, perhaps things would be better for animals.

I am not in a good frame of mind. It hurts to have people you helped, people who thought were your friends, attack you.

But, such is life I guess. But, like me or hate me, I didn’t lie to you.

John / ex-Anon





The Pain of Losing a Friend

We meet a lot of people in life. Most are acquaintances, some become enemies, but a small few become friends,meaning in my language,they would give their life for you if it came to it…they would stand by your side if the crowd came against you.

True friendship, like a mighty oak, takes time to grow….you may like someone right off the bat, but only time and trials can tell if they are a true friend. I had a true friend. When his Dad died, he called me first thing, and when his Mother died, he called me first thing, and when my step dad died, I called him. He was an entertainer, a musician, and believe it or not, through the tears, he was able to get me to laugh.

I lost my friend to Death in 2015, the same year I lost my Mom, and lost my cousin to murder. Those are people who are your friends until death takes them.

And then, there are the other friends…folks you thought you could always count on to have your back, to be there for you, to call you if the needed a sympathetic ear, and that you could call if you needed a sympathetic ear.

Then, one day, for no apparent reason, with no explanation, they quit talking to you, cut off all contact. It doesn’t matter that you were there for them when their family was not.
You are just unceremoniously blocked out of their life.

At first, you are puzzled, then angry, then confused, and back to anger…but deep inside, you find yourself asking, what is wrong that I mistook them for a real friend.

It happens every day. People are married for years, think they are each others best friends, and then one day, they are gone…and from being best friends, they are now enemies.

Such experiences make you “gun shy”…you become afraid to trust fully, afraid you will again be betrayed. The problem is not with someone  who trusts, it is with the person who deceived you into thinking they were your friend,and then suddenly,revealed their side as your enemy.

It is in the nature of humans to be social animals, to seek out friends…dare we say it is in our genes to seek companionship. But, in doing so, we must have some level of trust and respect. Even nowadays, we extend the handshake to show we carry no weapons or wave at someone for the same purpose….it is a display of friendship.

We cannot let the scars to the heart from friendships that went wrong, hamper us from making new friends, because, there are decent people out there.

I am reminded of the friendship of Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp…it was a friendship
that lasted til one of them died. Doc was truly ready to take a bullet for Wyatt.

But, to have a friend, you must be a friend. There is real gold (real friends) and iron pyrite (fool’s gold), fake friends. But, unlike the quick assay that differentiates real gold from fools gold, some times it takes time, and hard times to sort them out.

Let your heart be open, but trust slowly…a real friendship, like the mighty oak,
takes years to mature and be strong enough to resist the winds and rain.

Thanks for reading this.

Leave me the Fuck out of OpMrsYang

I want something to be clear. I am not part of OpMrsYang for or against.  I want to be friends with fellow ARAs. I have never d0xed a fellow Anon and never will. I have friends on both sides of the issues, and people have sent me page after page trying to prove the other side is bad.

You are driving people out of ARA movement with this fucking one Op.

I consider @OpMrsYang AND @AliceSusanHarding my friends, but their feuding makes it impossible to just talk about any other topics,and believe it or not, there ARE animals who need our help all over the world.

Last night, I was simply responding to what I thought were attacks at me, but have been told I misunderstood them,and if so, I sincerely apologize, but, and let me be clear, I never meant to attack the OP or people in it.

I honestly don’t know enough about it to discuss it, but it has become a festering
sore on the face of the animal rights movement.

I am not a pawn for either side. I don’t want either side to use my name against the other party. It should not be a situation that I cannot be friends with two people at the same time.

I heard that @OpMrsYang was d0xed. That was despicable and should not have happened.
Doxing should be reserved for animal abusers, not used against people who sincerely
are trying to help animals. But, via DMs, I have had both sides demonize each other.
If it were not for this Mrs Yang issue, we could work together saving dolphins, wolves, elephants, cats in Australia….we could do so much good if we worked together.

So, I humbly ask both sides to quit either trying to recruit me or demonize me or whatever. If anyone left the #OpMrsYang team because of me, I honestly ask you to return to the group if you feel that they are doing good. If you left for your own reasons. then that is your decision. But I WILL NOT be a scapegoat for anyone.

I have tried…via hours of convos, via blog posts, to mediate the two groups…to suggest they just present their evidence and block each other if they cannot get along.

If you are set on fighting over and over month after month, then waste your time.

I have work trying to save dolphins, wolves,cats, and other creatures I am trying to save and have no time for feuding with anyone …its a time wasting enterprise.

Thank you for reading.



Dog needing hip

One of my followers has a dog that was hit by a car and left in the road…hip broken, large bloody wound in the side. They took the dog in, treated him as best as possible, and though he does try to get around,the lack of a functioning pelvis or at least, hemipelvis
is constantly a problem.

I know there are Veterinary Training Hospitals, and other scientific facilities currently working with 3D printing of bones, body  parts.

This would represent a new challenge for the technology. The owner has x-rays of his current situation. The lady us not rich, so, it would need to be done pro bono by the university or hospital or whatever facility.

That said, as a proof of concept operation, it could herald a new avenue of helping many very injured dogs (and pets in general) that previously were given up as untreatable.

If you are involved in this kind of research, or know someone is….please contact me and I can put you in touch with the owner.

I think this sounds like a win/win all the way around. PR for the university would get stories nationally and internationally, and, this poor dog would be helped immensely.

Thank you for reading this.


Final Statement on #OpMrsYang

First off…I wish you could see my DM box for the last 24 hours. What is abundantly clear is that many people have devoted much of their time on this one issue, and there has become a war between the Pro #OpMrsYang and the Anti #OpMrsYang groups.

I was sent a truly impressive document giving the timeline of the people involved, citations about their character, credentials,court documents….and this document alone must have taken many hours, if not days to is complex and yet, they have documentation to document each of their allegations. All this was anti-notodogmeat.

I’ve also received impassioned pleas and information from the Pro Mrs Yang crowd.

I did not in ANY way mean to make the #OpMrsYang movement to lose any members last night and I invite you to re-join them if you truly feel this is a good cause.

But, as an outsider looking in,this issue, whatever the merits of it, it is tearing ARA community apart. As with Anons, the only thing we have going for us is unity and the ability to mobilize people.

I cannot, and will not judge Mrs Yang, nor her supporters. China has a long history of bad treatment of animals, all  kinds of animals. As their economy gets worse, food getting scarce will lead to killing and eating more dogs. Historically in China, during the Great Famine, where the trees were stripped of their bark,family dogs were killed and eaten, and yes, even babies were eaten. 45 million people died in that famine. Things are getting worse in China as we speak.

If Mrs Yang is a poor Chinese woman who is singly taking care of dogs and using her money,that is one thing. I know I go without food at times (and tell my wife I’m not hungry) so I can get catfood. But, this paper sent to me, lays out a broad spiderweb network of people who, it would seem from the papers, do not have the heart of Mrs Yang.

I will be the first to say…I don’t really know the facts of the case , because I don’t want to be involved in any way. Both sides are free to present their cases and let people decide whether they want to get involved. I personally told @OpMrsYang that I did not want to be the reason anyone left their group. Anyone who left solely because of me, I beg you to go back and work for what you believe in.

Yesterday, I started on Effexor, a prescription drug for serious clinical depression. I took one at home the night i got the meds, but when i woke up, i remember he said “take in the morning”…so I took another one…less than 24 hours apart.    Perhaps too much t0o soon.

My passion is helping abused animals, and exposing abusers. Our cr3w is #d0xteamsix

Both @Anonorpheus and I co-founded it, and we are pleased to say we have more recruits this morning entering our training programs.

So, the reason for all this is to say I am officially not part of #OpMrsYang, NOR am I part of any group opposing them. I’m like Switzerland…I’m staying Neutral.

That said, I think both groups should put their best case for what they believe on two blogs or websites, and let the public decide who they think is right.

In closing, I appreciate everyone who jumps to my aid and supports me. I really touches my heart that people care about me.

You will note my writing style is a bit more laid back…I took my 3rd dose of Effexor a few hours ago, and although it is supposed to take two weeks, the fact I’ve lost a lot of weight (mainly fat), may effect how strong its effect on me will be.

Because of last night, I really left feeling bad, and didn’t intend on coming back, but a dear sweet friend of mine is going through tough times, and travelling ,and they said that me,just being here,gives them a feeling of reassurance…when everything else in their world is crumbling. So, i came here to support her during her time of need…AND to wish @ProzacThe a happy birthday 🙂

So, in closing, please dont send me long diatribes against OpMrsYang for or against her because I won’t read them.

I have friends on both side, and know them to be ARAs and that they care deeply about animals.  But, the whole world is full of abuse from factory farming and medical testing by the cosmetic industry, to weird sadists who shoot domestic cats in the head, holding it up and posting it on FB (Kristen Erin Lindsey).

We need to stop the wholesale slaughter of cats in Australia, the hunting of endangered wolves in Sweden, Norway, France,and the USA as well.

The widespread nature of animal abuse worldwide, and while my heart goes out to an elderly Chinese woman taking care of dogs….we could use more united help on many of these other issues involving marine mammals, elephants and other zoo animals, illegal hunting, factory farming methods of chicken production, and more, and welcome people from all over the world to identify abuse, and help us identify him or them.

And, in closing, I apologize to anyone I offended, temporarily blocked, or said rude things to, and ask your forgiveness about it.

Thanks for reading this,

The OpMrsYang Poison

What would animal abusers most like to see ? They would like to see the ARAs arguing, questioning each other’s motives, questioning the validity of other ARAs, and even trolling and d0xing each other.

Enter the #OpMrsYang poison. To be crystal clear….I’ve never been a part of #OpMrsYang. I may have RTed some people who posted about it when it started out because they are fellow ARAs and I wanted to help them. That said, I’ve seen this whole #OpMrsYang become a poison, a wedge issue.

People have tried to force me to take sides on #OpMrsYang , but I refuse to do it. For the sake of the whole ARA cause, I have tried to mediate between the two sides. I have told BOTH sides, if you cannot work with the ARAs on the other side (whether you or for or against Mrs Yang, whoever the hell she is) you should block each other, although, working together on other issues is preferred.

Lately, I’ve heard that my stance has caused some cowards behind my back to question me and ask if I am a fraud, because I didn’t bathe in the pool of hate they have opted to stagnate in.

To be clear, I’ve had extended conversations via DM with BOTH sides. I find that both sides clearly care about animals…not just dogs, but ALL animals. For that reason, I have stayed friends with people on both sides of the OpMrsYang issue.

I am unfortunately able to see animal abuse, not just of dogs…but pretty much every animal on this planet, at one time or another, is abused directly or indirectly by the actions of humans. Factory farms, wolf culls, Taiji Bay and the Dolphins, whaling, the Orcas at Seaworld, lions hunted for sports, tigers hunted for sports, the cat slaughter in Australia….the list goes on and on, and I have even started on the horrible images of sadistic monsters torturing and killing helpless animals in every country on Earth.

While you who are fighting over this #OpMrsYang issue, I get DMs every day of people doing horrible things to animals and asking me for help. I get DMs about pedos, stalkers, rapists…it goes on and on.

You who are involved in this “war” over #OpMrsYang, have focused on one tree…but have become blinded to the forest of trees around you.

I believe both sides have people who love animals, are concerned about their abuse, and
honestly are trying to make a difference….but, this ONE issue, has divided the ARA community such that we have become paralyzed to do anything to help the millions of other animals begging for our help…animals in zoos, puppy farms, everywhere.

And here’s another thing. I befriend and am friends with people I like, people who I believe are good people….and people seem to want me to distance myself from anyone who is not on “their” side of the #OpMrsYang poison.

I have asked certain individuals, without mentioning names. to stop the fighting, and in DMs, have received their word, they will stop trolling the other side. Now, if you go back on your word…that doesn’t hurt me at all, but, it makes your oath, your word, meaningless. Your word, your bond, your agreement must actually MEAN something, and when you break it…you have betrayed yourself.

If someone calls me a “fraud”…that’s on them. The mountain does not defend itself if an anthill says it does not reach toward the clouds.

I have wasted so much time on talking and writing about this wedge that the #OpMrsYang issue has driven deep into our ARA community, it does anger me, because either people are not listening, or don’t care what I say, and I only want people around me who give me the same respect I give them.

I try daily to respond to tweets and DMs, in spite of what is going on in my life. But, this #OpMrsYang poison…has gotten way the hell out of hand. I know others in my #d0xteamsix team who are also extremely tired of this bullshit, and one of my closest brothers has already spoken out in pastes and in tweets. He and I agree that our work to stop the slaughters of wolves, d0xing other animal abusers, is what WE focus on…not this backstabbing, trolling that people are doing about the OMY issue.

My eyes are set on specifically, stopping the culls that needlessly slaughter wolves, dolphins, and in Australia now, cats.

I am who I am. I have NEVER said I was nice or perfect. In fact, I regularly admit I’m an asshole, a loudmouthed Viking Pyrate Anon who may step on a few feelings, if one gets feelings hurt by the Truth. But, every minute you spend on trolling, doxing, arguing, making fun of, carrying on Group DMs about #OpMrsYang, FOR OR AGAINST her…is a minute you could have actually done something positive, something to help OTHER animals. I retweet daily, animal shelters around the country who show pictures of wonderful dogs and cats who will die the next day.  Perhaps, if you have nothing else to do by argue about #OpMrsYang, you could adopt one of these and actually make a huge difference in the life of one dog or cat by giving them a permanent forever home and lots of love. I certainly have done that and love my cats with all my heart.

So, you can call me a fake or a fraud…you can say bad things about me because I refuse to drink either the red koolaid or blue koolaid…and I don’t care. My eyes are on the prize….helping as many animals as I can worldwide.

Those who truly know me…know that is true. I’ve been here for years. I don’t “protect my tweets”…though I will block douchebag trolls, because my time is better spent doing something to help the innocents, humans or animals, than engage with someone whose life is built around upsetting people, getting a rise out of people.

So, daily I get attacked by ISIS sympathizers, trolls, pedo sympathizers, and others.
But, I stay here and fight…not because it is fun, but because if I don’t speak out for some cats in Australia or lions in Africa, there are too many arguing and issuing ad hominem attacks on #OpMrsYang who couldn’t be bothered to help some poor cat that a Veterinarian shot through the head with an arrow. If you want to troll someone,
go after Sabrina Corgatelli, Jan Seski, Walter Palmer, Gary Goodfried, Timothy Sappington, or the many other people that I have d0xed personally AND d0xed with my team #d0xteamsix.  The poor animals that died at their bloody hands died for nothing.

So, where are the ARAs who COULD bring some form of retribution to these people ?
Are they huddled in little chat rooms laughing about other ARAs who happen to be on the other side of the #OpMrsYang issue than them.

I have gotten so sick of all this bullshit, I started to just say “Fuck it” and take a break for a few days…but, since there are so many wrapped up in keeping this #OpMrsYang war going…there would be few to go after the many other cases of Abuse.

If there were not for really courageous people like @CarolaAnkar who literally put her body between a hunters rifle and a wolf, there would be no opposition to the wholesale slaughter of wolves in Sweden. The same can be said about people involved in fighting for elephants, marine mammals, as well as trying to monitor the horrors of factory farming.

I am NOT trying to be an asshole about it…though I often am an asshole…lol.

But, I refuse to abandon those animals I can help, to waste time with the Hatfields and McCoys arguing over a stolen pig….or as in Gulliver’s Travels, people arguing over which end of the egg you crack. I know that analogy will set people off because of their passion about the #OpMrsYang issue.

But, you who are just spending hour after hour, day after day, grinding stones into dust over #OMY are not winning anything as far as I can tell. You are just making enemies, and making enemies of people you should call Friends and Allies.

So, if you want to get angry at me because I refuse to waste what little time I have arguing with people over a situation I am not involved in…go ahead.

I’ll be here, helping people who need my help as I do every day, and trying to stop useless slaughter of animals, as I do every day.

Thanks for reading this.


The Pledge to Work in Harmony with ARAs

I will pledge to work as hard as I can, to get along with other ARAs, to put small differences aside, to be that voice for the voiceless, defender of the innocents, to the best of my ability, to provide a unite front of Animal Rescuers against Abusers.

Signed, `Anon99

The headlong push to put EVERYTHING on the web

Microsoft announced it would provide a BILLION dollars to certain groups for “Cloud space”. This came after their push to give a “free” copy of Windows 10 to everyone running Win 7 and Win 8.x. Of course, some naive folks might just think that Redmond is a wonderful company that loves to give things away to poor folks. I’m a tad more jaded than this.

What I’ve noticed is this push to get everything hooked up to the internet via the Internet of Things, smart cars, smart phones, smart TVs, etc. Another odd, and I think troubling thing, is that, from what I see, car company execs have gotten their marching orders that the powers that be, are demanding self driving cars by a certain date.

Now, sitting atop this, is TREASURE MAP, that cute little project of the NSA to map, in real time, every device worldwide, that is hooked up to the internet, IN REAL TIME. Meaning if you  boot up your tablet to the Net, good old NSA is gonna know when, where you are, and if Google plays ball, what you are researching…or via phone company help, who you are calling, or whatever you are doing via the help of ISPs.

Now, keeping all that in mind, there is the government mandate that now, all transactions with healthcare, such as billing on your doctor visits, if they involve the govt, MUST be digital, and able to be done electronically online. And, the old saying is “as Medicare goes, so goes private insurance” as far as technical guidelines.

What you must do is back up…like 30,000 feet altimeter reading, and look at the big picture. Social media, free emails, digital banking, digital healthcare records…all this, when sifted through the tools used by the NSA and GCHQ, and given their enormous storage capacity and info processing speed, means they could now probably track any given person from birth to death…perhaps not 100 %, but since most of us are creatures of habit, with remarkable ability to “fill in the gaps”. In just ONE recent hack, over one million people’s  medical records were hacked (I think it was 115  million) and that was just ONE of many hacks. If we had old fashioned paper records in folders, that would literally be impossible, unless the government was taken over by a group that had millions of armed troops that could visit every doctor’s office and take the records by force, but even then, each file would have to be scanned via OCR, corrected for misread characters. Thus, with government fiat, they enabled invasion of your privacy that millions of armed enemy mercenaries could not accomplish.

Now, the latest I’ve heard, which at first I rejected and said…no…a conspiracy fantasy, but which now, I am beginning to believe, is that the government could soon, mandate that you carry a chip which contains your medical records in digital format….one that could regularly be updated. Of course, they would couch its use in terms like, “in a medical emergency if you were unconscious, we could see what drugs you are allergic to, what procedures you have had done, what medications you are on…etc”. Yeah, right. Governments must ALWAYS find this altruistic “it’s for your protection” to pass the most fascistic of laws…and they usually can and do.

You also see this “tap your phone to pay your bill” bullshit…and I’ve even seen people who have an implant so that they only have to scan their forearm to pay a bill. This is creepy taken to the n-th degree.

Look, this autodriving car, the push toward having all your shit on “The Cloud”, digital banking that takes out actual paper and metal currency, is not just the future beckoning you to better days. It is more like something out of a dystopian science fiction movie.

To scan you is to track you. To upload your personal shit to a cloud, or any storage device available to any governmental agency, known or unknown, is to give up your privacy. You might THINK your random number generator provided password that is 64 characters long makes you safe, but it doesn’t. Why do you think some state governments are trying to pass laws to mandate smart phone makers BY LAW will have to install backdoors into your smart phones ? For your own good ? LMAO.

Quit literally, in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s…any privacy we had was limited by their technology, and what we agreed to make available. One woman once said “a man is only as faithful as his options”….and while that sounds fairly jaded, it can be expanded into a better saying… “a government only respects your privacy to the extent it cannot find a technical way to invade it”.

I know that they want you to think we are all headed into a beautiful Utopian “Tomorrowland”(not the Disney movie of course)  kind of world, with cars that drive themselves, park themselves, automatic payment of your meal, instant transmission of your medical records to a specialist you may have to go to…but think of the other side..instant monitoring of everything you say, do, everything you search, everywhere you go, but a gigantic government that loves to prosecute poor people so that some DA with political aspirations can carve another notch on his or her convictions belt.

As we move closer to this “Tomorrowland” (not the Disney movie of course), I can see the ghost of Aaron Swartz whispering warnings to us. This is NOT, I repeat NOT, being done for your convenience, for your good. It is done for one and ONLY one reason…to enable the real time monitoring of every human on earth. Facebook putting satellites in orbit to enable the Internet in Africa? Yeah, cuz Zuckerberg really cares about what poor tribesmen ate for breakfast on a facebook post.

Again, from 30,000 feet, and a bit of proper paranoia, the various technological “advances”, all hooking everyone into the internet…into one central, MONITORABLE,
hub, is turning Earth itself into one giant PANOPTICON.
The Panopticon is a type of institutional building designed by the English philosopher and social theorist Jeremy Bentham in the late 18th century. The concept of the design is to allow all (pan-) inmates of an institution to be observed (-opticon) by a single watchman without the inmates being able to tell whether or not they are being watched. Although it is physically impossible for the single watchman to observe all cells at once, the fact that the inmates cannot know when they are being watched means that all inmates must act as though they are watched at all times, effectively controlling their own behaviour constantly. The name is also a reference to Panoptes from Greek mythology; he was a giant with a hundred eyes and thus was known to be a very effective watchman.

The design consists of a circular structure with an “inspection house” at its centre, from which the manager or staff of the institution are able to watch the inmates, who are stationed around the perimeter. Bentham conceived the basic plan as being equally applicable to hospitals, schools, sanatoriums, daycares, and asylums, but he devoted most of his efforts to developing a design for a Panopticon prison, and it is his prison which is most widely understood by the term.

Bentham himself described the Panopticon as “a new mode of obtaining power of mind over mind, in a quantity hitherto without example.”[1] Elsewhere, in a letter, he described the Panopticon prison as “a mill for grinding rogues honest”.[2]

The name “Panoptes” is from Greek myths about a giant with a hundred eyes, which made him a great watchman. But, the internet has far more than a hundred eyes, more than a million eyes….and the software that the NSA and GCHQ are using, make the two organizations, a “watchman” that puts the Greek Gods to shame. In Norse mythology,  Odin, king of the gods, had his own spies…two ravens that left in the morning and came back to him at night, telling him everything that happened. They were named Huginn and Muninn. Huginn watched or governed thought, and Muninn watched over memory or mind.  I find it interesting that some drone makers are now making drones that physically look like various birds from hawks to even smaller birds…like Huginn and Muninn, they are sent out to be the “eyes” of our current “gods” or leaders, complete with video and audio recording capabilities.

So, we have now come full circle to where we CAN be monitored 24/7 by smart phones, smart cars, smart heart monitors, smart homes, smart TVs, smart energy monitors outside the house, in short, if it says “smart”, it means they have a “smart” way of watching you and recording what you do, night and day.

So, before you are seduced by a car that can drive itself, park itself, being able to have a wave of your arm deduct money from your account to pay your restaurant bill, remember a simple fact…bad as it is that the government, as evil as it is, can have access to your bank account, your phone records, sites you visits on the Net, hackers can too.  Hospitals are now taking the killing of patients through hacking of medical devices like pumps and pacemakers seriously…very seriously at the top of the corporations that control hospitals. They won’t admit that to you, but they are.

So, before you grin at these commercials extolling the “wonders” of a “connected world”, understand that you are losing any privacy you thought you had, and by losing privacy, losing control as well.

Thanks for reading this.