My View of Military Vets

Since I lost my father, a Navy Vet who died in horrible conditions in the VA, I promised I would thank every Vet for their service…thus, in real life and on line, I have done that. I recall an older black man, a tall, rugged oak of a man who I asked due to his bearing if he was in the service. He replied YES. I thanked him for his service. At that point, this 6’3″ giant started tearing up. For fear I may have offended I asked him “What’s wrong, did I say something wrong?”

He said “No sir. You are the first person in 34 years who has ever thanked me.” I said “Well, it’s about time then”. I have been open with my support for Vets. My best friend in college, TJ, was there fresh from Nam. I lost friends in Nam. I had a biz partner who had a steel plate in his head and personality changes from closed head injuries. I had friends in Iraq,Afghanistan and talked them thru many a rough night. I tried to get a World War II Vet his PTSD benefits from being on TWO, yes…2 ships hit by kamikazes where blood was ankle deep in the ship.

I appreciate every man and woman who is putting their life on the line…and yes, my best friend, my Brother, was considering suicide …so I immediately got on the phone and nagged him until he spoke with me. I am honored that so many Vets follow me, call me friend, men like Antonio Bueler
@AntonioBuehler who, to me, epitomizes a good soldier and strong man.

I have supported Kayvan Sabeghi, nearly beaten to death in Oakland, at the police station, he also a military vet, and Scott Olsen, also a Vet who almost died from being hit by police ordinance.

I support those who work with “war dogs” so they can be brought back to civilian societies.

So, when someone like William Rodriguez, aka @VA94Vet wants to troll me, and say I am aligned with ISIS…it bothers me. This cretin of stolen valor does not know me.

I have TWICE been on an ISIS hit list of people to kill, they put up a tutorial site in Arabic showing how to report my account step by step to get me suspended. I fight daily with others who are not afraid to go after these black rag wearing daeshbags.

So, William Rodriguez, “Navy Vet” of Illinois, don’t you fucking dare
try to troll me calling me aligned with ISIS. They attack me daily…not you. They created an account that was strictly targeted at me and next day, it was gone.

I’m not afraid of ISIS or some pussy like William Rodriguez because I dont give a shit if I live or die.

So Willy boy, stick to doing wheelchair tricks, and leave the real fighting to men like my military friends…you are needing major Xanax and Viagra Bro,maybe Haldol. Enjoy Illinois.


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