Even G0d (Yahweh, Allah, Whatever name) Hates Swede Wolf Hunt


Four of the fourteen wolves may be suspended during the winter hunting license has been convicted of the weekend. All of Dalarna, Gavleborg are track weather too bad.

Other users have wolves been shot in the disputed licensed hunting in the county that began on Saturday.

Amot / Ockelbo The territory gets six animals shot, but poor snow conditions have made hunting difficult.

Four wolves shot in Dalarna
In Dalarna has four wolves shot so far.

At noon on Sunday announcement the provincial government to four wolves have been shot in this year’s hunting license. This leaves half of the quota may be postponed.

The first wolf was shot on Saturday and another three were killed on Sunday.

The hunt goes on in Dalarna and Gävleborg until February 15th.

In other counties, Värmland, Västmanland and Orebro, upholstered Appeal hunt before it could begin. The hunt within the county implemented because no genetically important wolves are covered by the Administrative Court’s decision.


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